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What exactly am I to expect from this?

This is gonna be good.

came for the plot stayed for the story

As well as being the best outcome for us, it would also be very in-character for Twilight to solve this spat with a good ol' friendly threesome.

simple solutions twilight simple solutions ie harem

Is it wrong that I want to see an outcome that doesn't end with a threesome?

I can just see a resigned twilight accepting her fate.
:facehoof: "How did this even happen?"

whew boi things are getting spicy

Considering the love triangle (I dislike the term as most are really just love bent lines) being called out and Twilight's disapproval of them, I'm interested in where the author is taking this that may diverge from the standard formula.

Death by snu-snu.

This has been my favorite chapter yet. I can't wait to read the next chapter.

good end... yes... but still... will you make a sequel?

I mean, we have seen now their passionate sides... what's about their life after that? Who will Twilight choose, or even both? When will they have foals...?
So many questions are still out in the open... you simply have to writhe a sequel.

so hope for a sequel

Have another story in mind?

I can’t wait to see who Twilight picks

Hey can you make a sequel to this one I would like to see both of them pregnant with twilight fold

Sequel! Sequel! Sequel! :twilightblush: :trollestia: :Luna emoji that doesn't exist but should:

i dont know why i find the idea of derpy being han so funny but yeah way to aim high derps

Thanks for the fic!

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