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Stuff like this makes me see why Anti-Bronies hate us soo god damn much.... :facehoof:

next chapter or sequel please.

7603556 I'll consider it! Wouldn't be the first time I changed my mind about something that was intended to be a oneshot. I don't have anything else in mind for this story, but we'll see if anything develops.

I am shocked we don't see this more often.

Not so much "The goddess of pleasure" but Twilight and Starlight coming back from the past to find Twilight in charge.

7603692 Yeah, it seemed to me like a fun direction for fanfic. It'd be interesting to see some non-porn takes on it.

Super hot, although a bit short considering all the possibilities it provides. Surely I'm not the only one who wanna knows what Spike is doing now :rainbowkiss:

7603520 then don't look at stuff like this, if you don't like it, why are you looking at it? Sounds a bit like someone's in Denial.


Oh no, those people in other fandoms hate us for our porn! Because clearly it must somehow be different from their porn which - no, wait. I'm in all those fandoms. Their porn is exactly the same. It must obviously be the 'normal' people not in fandoms, because our porn is so unrealistic and... oh wait, normal human porn is also completely fantasy-based and can also be incredibly perverse and insane.

Odd, why DO they hate us, Mr. Expert? Surely we are somehow subhuman for them to hate us so, and anything we like is outlandish and disgusting. It can't be that we're all just human beings who like the same sorts of subjects, but applying it to specific interests somehow changes a person's view of the subject and creates illogical bias based on ill-conceived notions of societal propriety?

I was sad to reach the end.
Definitely in the mood for more of this. I think there's a lot of potential for pony penis politics plots.
Goddess-Twi didn't even get to put her divine dick in anyone, how can the story possibly be complete?

Spike :moustache: :rainbowlaugh:

That said, after the Spike chapter she might go see what her friends are doing. Hrm, and maybe the villains too, both major and minor.

This is far too short. I'm not just saying that because I want to read more of this crazy futa porn(though I very much do), but you've created an interesting world here, and dropped hints that there's a lot more to it, but haven't explored any of it. I was disappointed to reach then end, it left me with a "and then what?" feeling.

That said, what is here is great.


It's my curse as a writer! I can't help but fill out my work with tantalizing details, even when I have no plans to follow up on them... :applecry:

But I promise to keep this story in mind for a possible followup, since people are enjoying it and asking for more.


Honestly, the Spike thing was really just meant as a little throwaway, so that Twilight could belatedly remember Spike and then realize that he's probably happy with how things worked out for him. But there's definitely potential there...

Oooh, next thing on Twilight's Agenda should be looking up her old friends and hooking up. Perhaps starting with a visit to Spike and Rarity?

I'm going to be honest with you, this is a really great story and it has the possibility to be continued (at least it feels that way, the way you set it up and everything), I hope that you might reconsider to continue this story, but I understand if you just want to do 1 chapter and be done with it.

I really hope you write another chapter or two!

7606162 i don't know why but i just find this hilarious i hope you continue

Practice a bit more, and you'll be the kind of guy who can tell someone to go to hell, and make them look forward to the trip! :derpytongue2:

Not bad. I feel like maybe twilight was a little OoC for this one but her points weren't completely invalid. Would like to more exploits of "goddess twilight"


-Offers a deliciously satisfying and slightly sadistic device of revenge against Starlight's flaws, but without (most likely) damaging her psyche like in most revenge fics,
-Has the characters approach the situation from a fairly reasonable standpoint rather than immediately accepting this strange world,
-offers a narrative that would contain questions of morality (particularly vis-a-vis mind control), but without the high stakes of drama that usually distract from the discussion in such works
-is well-written from a grammar, spelling, character and story standpoint,
-and is also kinda hot. And I say that as someone really not into the whole futa thing.

The only con of this story is that it's complete. I, for one, would be down for another few rounds.

I really want another chapter. You can't just end it there!

7607007 oh please do something like rise of twilight sparkle goddess of pleasure where we get to see more in-depth the past of this timeline

This reads more like satire than anything else. I was laughing at the over-the-top descriptions right from the moment Twilight wakes up.

Sexually stimulating? Eh, not so much.

7607123 True, the arousal rating is low, but it's funny and very interesting.. I wander what happened to Cadance, and what about Chrysalis!??

