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Story Rating · 9:56am April 2nd

Apparently someone quietly decided to raise my latest story's rating from Teen to Mature, and I'm genuinely curious what exactly the reason was. If nothing else, then because so long as I don't know what they objected to I'm not going to change any of my future stories' ratings because quite frankly out of my four Teen rated stories this one seems rather benign yet none of the other ones have gotten any trouble.

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Thanks for the fav.

I hope everything is okay with you and you return soon with more of your excellent stories

Probably just one person. How would you otherwise coordinate with a bad reason like that? And with perfect "guilt" by asociation consistency at that. Maybe they think it hits differently when two people do it and not just one.

No idea, could just be two people who didn't like a story I wrote. Idiots gotta idiot and all that.

Hey man. Clicked here on accident but im just gonna ask, Do you have like two bots disliking everything?

  • Viewing 13 - 17 of 17
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