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I saw the title. Then I saw the Crossover tag. Then I read the name "Skull Island" in the short description. My smile at that moment would have made DC's Joker unsettled.

PIRATE101 FTW!!!!! Would it be possible for a Young Pirate of mine to make a cameo in this story?

This could be interesting. The thing I feel tho honestly.... I can't respect or like this Spike. He sounds like a spoiled brat. Oh boo hoo my life isn't fun and I can't enjoy myself. So I will listen to my aunt and do something foolish and irresponsible because I want to do it. That is how children think. He wanted to have a more interesting life, than you talk to your parent and take some responsibility. You don't run away from your issues and cause all this craziness and panic with your actions. What if some of the crew die during all of this, which during this time his highly likely. What then? Will he take responsibility for all the people who will end up dying because of his actions. If this is anything to go by he wont but instead not even give anyone other than himself a second though. So pretty much this could be a interesting story that I will keep reading but at the moment I can't see Spike other than a spoiled brat who had so much time on his hands and lack of common sense he is willing to put his and others lives at risk just so he can feel alive without having to talk to mommy.

None of the crew is going to die, injury is likely, but no death. But really, it wouldn't be as dramatic if he just told his mother he wanted a more exciting life, and the panic is part of the drama. I know that running away from your problems never helps, but as far as fan fictions go, drama is better for the plot. Even though it's rated M, the violence is more of a T rating, the sex is why there's an M rating. I hope that as the story goes on, you'll think better of Spike. I mean, it's not like there aren't any stories about royal children running away to escape from the royal life

Sure, your character could make a cameo. PM me with a description of your character and how'd you like me to portray them

Comment posted by Formerly Committed deleted Oct 23rd, 2018

You, sir, have hurt my feelings. And all I commented on was how ridiculous both Spike and Luna were being. I didn’t even say the story was bad.

I'm sorry about that, I misunderstood. It sounded to me like an insult to the story, like a mean joke. Again, sorry about that, sometimes I take things the wrong way.

KO awesome chapter, looks Spike has already gotten his crew together and off to a big adventure to explore the world! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2:

Your story is going awfully fast. Him getting his crew that quick for instance is too convenient. You should slow it down. Cause at this rate, things just keep falling into Spikes lap way to conveniently.


You do have a point about it going too fast, but in Pirate101, you obtain crew members quite quickly

I agree with you bout the speed of things but i have a feeling his good fortune is going to turn south soon and he will have a bad time

Look at me! I'm Errol Finn!

Oh? Not that Finn? Awoh.

short, but effective, nice chapter.

...This feels like its going even faster now. Seriously, slow down. build up the events instead of just this jumping from one to the next.

As much as I hate to say it, you're right. Would you be able to be my proofreader or help me make sure the story isn't moving too fast?

Hmm, I have never done that before. I guess I could help.

HMS stands for His/Her Majesty's Ship

BTW, did anyone notice the Team Fortress 2 Meet the Medic reference?


KO awesome chapter, Spike may have avoided the girls for now but it’s only a matter of time before a fight could break out and hope Spike’s crew will be prepare for that. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2:

Use you effect to nuke everyone and everything

This can only mean trouble for Spike in the near future.

I bet if a fight did break out Spike and his crew would win against them.

A metal hand is better than a blade hand.

I just realized it’s a pirate 101 crossover

And even better is a chainsaw hand


if you can, can you show us what the antrho mane 6 and spike and his crew look??? if you don't mind that is please

when you get 20 of the D20 in insight

Spike thought for a moment and said, "I want to honor my aunt's pirate name. I'm going to take on the name "Black Rose Dragon." If you can design something that ties into that, I'd be happy with that."

When i see this, I cant help but think of the Black Rose Baron from 'Negima!?'

I saw it right away. You are a person of culture.

He once lived in luxury, a carefree life of royalty, he was a prince who was held down by his controlling mother. But when given the opportunity to escape, his aunt had suggested that he runs away to become a pirate, like she herself did before.

His mother's response to his absence is to send Equestria's Most Decorated Naval Officers to bring him back along with a few spies to track him down. The prince began to build up his pirate crew, donned his pirate garb and evaded these attempts to capture him, thanks to his crew. This is the tale of the most unique pirates of the seas, the tale of Spike, once the Prince of Equestria, now the pirate known as 'The Black Rose Dragon.'

Wow, that's actually a great and spot-on description. Do you mind if I use that in the main description?

Spike managed to obtain the amulet, but he lost one of his crew members in the process. Now the HMS Pinafore know that Spike is now a pirate and are on orders to bring him home. But he refused, he wasn't going to let Zecora's murderer get away. He was going to have his revenge.


Because I told him too.

Man, this Twi is kinda dumb. Let's see how she would react when it actually happens...:pinkiecrazy:

The reason I killed Zecora is because Spike was being cocky and thought that honor had a place in piracy, so he needed to be taught that it doesn't, thus one of his crewmates dying, and I'm not great at doing Zecora's lines, thus, Zecora died.

Also twilight how stupid are you when spike lost one of his cremate he will not rest until he kills her murderer

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