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April Foals · 10:55am March 19th

April Foals is coming up soon and seeing how I've been lazy with writing, maybe something short and silly can get me back into it. So toss me some ideas you'd want to see about April Foals pranks and maybe one of them grabs me enough to write a few pages about it.
Pranks involving hypnosis, cartoon physics, costumes/outfits, general silliness and of course unaware hypno will naturally be more likely to grab my attention.

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I hope everything is okay with you and you return soon with more of your excellent stories

Probably just one person. How would you otherwise coordinate with a bad reason like that? And with perfect "guilt" by asociation consistency at that. Maybe they think it hits differently when two people do it and not just one.

No idea, could just be two people who didn't like a story I wrote. Idiots gotta idiot and all that.

Hey man. Clicked here on accident but im just gonna ask, Do you have like two bots disliking everything?

Thank you for the favorite.

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