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I write stories because I enjoy them. I want to do better and am willing to take any advice to improve.


This story is a sequel to JTHW: Journey To Hearth's Warming

17 months ago Canterlot was ripped apart and remade, Ponyville was destroyed, the main six vanished, the princesses were defeated, and a new group the Anti-Six rose. Now what is left behind for us to find? Seeing 9 ponies on their journey to find out. 9 characters intertwined together in 17 months of living hell. See the start, the end, and then the confusing stuff in between.

This is an anthology story, with almost every 17 months getting one chapter per season. Most will get around six chapters in all so I'm guessing a series of six seasons. However, once introduced, Month 17 and Month 2 will get extra chapters between every 4 months, because their months will be covering more events.

Much like my Hoodwinked series, to ensure no overloading, each chapter will be around 1k words, including the longer stories. Plus, I will be posting three chapters each month. Seasonal breaks are akin to my Journey To Hearth's Warming series, but with winter breaks at the end of November and returning in February.

For those wondering, yes, this is a remix of my Friendship Lost. Rather instead of trying to post multiple stories at once and hoping everyone stays in the loop, I've decided to just combine them all into one story. Yeah, some plot points have changed, but some paths haven't. This means, yes, Flash Sentry will be a grey character in the future, but in the past... well you are just going to have to read and find out how he gets there.

As for its connections to Journey To Hearth's Warming. At most you are required to read Season 1 episode 3, and the Season 6 Prologue. That's it. Nothing else is required for a good while in this story.

The idea behind the cover is it's what everyone sees upon looking at Canterlot now. By taking the classic image of Canterlot and splicing it through several photoshops then pasting the strange pieces of each over top of the original and then shredding it with draw n copy n paste. It's meant to feel very very wrong.

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It's the biggest wedding of the century. The union of three species, and the ending a of a great war. All Spike has to do is be ready... he's not. Luckily, or should be said unluckily, his best man is there to help him through this big ultimate step. Ember, the dragon lord has been tasked with this impossible mission when every other choices has mysteriously vanished.

My story has only been live for a few minutes and it's already at the top of the trending page!! One step closer to the Feature bar!!

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Six mares have been at the center of this dragon's heart for over ten years now, but when Spike announces he's leaving Equestria for new lands a full on mortal kombat style battle breaks out between these six mares. Depending on his friends, Discord and Big Mac have taken up the job of refereeing this battle while he gets his stuff together.

Proofreader: Koekelbag

1k challenge.

Discord: Will the right mare win?

Big Mac: Eeyup.

Discord: Will anypony survive this unscathed?

Big Mac: Nope

Discord: Will Spike ever get laid?!

Big Mac: Uhh...

Discord: Stay tuned and find out!!

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Bab Seed goes on an adventure of a lifetime, or at least that what she was expecting until she was saddled with delivering cat food to Granny Golden Delicious's house. Things couldn't get any more boring... until she finds a poorly disguised King Sombra attempting to steal her basket with a motor-mouthing Cozy Glow beside him. Before she can process any of this, Derpy crashes through the window with a dead body in her hooves and the police show up to arrest all of them. There is going to be a lot of explaining to be done and mysteries to unravel and it's up to detective BlueBlood to end the case.


Yes, this is based off the seriously underrated movie, Hoodwinked, and involves a multiple POV retelling of events with overlapping ties and a really good though cliche twist. Each chapter will have an Interlude Chapter posted before it introducing the character to be speaking their POV in the corresponding chapter.

To make things more challenging on me I used a random assortment of characters as replacement like;

Bab Seed as Red
King Sombra as Wolf
Golden Delicious as Granny
Derpy as the Lumberjack
Cozy Glow as Twitchy
Blueblood as Flippers

And many more to be revealed like;

Lil Cheese
Pinkie Pie
Birch Bucket
Parcel Post
Lightning Dust

A small cameo from Arubus, the G1 villain
Grogar(the real one, Yes, I'm using him to replace that character)


Also, I will be following the canon as closely as possible, by that as close to the show's canon so expect some rather fun and odd reasons why certain characters are doing certain things. The biggest point of the movie was to find out why these characters were gathered together like this and I plan to explore the same idea, just with a less flexible cast to really push my limits in storytelling.

