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The hype is real. Another story on the featured. The second one in a row.

*Update* Now at the Top Five.

Maybe consider cutting out the Futa part.


Just kidding, In all seriousness, I would if asked sooner, but I already have the Futa Twilight section written, can't backtrack now. Besides I still need to get part 3 done where the two share/fight over Starlight.

then would you consider writing a non-futa version in addition?

Maybe. How about I just post a separate piece that is purely lesbian action between Starlight and Twilight? I'm assuming that's why you are complaining. Give me some time to think of an idea, has to be different enough as the only time I repeat themes is if there are other angles to explore not solely preferences.

Look at how I handle the alternates of Breaking A Flutterbat. The original was a very dark ending, the second version explored a good ending while flipping the genders, the second was flipping the genders again and aiming at Applejack becoming the monster.

Basically, I'll do a lesbian piece between Starlight and Twilight if you want it bad enough, but if you want a direct alternate take on this exact idea, I need more then just you disliking a certain kink.

Mating is one way for reptiles to get their blood warm for desperate emergencies. So this is accurate just like how some stories spike has two dicks accurate to reptiles which why there are so many lizards.

no complaints from me and nice work:twilightsmile:

Yeah, the two dick Spike, I don't like to dip into that every time. However, one of the SmolderXSpike coming out in May will feature a double moment

Threesome even without a futa would still imply some lesbian foreplay. Just saying, that part three will feature them fighting over Starlight. Which would work best if both were getting action from her.

Ooh, I love this stuff! Having clothes ripped off is something I find immensely satisfying. Hope Spike gets that chance, even if it's a few more towels ;)

Can't wait to see futa Twilight! Futa is another favorite of mine. Have you thought about doing any stories with futa anthro Trixie domming Starlight?


Have you thought about doing any stories with futa anthro Trixie domming Starlight?

Sure, I'll pop off some short ideas and you tell me which one you want to see.

Idea 1: Trixie is jealous of Starlight giving so much of her attention to Sunburst. What does that stallion have, that Trixie does not? She jumps to the futa conclusion.

idea 2: Trixie was testing new spells and accidentally gave herself a penis. The spell tells her the only way to fix it to release as quickly as possible. So she demands Starlight's help.

idea 3: Tired of being called bottom by their friends, Trixie demands Starlight switch their roles in the bedroom, just one time. Starlight thinks Trixie can't handle being on top, but when Trixie pulls out a cock, things change.

That third one sounds excellent! Starlight is surprised(and VERY turned on) by how Trixie is being confident. I could see Trixie using the opportunity to tear off Starlight's clothes. Maybe even some cum inflation?

Here the rough idea, along with the cover. Give me about a month. Might drop in late May or early June is I can get the alternate done in time too.

Sounds great! I agree with the description regarding Trixie’s ego. I always figured Starlight would be a bratty bottom in their relationship, and loving it XD. Here's hoping to see that in the story! I figure the story starts our with her on top, then Trixie casts the spell, flips them over, and doms Starlight and they ensure up doing this a LOT more.

Don't worry, you'll love the angle I'm going with.

Please, tell me this is the sequel of Trixie's secret lawyer...

No, this was actually in the works before that story, but I couldn't post this until I had at least the first two chapters done.

Don't worry, I'm making the sequel to Trixie's Secret Lawyer right now. Just trying to fine-tune the separation between the original twist and the fan-accept endings.

Well, if is not unless the plans for the actual sequel says otherwise, this can really blend in as such, only have to add mentions of doing Trixie regurary.

Cool! I'll wait for the actual sequel then, awesome job with this story, I can barely wait for the other half of this!

Part 2 of this is dropping tomorrow. I've already given it a second read over. Different positions obviously and a slightly different motive to start the action. Really, the only part of this one that I haveing complications with is part 3 where they have to fight/share Starlight Glimmer.

And said conflict may invole a "wrestling" match for sure hopefully Spike may be able to win Twilight as well!

Well, part 2 is here. I love your idea, still working out the opening scene of Part 3 so maybe I could work in a literal cock fight akin to what I did in one chapter of Stuck in Place but with the real things.

after the second chapter, a spin-off suggests itself in which Sunset will try to win back the place of Twilight's personal f*ckhole from Starlight

Maybe. Let me finish this one first and then I'll see if that can work out.

By the way, I thought about it later, but I'll ask anyway. If Twilight pretended to be such a chaste virgin during the chapter, then how did she get along with Sunset? Or is Sunset the same whore-seductress as Starlight?


Or is Sunset the same whore-seductress as Starlight?

Obviously, yes. But my logic is Twilight is very much an anti-whore until you get her going. She doesn't like to start the action herself and is even hesitant when others she finds hot make moves on her. However, once she's in the mood she is a desperate bitch for release.

