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“Yeah good idea, and speaking of… you called me Rarity while you were doing me,” Twilight teases recalling which makes Spike turn fully red in embarrassment and having been caught red handed. “You were fantasizing about fucking Rarity weren’t you?” Twilight presses before Spike quickly bolts for the door too embarrassed to be seen now that he has been found out. Leaving Twilight all alone still confused as to what happened to her.

Yes, because the strange thing is that he called you Rarity, not because he just fucked his sister/mother figure on the map table.:facehoof:

Thank you for this comment. I think Spike banging Twilight while thinking of Rarity the whole time sounds pretty fucked up, so I'm just not going to read this story or like/dislike it.

This is a mess, grammatically speaking. You have spelling errors, run-on sentences, multiple speakers in one paragraph, and more.

My advice? Find an editor, send your work to them for proofreading, and take their suggestions to heart. This is barely readable in its current state.

As for the 'plot'... well, it's a clopfic, so plot is secondary. May I make a suggestion, though? Rather than 'Sudden Big Tiddy Syndrome', the true scientific term should be 'Sudden Onset Macromastia'. Macromastia is a real condition, an abnormal swelling of breast tissue beyond normal proportions. 'Sudden Onset' refers to a symptom that appears with little to no warning.



Besides, there's always "Sharing is Caring". In more ways than one. :twilightblush:

Also, I see Spike screwing Twilight first, I tag. It's a man of culture thing. :coolphoto:

This commission is based on a series of Images that the artist Suirano drew and named called Sudden big tiddie so that's why I paid homage to it in the title

Oh. Well if there was never even the slightest bit of romance or love between Twilight and Spike the first time they ever had sex, then I guess that could be pretty funny.

Still not my cup o' tea, though.

>reads chapter title
>is reminded of this

Oh, that terrible ligma. I hear it's testicular.

Agreed, it's bad enough that I couldn't read past the first triple space.

Oh boy. What's next for Spike and Twilight? Spell going to affect Rarity and they have a threesome?

Loved reading this!~ hope to see more soon~

I mean it does say incomplete... could mean there is more

This is intriguing, hope there's going to be more

I love how people are complaining how this isn't "realistic", despite the fact it's based off of a TV show that takes place in a different world, different creatures, and often brings up stuff that is nowhere near "realistic". Also, this site is called FiM"Fiction" not FiM"Non-Fiction", fiction refers to stuff not trying to be accurate, just trying to have a story and tell it.

Either enjoy the fic or don't. It wasn't even something DHero himself came up with, it was a commission, something he was paid to write. It doesn't matter if it's not "realistic" or "accurate", nobody cares when you're on a fan-fiction website.

Keep going. I hope Spike will be involved a lot more.

i sorta hope twilight's breasts eventually stays permanently huge when they expands and her friends contract the big tiddy syndrome

Why am I the only one to like your comment so far?

People are idiots. :trixieshiftleft:

Comment posted by TJP12409 deleted Jun 29th, 2019

Yikes, poor Spike. Gender bender is the worst thing to happen. If this somehow continues, turn him back.

yay a new chapter.:yay:

and Noooo its the last.:fluttercry:

moar please or maybe a sequel and i hope someone makes a picture based from this chapter :pinkiehappy:

look up Suirano he has made a whole image series of Twilight with sudden big tiddies and sequel would be a commission thing since this was commissioned

I think it depends on the person, some find it bad, while others would look at like a fantasy come true.


well im watching him on both furaffinity and derpibooru

just gotta wait for the pics to be uploaded then

Aww man, it ended right when it was getting best.

I wonder what would happen if they didn't cum while their tits are massive? Maybe their breasts would continuously grow bigger until they finally cum? Or their tits would just get angry at the lack of attention and would drive them mad of lust?

Please for the love of FAUST tell me that there is a sequel in the works!?

:pinkiehappy: "Yes, please say there is a sequel for this story, I want to see myself and the rest of the Mane 6 and maybe the other Princesses get effected too."

Please, please, please make a sequel,

Magma most likely won't make a sequel unless the person who commissioned him for this does so again. He's definitely not gonna continue this on his own.

‘Princess Twilight’s speech great success! Everypony loving her idea of friendship using big breasts! Approval rating through the roof!’


Uhh why is the manager a freaking alicorn?

“Well it doesn’t matter least I know why I haven’t been able to find it since I thought we alphabetize them instead I keep finding ‘Anon’s Bizarre adventure’ and ‘One Kick Stallion instead of the book I am looking for,” she mentions starting to now change her search to a different shelf.

Nice ‘One Punch Man’ reference.

Damn, the sex scene in the first chapter managed to make my dick real hard. good story, man.

Oh, and I just realized something.

So in the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Twilight sees Spike as her younger brother, but I’ve been giving the concept some thought, and I came to the conclusion that he’d actually be more of a ‘son’-type of figure, beings that Twilights final test for acceptance into the School of Magic, was to use her magic to hatch a dragon egg. Spike’s egg, to be precise.

Can anyone else here understand where I’m coming from with this? And just how completely FUCKED up that sex scene was?

If you’re gonna suggest an editor to check for any kind of errors, may I ‘suggest’, suggesting Grammarly?

It does all the proof-reading/checking for you.

She changes out of her outfit for something more casual a simple black shirt that hide her push up bra, some yoga pants and to top it of her limited edition “Princess Celestia zip up hoodie”, she then closes the package and puts her torn wool sweater along with the package in a bag before heading out.

Wait, so Celestia’s loyal student/friend has a zip-up hoodie of her? Talk about ‘looking up to your heros’. Wonder if Celestia even knows that Twilight has a hoodie of her.

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