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its borger time :)

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sometimes my brain stops understanding what i read so when i arrived at the end i forgot or understood what i read i may have to read it again for research

I’m keeping track of this

Cant wait to see if this updates, it looks like it will be a good time

That day was nothing short of routine, but you had accidentally put your breakfast bagel backwards in your toaster. That was all it took to rip space-time and tear away your ass from your personally favorite dimension. Honestly you should have seen it coming, with your best friend explaining there was a 50 / 50 chance that you’d die on the spot or get super powers.



Okay, for some added hilarity that I don't think the author intended, imagine everything "You" say in the voice of Rolf from literally the best show I had ever seen when I was a kid. But I am not responsible for the comedy you may have! Maybe I just have weird mental voices for the shit I read. It was funny in Rolf's accent!

Am I the only one that would like to see a novel-length crack-fic made from this?

Wow. How to lose readers with two words - "lone autist". What does that even mean? Do you even know what autism ACTUALLY is?

No, of course not, or you wouldn't be using it as a shorthand for "character acts like an asshole".

*Slow clapping*
I await the next chapter

Your avatar suits your comment, enjoyment out of confusion

He will be a very Slutty wife to the princess

What an entertaining story. Really looking forward to the next chapter!
Edit: Luna needs the fingers.

Does he have Meta Autism? Like, He's so incredibly stupid, he breaks reality. Like pinky but a human who's retart instead.

That's the main plan yeah.

You clasped together your hands, leaving out your index and middle fingers on each hand. Twilight then began to repeat the key words you told her. “Highway to the…” she began, and you followed up.




Also 1000 years of death

The autism is reaching levels never before seen. I am curious to see it reach its zenith.

While the collective conglomerate of pony kept embarrassing Twilight, you nabbed your bag of coin and free wheeled it on outta there. However, outta there was right back at the castle. The coin bag was actually really fucking heavy, and slinging it over your shoulder like you were the fucking Hamburglar wasn’t doing any wonders to your already sore muscles. You reached the glossy quartz steps and pounded on the fucking huge ass doors hoping Starlight or that Spike kid would let you in.

....lost my shit at Hamburglar, lol.

All the spaghetti! :rainbowkiss:

Omg, this shit is gold

he definitely popped a vein somewhere. But then, with a blinding light of lime green that would make a Scout main cry

I didn't expect to see a TF2 reference in here. As a lime green Spymain, this made me giggle like an idiot.

this is great I want more of this,

This is the best story ever. I will make this my new drinking story. :ajsmug::pinkiecrazy:

9223846 Where tf did you get lone autist in this?


"The concept of magic is well documented in practice and prose, but what happens when a lone autist butts his way in and flips everything you ever knew on its side?"

Nuff said.

9337250 That's not in the chapters. Or anywhere in the story as a matter of fact.

Edit:Nvm, I just noticed it in the story description.

Still, you do realize it has a random tag, right? Nothing should be taken seriously with all the tags here.

so whens he sticking his dick in a pone?


9.5/10, needs another chapter or five.

To all y'all cool ass dudes watching my story, slowly but surely I'll get this next one out. I stopped to focus college, and now I've unwinded enough in this break to get it going again. I'm aiming for a fat 8k words this go around, so don't worry your pretty heads.

Badge did a sick ass backflip from the impact and landed on his stomach with a thud. His face was blackened with soot, and his shoulder still had Trixie’s cum on it.

Homeboy better get a bro-job out of this.

I just about lost it at the shouting match :rainbowlaugh:

Full-blown autism and raging degeneracy, perfect.

This is so funny and stupid and I love it! :rainbowlaugh:

Hi There. Just wondering when the next chapter is going to be released. Also, a huge fan of this story. And (no lie) I read this story about five or six times or so! It never gets old in messed up hilarity! :rainbowlaugh: Again, I hope you continue on this story. It's comedy gold and unique, to say the least. :twilightsheepish: :twilightsmile:

I'm nearly done with chapter 3, little bit of personal goal to add 1000 words to each chapter, so it sits at 7k out of 8k for now.

Comments from y'all really get me back into gear so thank you for all the laughs and enjoyment.


I expected nothing less... Continue

Glad this isn't dead.

MOAR, I wants it.

This is both hot, and hilarious. Hotlarious.

I need more.


Yesssh! This was an awesome read! :rainbowlaugh: It was a long wait, but it was worth it. I can't wait to see more upcoming stories from you. :twilightsmile:

Nice Steel Ball Run reference!

Comment posted by fyre-byrd deleted Jul 7th, 2019

All you need is to know what you really want, and visualize it happening. Levitation, teleportation, any transmutation spells are all perfect examples about the understanding of what you can do with picturing it in the eye of your heart.

No offense, but is this why Twilight had to study magic at an elite private school and Rarity didn't (i.e. Twilight was lonely enough to not be able to find the love in her heart)?

I shall issue you a royal ticket, which will allow you free passage to and from the city for the time while you hone your magical abilities.

No offense, but what would the government of the city of Canterlot, specifically their mayor, have to say?

This is delightfully silly. I love it.

I have no idea what the fuck I just read but I need moar.

We. Need. More.

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