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I'm guarded. It seems like a bootleg The Things We Leave Behind.

I really gotta ask are twilight a futa anthro

7206095 nope no Futa in this one

7205657 never even read or heard of that fic so it's not a copy might just be a coincidence.

7206197 my editor was getting sick of Futa XD

7206199 hey nothing wrong whit a hung futa twilight *pouts hard*

7206202 heh I know but what can you do.

Unless I read a different one TWLB is a feels story about Twilight being dead (and OMG the feels), this (so far) is about Twi's ascention after death and return to life on equestria.
The feels are real.

7205657 ah I see the issue this is a warrior returns fic twilight never died but that is what it looked like to every pony who witnessed it.

i like this story so far hope to read more i can just imagine twilight pulling off a quantum leap microseconds before the blast hits her

ok good story it funny, like twilight i want expect details about how i twas like,
also where was twilight, something major most have happen to her to have turn her form the shy bookworm to the tease, bad ass warrior.

good story i cant wait for more, also will this be futa luna story???

7206525 unfortunately my poor editor is burnt out on futa stories.

7206758 that sad, but great story, glade to see a new story by you, cant wait for more

fantastic perfect amount of Gore comedy and romance:rainbowkiss: what a way for Twiluna ship!! moar :pinkiehappy:

Very well done my friend. Cant wait for more. ^^

You have a broken bold tag near the beginning of the chapter.

You forgot close Tag

Seams the bold setting got left on. I'd recommend fixing that it's rather confusing at first. :unsuresweetie: but overall good read. Also futo princess molestia rides again! :trollestia:

Typical Celestia not keeping her Dong in her draw

7251235 yeah i got confused after a certain point

7251250 fixed the broken tag, I forgot the open square bracket on the end tag.

7206180 No futas? Then why is it in the Futaquestria group?

7251412 there are, celestia is Twilight's father. You should have known that if you read the second chapter.
The other is Luna I won't reveal others as that would be spoilers.

wow great chapter i loving it,

so twilight is date her aunt lol oh well.

love this chapter and story if i could like it mult time i would

Futacorns and Princest? It's like a hentai retelling of the English Astistocracy! ZING! (Sticking to this, can't wait for next time!:raritywink:)

Wait isn't this princest now? Their both princesses and related to each other.

Also i spotted some mistakes i will try to correct them.

7251765 indeed, after hearing about Celly's exploits, my first instinct was to quote the line and post "....The Aristocrats!"

7252212 Vampire king, you lay upon the blood soaked dead of your ruined land castles plundered, dominions ruined, servants destroyed. All to end the hellfire with which you sought to cover the world. A bloody conquest having consumed hundreds of thousands, countless villages razed to the ground and over twenty thousand impaled and prostrated by you and you alone, to strike horror into the heart of mortal men! monster, demon, devil conceived from the bleakest womb, what say you now!?
alucard "The aristocrats!" there's a hellsing abridged fic called I have vacation days!? (hilarious)

7252201 suggest or comment on them don't just change them.

Okay, so 2 things:
-Why did everyone think Twi died? We only get that she got hit by a spell intended for Luna but nothing else... which is pretty important as it is the entire premise. Dunno if this is said in a next chapter though.

-... need a proofreader? I see that your old one doesn't seem to like futa that much, which explains how, eh, poorly this story reads. Still, it is interesting to me, so would you like to have a proofreader?

re read this story today to kill some time, I love how twilight now tease people, also my three biggest question are
does cadence knew about Twilight and Shiny ?
what happen to the wolf pup?? I do hope twilight still has it and it now some kind of monster of a beast that loyal to twilight...
and is twilight a futa?

7252525 patients my friend all in good time.

7252524 sure more the merrier. just pm me you're gmail address and When I do the next chapter you'll be added.

7252524 in all technicality that kind of thing has happened in other universes too. Like the justice league animated series when toyman blasted superman

7205657 hmmmm.... Nope only no details really match that story. First off that story was really sad, this one is more saucy and funny.

7206180 then why was this added to the futaquestria group?

7266650 between the time I wrote that comment and the second chapter I changed my mind. funny that, it's almost like ideas and stories can change while they are written, at the whim of the writer.

7266773 couldn't make it through the first chapter. It seemed like there was a bunch of missing punctuation, but I wasn't 100% sure.

7266788 well you'd have to take it up with my editor and proofreader as we went through that chapter ten times before I published it.

7252538 oh I knew I have to wait but I can still ask question,
my mind does come up with so many ideas on what could happen,

Luna’s face pales, Are there no alicorns alive that aren’t related to me in some way. Damn my sister and her rabbit-like mating!

that single line made me laugh going to be put it in my second life profile as another great quote.

I really don't like how fast everyhting is going and how everyone seems the really fast romance is kind of bugging me but. And lastly i wish you just Luna and twighlight romance and not The Celestia romance. But I do like the rest

7271681 what's wrong with 'Tia having a romance, are you saying you want her to be alone?

7271795 Nah just don't think it really fits. I think it just needlessly adds to the stuff happening in the story (Also don't like the idea of more then 1 love story going on when the story is about love story) Just feel like it should be about Twi and Luna. And the fact that Twi was in a war. Just my opinion though

Okay what a twist but to heck with it this is good! I hope to see more soon and even though it might not seem all that important now I would love to hear how Shinning and Cadence take the news lol :rainbowdetermined2::pinkiehappy:

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