Wow! The response to this story has been just incredible, way beyond anything I expected. It was really fun to write, and once people told me they wanted more, I started thinking about what I could do in future chapters. Spike and Rarity is an obvious one, of course. Meeting friends and villains. Maybe a prequel chapter about the alternate Twilight's rise to power.

So I'm reopening the story, and there WILL be more chapters! Thanks for the support, everyone!

Eh, definetly could have used more meat.

Okay, one little error...

"Starlight!" Twilight shouted,

that comma should be a period.

By the way... would anyone be interested in a story commission? I've just put up a blog post with a brief policy here.


According to what I saw in the story, Twilight can always make more meat to go around. :rainbowhuh:

Twilight Sparkle, Goddess of Pleasure

Slaanesh approves.


Thanks! It's great to hear that people can enjoy the other aspects of the story, even if they're not turned on by it.


I don't think I'll take it that far...

Maybe in the Pinkie chapter.

Is there going to cumflation in this eventually? Please?

7608143 Haven't been interested in fimfiction stories for a while, but this one looks good. Can't wait to see where it goes.

7608460 I didn't say read, I said look. There is a difference.

Amazing how much anger one little quip will evoke. 'Specially when it's something along the lines of social commentary. And you're just saying what some people are thinking.

oh man I wonder what Shining and Cadance are like in this universe. I like to imagine Twilight gave her old babysitter the same, as Celestia. Also, I love the thought that Shining is a little submissive femboy to a bigger Cadance but thats personal preference.

pls add things like anal and incest

Okay. Hate to be like Micheal Bay, but this story, as well as any Anthro story, needs boobs. Like... Lots of boobs. Cause, if Twilight is a Sex Goddess, then she has to have like.... Boobs the size of Russia or something. Cause, you know, Goddesses are usually portrayed as giants. So, their boobs have got to be enormous. So, forgive me for being like Micheal Bay, but how fucking big are Twilight's boobs? Plus, if you do another chapter and/or sequel, what are the boob sizes of Celestia, Luna, and the rest of the Mane Six? Yeah, I'm perveted, but I AM a boob man. So, you know.

7608754 Well, finally someone who isnt beating me up with dislikes and defensive comments. I just shared my opinion. This futa thing is getting a bit out of hand, I never saw the appeal but whatever makes them happy...
I just feel uncomfortable when characters that were meant to be kid friendly are sexualized and changed this hard for cheap masturbation. Im not removing them the right, I just have the right to share my thoughts, they can ignore (which I can tell most arent doing, taking this really personal).
Besides, anti-bronies love to call us pony fuckers and what not, and when I see stuff like this, it gets harder and harder not to see their point...(besides, even incest is being suggested in the comments, like, gesh...)
But oh well, here come the dislikes.

7612239 If you're interested in futa as a phenomenon, here's a Google talk that discusses the reasons behind its popularity:

As for the sexualization of kid-friendly characters, I understand why that would make someone uncomfortable. It's hardly new, though - from Mickey Mouse-themed Tijuana Bibles to Harry Potter fanfiction, it's a common element of fan media. Kid-friendly characters tend to represent easy-to-understand personality archetypes, which makes it easy to use them - and, yes, change them - in the stories you want to tell.

And as for your comment about you having the right to express your opinion and others being free to ignore it - well, you're certainly not wrong. But freedom and discretion don't begin and end with your preferences. You were free to ignore my story, and others have a right to respond to your comments. You characterize negative comments and dislikes as "beating you up," but when you post a negative comment on someone's story, you're "sharing your opinion."

I'm not trying to silence you, but the next time you're writing a negative comment, maybe think about what good it's likely to accomplish. If the answer is "nothing," then consider not posting it.

very good chapter looks very interesting your story, I want to know what follows

Can't wait to see where this goes, loving your work!

"He is the king of the Crystal Kingdom, a vassal state of your divine empire. He rules alongside his queen, a unicorn mare named Rarity."

Twilight relaxed in her throne. "Okay," she said, "Spike's fine. I'll check on him later."

omfg, not even an ounce of shock xD

honestly, I wouldnt mind seeing this timeline explored more^^ Thought im nt much a fan of hyper stuff, I still find this interesting^^

A rather interesting series of events. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

Twilight, is there an expression for when something good comes your way, but you over-examine it to an unseemly degree?"

It's called paranoid, suspicious etc.

Well damn, it only took several forevers!

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