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I write stories because I enjoy them. I want to do better and am willing to take any advice to improve.

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Curious on what is planned next?

This one is done. However, I might have Twilight take on the other students in some form, but they won't be treated as sequels. Rather their own stories. Maybe she gets curious about griffins or hippogriffs. Maybe Chrysalis attempts to use Ocellus to seduce Twilight. Or Sandbar has a major crush on her. Or possible, through nearly losing a bought with the yaks royal previously, Twilight now has to bout Yona, in the bedroom.

Just spitballing ideas here. Give me some time, I'll work them out.

Sounds pretty fun

When the 2 Spike x Smolder ones happen, think we might see Spike x Ocellus in the future too?

Yes I do have two Spike X Smolder ones coming out in May. The comedy one will featuring some Ocellus scenes, but there are more aimed at Smolder X Ocellus as that is my prefer ship for those two. As for Spike X Ocellus. Hmm, that one might a hard one to work out with it sounding too similar to Ocellus X Smolder or Spike x Thorax. GIve me some time, I'll need to think about that really hard.

Derp numbers for the cover pic?

Fun … but it seems like it’s missing the extra little twist it needs. It pretty much only knows one speed — full speed ahead — and the characters are pretty flat. Could be any other characters, really, and the story wouldn’t change much. And the plot, such as it is, seems very by the numbers.

That said, it’s still kind of enjoyable. Just definitely not special or memorable.

Thank you, a lot of praise from one of the biggest cloppers on the site.

The idea here is Twilight's already breaking down mentally before the story has even started due to it taking place at the tail end of her heat. So Smolder coming in to push her buttons just breaks the dam. Maybe if I let this idea marinate in my head a bit more this would have come out better.

I'll agree, not my best one shot so far.

Most of these one shots are me pushing my brain to see if I could pop out ideas much faster. It's all part of my New Years resolution. You see, I've been on this site a good ten years now and had a bit of a reputation for talking about one-shot ideas, but never posting them. So this year I decided I would just force out as many ideas as I can, fix them into one shots.

This story was to test my brain muscles to see if I could get something out in a single day. Not the plan for every one shot, but at least the plan for the surprise ones.

"You're hiding something!" Smolder pressed. "You and your whole race. There's something special about your kind, and I wanna know!!"

Smolder you can't just say that about the Jews, you'll get cancelled

Funny enough, I've been trying to get trying to get a joke fic done for a few good years, where Maud Pie is the new leader of Hydra. Maybe I could toss in something connected to Smolders's assumption.

"You're tell me, alicorns aren't survivors of a near genocide like the Jews were from the germans."

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