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The Low Budget Anthro version of Some_Leech. Now with 30% more Human trash!

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I love these types of stories very much. Although it would have been even better if she was pregnant with foals for about 8 months.

While the overall story is wonderful and arousing, you could really use an editor. There're several improper tenses, instances of lacking punctuation and capitalization.

Also, a rivet is something used in construction, liquids flow in rivulets.

she hands the bottle to which Fluttershy which causes her to exclaim in realization.

——) “I gotta ditch this weight fast if I’m ever gonna make it as a Wonderbolt.” She notes,

All the while the ignored supple cunt gushes more liquid staining both her panties and sheets.

As she finds a rather seductive pose to accent her newly acquired chest girth.

She asks, performing a Rarity like hair

“I need your help with my hair mind giving it a brush?”

“I ngh, just like the feeling that’s all.” He says as he continues to

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