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Symbionts are my number one fetish, and are woefully underrepresented. You get an immediate like and fave from me.

It was bigger than the one that Butt had grown. Much bigger. Much, much, much bigger – big enough that it had gently smacked her in the muzzle, smearing the milky white fluid that it was leaking copiously on her face. It was thick, too, thicker than her forearm. She would have significant difficulty wrapping both her hands around it, let alone one. It was a dark, dusky blue, glistening with moisture and oozing with overwhelmingly masculine musk – god, Dash could cum just from the smell.

It was a dark, dusky blue, glistening with moisture and oozing with overwhelmingly masculine musk – god, Dash could cum just from the smell.

Dash could cum just from the smell.

Fucking mank smell.

Absolutely fantastic. You deserve more recognition. Please don't stop with just chapter 1.

This should be read, yes.

Looks like we have another winner~

Coming here directly from the futaquestria group, I didn't get exactly what I expected, but this is close enough. This needs to continue and I'll be watching for it. Great beginning!

Progressing more than a little fast but definitely interesting and funny. Hope to see more.

I like where this is headed. :pinkiehappy:

what a lewdster

fucking awesome. cant wait to see how this turns out.

You had me at the chapter title.

Oooooooh my god this is just the best.


Cant wait for more!

Yes yes yes I want to see rainbow cum inflation someone so large please!

Next chapter when?

you should make more chapters for this.

Will there be a continuation?


there will be more, i swear! just, like, eventually. most of my focus lately has been on stuff that'll make me money, but i've been plinkin' away at other stuff too.

I am enamored with the concepts this story brings to light. May I ask that, for a sequel to one of my stories, that the whole merging symbiosis deal be used? Especially since in said sequel the Changelings are corrupted into symbiotic parasites already, I'd just like to have a sustainable method of them living among society without running something as mundane as a brothel or something.

i mean i don't got a copyright on symbiosis bro. go for it, world needs more 'a this concept.

(speaking of which, hurry up and write the second chapter, me, ya' lazy git. finish off your stories!!!!)

BLESS! Holy shit my favorite clopfic is back!
God damn, you really did a good job on this chapter. Looking forward to more of this amazing story.

Continue. for the love of God, continue.

I'm starting to believe you about updating more often, seeing as this is the second old story you've updated in the last two weeks! Can't wait to see what else you do in the future.

...I'm kind of hoping the chapter titles aren't just for the jokes and this somehow involves glute-based vigilantism.

...if that's not too assinine.

So if they can grow a dick and extra arms... does that also mean that Butt can grow her head next to dash as well?

Dash gets bustier...I'm intrigued.

holy guackamole, we are back after just over-a-year with a best post-Megapone clop.


And yes, please do this more frequently, I stumbled upon this purely by accident because I noticed that the word-length of the fic is greater than usual.

Can they do Option B once ina awhile, liek a sepcial bonding session of sorts? Heh.

-What ? Just say 'pony', if they are ponies, or persons if they are EQG-like. No weird wizardry necessary.

changelings aren't ponies.

Wouldn't they just then say 'changeling' instead ?

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