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It's Complicated

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You have my attention.

needs more anthro but holy shit those tags man

EDIT: i am an idiot and can't read tags apparently. disregard this post i suck cocks

She has eaten too much cake

7428230 I dont mind it. I´m not a big fan of it, but if it has enough other stuff going on...


That's not very chaotic at all; it's actually very organized and methodical.


"I can't stand the rain....against my windows."

I wonder if they could try and have Celestia be a huge goddess and Luna would act like a living dildo with an outrageous cock... XD That would be another fun thing to see, second to Megapone's story. They could get even bigger and I'm going to fucking love it!

Need to have Cadance use the castle as a dildo, or use the spell on shining and boost him up a bit so she could use him :rainbowwild:

Why does this have any dislikes?

7428230 dis i agree with come on keep female females god damn internet.

7454643 There's a certain crowd-- trust me, I know-- who hates on anthro, period. Then there's another group that auto-downvotes anything with sex that doesn't follow their ship. And there's still another crowd that hates growth (or muscles), and etc. Honestly, I think it's a sign of how good the fic is that it's only nabbed 21 dislikes and 2 trolls.

Author's Note:
Just one more left to go!

Aww, I hoped for Chrysalis to grow, too.


Oh, don't worry, I'm probably going to end up writing more stories after this one. Blame Megapone's "fapstravaganza" for getting me to finally put words on a screen.

Chryssie might show up. Who knows?

0/10 would not read again:IGN

I can't believe I missed this story. Well done, bro!


You didn't miss this story, bro! :ajsmug:

Very good idea for a story, the biggest downside is it only focused on males. (besides seeing the word mare mentioned once)

Good thing Flurry Heart is fast asleep.

Unless she create a Succubus Spell but what are the odds of that?

This was so erotic! :pinkiehappy:

Best chapters are Cadence and Twilight’s.

Then came a particularly nice encounter with a new guard. Cadance had kept teasing him for days, a tiny bit of magic preventing him from cumming without Cadance’s say-so. By the end of the third day, he was openly beating off in the halls, desperate for relief. She could still remember the looks on everypony’s faces as he was on his hands and knees, begging her to let him release in the middle of a packed royal court.

Uh... cruel much?

Comment posted by JetChicken deleted Feb 26th, 2018

because It is not perfect, and some look at this with a critical eye and judged it negativly,

Planetary size is the best size for a princess :)

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