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Fats writer, come here for the big blorps.

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Story Commissions Closed! · 8:14am May 29th

Hi all, will be taking a break from story commissions to focus on some personal works for a while. I have 1 pending currently to write. I will announce when I open again. Thanks!

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Comment posted by Hellinfernel deleted January 30th

Mind if I include you and a few of your friends in an upcoming fic I've been wanting to write?

Comment posted by superfun deleted Oct 2nd, 2019
Comment posted by Lance Darkwater deleted Aug 25th, 2019

Fetishes, like fiction, don't follow 'normal' rules or even reality. They simply do what they do for the people they do them for. If it's something you don't understand, then you're likely not one of the people that that particular fetish works for. Nothing wrong with that, just... not really your thing. Some folks like skirts, some folks like bedroom eyes, some people like hot, sweaty, athletes panting after a 5 mile run, desperately trying to cool themselves down as water drips from nearly transparent t-shirts into steaming puddles below as a cascade of icy water splashes from the garden hose.

Some people like too much bacon and unexpected buttons popping off.

Simple as that.

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