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"Oh, Spikey Wikey... Not again!!" She cried. "First Fluttershy, then Sweetie Belle, now Starlight... Will I ever get my chance?!"

Then why didn't you do it when he is awake any other day!? :facehoof:

Next time:

"I'll take my chance once everything is absolutely perfect-- Not again!!"

Kind of Rarity's problem. She's just too slow to the punch.

nice work

I bet Rarity will hilariously flip at when it turns out Spike banged Smolder, Ocellus and maybe even Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon/Luna and even older Cozy Glow

In the draft just before posting, I mentioned Smolder. But then I realized it would kind of go against the unawareness Spike had in the acts. She's a dragon, ergo she would already know not to disturb him. So I switched her name out with Sweetie Belle while waiting for the post.

Thank you. I see that you favor a lot of my stuff. Glad to see that. If there are any ships you want to see more, don't hesitate to ask.

You know Rarity...it doesn't hurt to tell Spike how you really feel about him--especially since it seems he has definitely matured both physically and mentally. After all, three other mares already enjoyed his 'skills' :moustache:

Next Time:

"I'm sorry, Twi. Everything has to be peak perfection if I'm going to bed your brother-- No, not you too!!"


Me or Applejack: Rarity, by this point. You're now starting to acting like a moron/idiot. JUST DO IT!!!! :ajbemused:

I'm wondering would a sequel be funnier by continuing this gag with more mares finding Spike asleep/Rarity arriving too late or should the sequel show its peak where Rarity is get desperate for that dragon seed by just kidnapping the naping dragon?


In the latter, Twilight would be pissed that Rarity would go that far as to kidnapping of all things, INSTEAD of just f**king tell a awake Spike to just have sex already like a regular woman/mare should!!!!! :twilightangry2: :facehoof:

I don't think even Spike will be happy as to being kidnapped like this, and just want Rarity to just ask him to have sex in the first place.

Hmm, I might settle on a trilogy. Next more ponies will end up in Spike's bed, but we will see it from Rarity's perspective of arriving too late every time. Maybe even watching a few scenes as her depression gets worse. The third turns into full desperation when she kidnaps the sleeping Spike and Twilight hunts her down to save her brother from more sleeping sex kinks.


She felt him swell as he went into his orgasm. She tried to kick herself off, but her own orgasm locked herself in place. Her marehood and anus clenched down hard on his shafts as she screamed in pure bliss and horror. Spike roared as his members fired multiple blasts of burning hot seed.

Ouch :twilightoops:

Sleep walking ending in Sex... neat. :moustache:👍

I can still see Smolder doing it anyway because she could find it kinky getting sleep-banged by a napping dragon :moustache:

Yeah, easily the funniest part. Him just jumping up in a sleeping daze and grabbed the nearest hole to fuck.

No... Not again!!" She cried. "First Fluttershy, then Sweetie Belle, now Starlight... Will I ever get my chance.

Oh my god so this happened multiple time are we going to get prequel stories. Rarity all you just got to do is tell Spike to meet you at a special location.

Never been great with planning out prequels to one-shots, but I am writing the first sequel right now. Basically, Ember attempts to warn the main six about Spike going through the "sleeping heat.". Meanwhile, Rarity puts her most loyal employees, Coco and Sassy in charge of guarding the sleeping dragon while she attempts to get the supplies for the perfect date.

The plan is a trilogy, ending with Rarity getting desperate and just kidnaping the sleeping dragon and things get worse from there.

No I get it I understand literacy class like English and writing wasn't my strongest subject. Sometimes you don't need to write prequels and everybody here had their shares of one-shot just a quick little mini story that we can just have to make time fly by. Well I'm excited for your sequel story.

There was a lot of spelling issues in the first part, but overall this was a very fun read.

Thank you. Sorry about those minor problems. I'll go through it again and give it another check over.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the comment.

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