Basically for the first half of this chapter, she's as shy as Fluttershy about a good fucking. Second half, she's like Applejack versus a tree, something is going to break.

This is pretty much how I'm planning to handle a lot of her clops. For example, during Christmas, I've got a fic where Tempest is trying to seduce her and having a hard time too... before and after they get started.

Niceeeee. Can't wait to see Starlight get spitroasted ;) love this!

Is that Tempest trying to seduce Twilight? I'd love to see futa Tempest x Twilight ;) XD

You'll have to wait until Christmas to find out:raritywink:

Wait eight months? Sweet Celestia! Hey, speaking of Rarity, have you thought about anthro Rarity X Capper?

11885600 I don't know if you take requests but can you make a 18+ sex cozy glow story after your done with this if that's okay

Requests are fine as long as they are 18+ characters, and a ship is involved. Shipping is key for me to get a one-shot out as quickly as possible. Whom do you want Cozy Glow with? OCs are not the best choice for me as I prefer a challenge and they give me too much freedom for a one-shot.

Funny enough, I got the Tempest Christmas idea in Feb, but that point it was far too late to post. It's pretty much finished and has been for a while. I just need to post it at the right time. Here is the premise build up your hype.

Dusk Shine is a simple stallion. Every year he expects his friends to give him books, books, and more books. And he wouldn't want it any other way. However, this year he got possibly the worst present ever, NOT A BOOK!! But is this big nerd really about turning down this busty mare very, very explicit offer... Maybe?

Anything Capper relate is kind of hard for me. Most of his stories, especially clop tend to be anthroXNONAnthro due him being a fully anthro cat around semi anthro ponies. If I did I think it would be better just to bite the bullet and make both partners anthro. If that's fine with you, I have been buggin' around the idea where Rarity is hot and heated for him but he wants to make moves on Fluttershy, with Rarity's sexiness treated as an annoyance.

"Why don't you find me sexy?!"

Anthro on anthro was exactly what I expected, actually! That's my general preference for smut fics, honestly. My scenario would be Capper drops by while in town to pay Rarity a visit, maybe he hopes to crash on her couch.

I'm now picturing that Fluttershy idea combined with it. Like, he comes into town but didn't consider Rarity a romantoc option at first perhaps for specific proclivities... then is surprised at her forwardness. Hehe, I'm also wondering if Fluttershy figures out what's going on, has no interest, yet shows some of her deviousness by setting them up with each other. "Oh, Flutters, you set me up with her? Oh --DEAR GOD SHE'S HOT" then they go to Rarity's for a night of passion
Those are just my ideas though, not necessarily what you would do XD

Hmm... intriguing! Here's hoping you can do some regular futa Tempest on female Twilight in the future. I like Tempest/Dusk Shine, it's just futa Tempest plowing Twilight is utterly delightful XD as I'm sure you can see from a massive fanfic I wrote XD

Also, another suggestion? Anthro Fluttershy and anthro Captain Celaeno, maybe futa and she seduces Flutters. It's odd how little love Celaeno and Capper get despite being such easy anthro targets.

11886245 how about diamond tiara x reformed cozy glow x flurry heart all characters are 18+?


it's just futa Tempest plowing Twilight

I'll see if I can add an idea to the list. If I can think of a really good one, it might come out before the Christmas one.

As for Captain Celaeno. I already have a rather fun ship for her planned in the later seasons of SWWC. I'm planning to pair her up with one of the Anti-Six. After she escapes Sir Night's dungeon.

But let's see her and FLuttershy. Maybe in an alternate take of the main six getting captured by the crew. They get toss into the brig, and Fluttershy needs to seduce the captain to free her friends. Instead of playing up a secret whore Fluttershy angle, instead, she trying her best and Celaenois just so horny after being out to sea too long that she doesn't frankly care how bad this goes.

Threesome. I know those three are a strong ship lately, but I've never seen the pull for Diamond Tiara given most of the time, this ship completely ignores SIlver Spoon. How about dropping it to just CozyXFlurry. Here the idea.

Cadance is hyped to finally meet her daughter's new marefriend. Shining wants to be happy too, but he keeps getting reports of a certain criminal broken out of stone and on the loose in his kingdom. Little do they know, they are curious about the same pony being brought to the dinner table by their daughter

I'm figuring about five or six chapters. First, the cart ride where Flurry Heart is constantly on edge about this idea, with Cozy helping her relieve the stress. The middle in the awkward dinner date. and the end is some nightly fun in the bedroom. Question? Futa FLurry or non Futa Flurry

I've got a bunch of ideas like that, mostly anthro futa XD that one in particular is my favorite just cuz I love the pairing.

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