I try to post monthly.

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A gathering of letters and notes by Dr. Pr. Halo, a stallion supposedly chose by the alicorns to explore a world that has never seen the friendship and goodness. Look into the land as it was before Equestria was founded.

This is a side story to Journey To Hearth's Warming. It is not required to enjoy the original story nor is it needed to read the original story to enjoy this. They simply add fluff to each other. This is a simple a side story that will get new parts periodically.

Might jump to Teen rating later, I'm not completely sure yet.

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An ancient spell activates, sending them into the distant past. Now, with no way home, forced to live through events of the past, two ponies try their best to stay out of history's way. However, things don't go as planned when they get pulled right into the middle of a war between the immortal alicorns and mortal ponies. All while a mysterious wendigo claiming to be a king attempts to change history.


Series in seasonal TV show style format. That means breaks during Summer(Most of June & July) and Winter(January & February) with mid-season finale in December and proper season finales in May. Try not to get too overwhelmed as there is only one chapter each month except for May which gets a double. Nine episodes per season with a prologue split into three parts(Past, Present, Future) and a very short intermission.


Season 1 / Outskirt Lands / Random Species

Season 2 / Unicorn Providence / Unicorn & Naga

Season 3 / Rage Mountain / Unicorn & Alicorn

Season 4 / Batpony Canyons / Batpony & Umbrum

Season 5 / Pegasus Isle / Pegasus & Griffins

Season 6 / Blue Hourglass / Centaurs & Minotaurs

Season 7 / Inbetween Lands / Sirens & Ifrits... Coming Soon

Season 8 / Earth Pony Conglomerate / Earth Ponies & Buffaloes... Coming Soon

Season 9 / Island of Lost Souls / Changelings & Doppelgangers... Coming Soon

Season 10 / Alicorn Citadel / Light & Dark Alicorns... Coming Soon

Season 11 / Alley of Time / Past, Present & Future Counterparts... Coming Soon

Season 12 / Flaming Heart / Wedigoes & Incarnations... Coming Soon

Cover Artist: Sakura

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This story is a sequel to Twilily Saga: Endless Time, Or Forever End.

Going back in time to fix the future, Twilight must work with an immortal creature called 'F' to save Starlight during the time of Nightmare Moon's rise. Look into the world that was hidden from Twilight, where she not only encounters ancient evils but must stop the "Greatest Evil" from claiming the power of God. Here lies the ancient past, the unseen present, and the damned future.

Note: The prequel is not required to read this. Because I fill any gaps as we go.

Proofreaders: Hail King Sombra, mikemeiers

Cover Artist: Sakura

Part of the Twilily Saga and a part of my Darklightverse.

Extra Tags: Grogar, Zeb. Selena Moondie, Cult Race, and many more.

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The cutest couple in all Ponyville have their first fight. Will it end their relationship? Will it make their relationship better? And will anypony get some sleep this morning? Wait...... what?

Proofread by Hail King Sombra

Art by h0mi3

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"I am the master of twist. I am the master of Cliffhanger. I am the master of 'Out of nowhere Ideas that don't make sense but do make sense in the end anyway'. I AM THE MASTER.............. Wait what am I the master of again."

The guy next to him said "when crazy shit happens,"



If you take this story too seriously then you not getting the idea of what day this one came out.

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Rarity receive an unknown gift, for Heartwarming Eve, only problem, she has no idea who it is from. It being so beautiful wrapped, she has too assume it is from one of her friends or maybe an ex. She dare not open till she find out who sent it.

Take place a few years after the show. This is completely separate from the rest of my stories.

Inspired by this Blog, by the Idea it brought up. Not it's reasons.

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