• Published 25th Jan 2019
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Love and Conquerors - MassDriver

Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker have re-emerged - but this time, their only goal is to win the love of Twilight Sparkle.

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Comments ( 10 )

nice work.

good end... yes... but still... will you make a sequel?

I mean, we have seen now their passionate sides... what's about their life after that? Who will Twilight choose, or even both? When will they have foals...?
So many questions are still out in the open... you simply have to writhe a sequel.

Stiff, but adorable.

so hope for a sequel

Have another story in mind?

I can’t wait to see who Twilight picks

Hey can you make a sequel to this one I would like to see both of them pregnant with twilight fold

Sequel! Sequel! Sequel! :twilightblush: :trollestia: :Luna emoji that doesn't exist but should:

Thanks for the fic!

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