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This story is a sequel to JTHW: Journey To Hearth's Warming

17 months ago Canterlot was ripped apart and remade, Ponyville was destroyed, the main six vanished, the princesses were defeated, and a new group the Anti-Six rose. Now what is left behind for us to find? Seeing 9 ponies on their journey to find out. 9 characters intertwined together in 17 months of living hell. See the start, the end, and then the confusing stuff in between.

This is an anthology story, with almost every 17 months getting one chapter per season. Most will get around six chapters in all so I'm guessing a series of six seasons. However, once introduced, Month 17 and Month 2 will get extra chapters between every 4 months, because their months will be covering more events.

Much like my Hoodwinked series, to ensure no overloading, each chapter will be around 1k words, including the longer stories. Plus, I will be posting three chapters each month. Seasonal breaks are akin to my Journey To Hearth's Warming series, but with winter breaks at the end of November and returning in February.

For those wondering, yes, this is a remix of my Friendship Lost. Rather instead of trying to post multiple stories at once and hoping everyone stays in the loop, I've decided to just combine them all into one story. Yeah, some plot points have changed, but some paths haven't. This means, yes, Flash Sentry will be a grey character in the future, but in the past... well you are just going to have to read and find out how he gets there.

As for its connections to Journey To Hearth's Warming. At most you are required to read Season 1 episode 3, and the Season 6 Prologue. That's it. Nothing else is required for a good while in this story.

The idea behind the cover is it's what everyone sees upon looking at Canterlot now. By taking the classic image of Canterlot and splicing it through several photoshops then pasting the strange pieces of each over top of the original and then shredding it with draw n copy n paste. It's meant to feel very very wrong.

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"Something is very wrong with Canterlot."
" 'Tis a silly place."

Yeah, I know, not the best choice for a title, but I figured since all the anthologies in this will lead back to the fact that something is very wrong with Canterlot... Yeah, that's the idea. Originally I was going to title it Friendship Lost, to connect it back to the series that inspired it, but even that's a little vague.

This Sir Night has me buzzing with theories

Theories? What are you enjoying most about him so far?

Also, thank you for the watch and the favorite.

Well, mostly the mystery I guess. We don't have much details right now outside of him possibly being sick and a hippogriff. It's a rare sight in this fandom to have a villain not be a unicorn.

I know, this fandom can be a little racist sometimes. But, don't worry, we will have more appearances for Sir Night soon enough.


This is how I imagine Canterlot looks rn

This would make a perfect anthem for this series as this will easily be my darkest story yet. I'm talking about some really gruesome and dark shit planned later down the line. No edge lord punkiness, nah, the citizens of Canterlot suffered as the place was ripped and distorted apart. What happened to the main six? The princesses? All mysteries await in the oncoming chapters.

You continue the keep up a strange and good amount of mysteries through most of these stories. This one have some of the best mystery moments.

Thank you. Good to hear that. I'm trying my best to keep multiple storylines going. But I'm loving every second of it.

Sounds like tough work. Don't push yourself too hard.

Six wings? Is that a reference to something or is this one some sort of freak of nature that the King found hidden in a dark pit maybe. I'm you've made a few references to devils and such in other stories. But you don't seem to keen on a prime devil.

Yes, and sort of no. He's not a seraphim angel, but the six wings are a reference to those. More along the lines of him being a fallen angel much like Lucifer, but no he's isn't a literal angel or even the devil. Rather before the fall, he was once so close to one of the main six, the most tortured one of all. That's the most I can go into without spoilers. He's not a unique species either.

That's okay. I just hyped that the story is back.

With the first death claimed, Slice Kilm threw the peppered skeleton to the side and proclaim. "King Kray's will shall prevail! On this night, Ponyville burns to the ground!"

Easily the best line you've had so far... I have goosebumps just from reading it.

Thank you, I've been so hyped to get this chapter out. Heck, I wrote this entire section, all 6 parts in a single day! Can't wait for seasons 2 and 3's parts especailly.

No, I don't ghostwriter. I find AI chatboxes boring, repetitive, and annoying.

Also, please do not advertise such things on my account.

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