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Upon reading this, I laughed to death. This is my zombie now speaking

Who made the art work of rainbow dash and green thunder?

Love it. Thank you.

do it Twilight make your boobs bigger :twilightsmile:

nice story.

sequel where Twilight makes her and maybe her other friends boobs bigger?

I can't say anything for the others, but as for Twilight...well you'll have to wait and see.

Check derpibooru and search under OC:Green Thunder. You'll find it pretty easily that way.

Glad you found a way to enjoy it.

I did that , it show but I can't find the picture. it only show 12 pictures and it was not one of them.

“...Green, you better scoot over so you don’t end up getting hit too."
“That won’t happen,” said Twilight.

Great, now I want an alternate version where it does happen, and both of them get hit full force from being too close together during the spellcast.

Honestly, I hoped she would get pinned. But oh well, sexy as hell dude!

Make sure the mature filter is turned on.

So, if Twilight used the same spell she would be ridiculously enormous. Hmm... Rainbow was a B and went to a K cup. If twilight grew the same amount, she would be in the N or M cup range.

Also, who needs a nice warm bed! We're doing it on the cold hard floor made out of diamond.😆


This is in the bestiality folder of My Little Fetish... But the description doesn't look like bestiality to me? :unsuresweetie:

Very Good work, sir!

It's actually the treehome. Regrown.

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