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"Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy." - F. Scott Fitzgerald


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Hello. I started this story early this year. I wanted to get it submitted in five chapters, but then I realized that there was more that I need to build up. Expect more as I keep writing this story. And don't worry. I'm still plan on writing more stories, along with a horror story that's still in the workings.

Great chapter, can't wait to see more

8115716 Thanks. Glad you enjoy it.

8115731 Yea I just can't help but think of how does Twilight see Spike? I mean they seem just too close to each others age to be mother/son but also he takes far too much care of her and is her rock to be brother/sister? What if all this shit with Rarity causes her to start to reflect on her own feelings for Spike. Which would be too interesting if student and teacher both start to develop some interesting feelings for our lead dragon lol?

8115749 Personally, I believe she sees him as more of an adoptive brother. But who knows. It's not impossible, but the odds are too high as he is fixated on Rarity.

This seems like an interesting story but i'm a little hesitant to read it because of the tragedy tag.

8116063 Don't worry. We all have this troubled feeling when tragedy is added to the mix.

Great story so far. I await for the next chapter.

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8116218 You worry too much.


Amazing story, just amazing, please reply soon.

8116409 I'm just pulling your leg. Keep it up

8117216 You always knock me for a loop.

8117284 yes, i like this history

8116218 I am an adult! Muahahahaha! This story is doing well. Celestia came off weird. But eh, I'm not the author

8118296 Well that's the point:moustache:

Curious chapter, it does not surprise me that celestia becomes aggressive if someone murmurs about spike, but it seems to me that something short.

I also know it's a silly question, but both candace and brightness will appear in the story.

I apologize for my bad English

8122157 It's alright. I know what you're saying, but what do you mean by something short?

Damn son, that alicorn is thirsty of some dragon stamina :moustache:.

Short, that is to say a chapter a little small in term of history.

Poor spike, the blow he will have when he knows what he said is true.

Great cap me gustomucho that of the joke of the appointment.

I hope the next cap comes out soon

There are several things that especially caught my attention:

Twilight and Celestia need to relax a little when it comes to Spike. They're both threatening ponies left and right. Calm down, you two. Tying in with that point, Twilight should keep in mind it's not her business who Rarity ends up dating. Spike doesn't have a claim on her just because he has a crush on her, or else Rarity would be together with Trenderhoof by now.

"Believe it or not, nobody really thanks me for raising the sun."

Yeah, I don't believe it. The ponies worship her. Unless she's talking about the past, but that's not what she said.

8126550 I know that it is the case, but in human nature, whenever someone feels down, It's common for the other to try and help this person feel appreciated, even if it is a lie. Granted, it could go either way, but in Celestia's case, it's her way of trying to raise Spikes spirits, even if it was a lie.

As for Rarity, you have a point, but it is also in human nature to feel jealous. Denial is one of the few stages that humans go through when they're being told that the person that they love is seeing someone else.

As for the middle paragraph, It's a common thing when it comes to family. The person that heard this news usually tries to tell them the truth. It's also human to feel protective of one's own kin.

more more more more MORE MORE CAP.

This Courtly Arms pony... I have a bad feeling about him.

8135614 I think he is the wolf in sheep's clothing.

8135654 Yeah, one can only hope but... I just have a bad feeling that he is not what he seems. And Rarity... she doesn't deserve a friend like Spike. She crushed his hopes and dreams.

8135675 Yeah. That's why I'm not a fan of the shipping as much as I was when I first saw the show.

How old is Celestia supposed to be?

She said she dated "millions of stallions". If we assume she dated one(1) million stallions over the last millenium, she would've needed to date one thousand stallions per year, meaning 2.7 stallions per day. Either Celestia is several tens of thousands of years old, or she was just saying stuff to cheer up Spike. I hope it's the latter; her attraction to Spike already strikes me as a bit creepy.


"Spike, I dated millions of stallions over the years, and very few satisfied me."

Just to note, Celestia strongly implied to have rejected literal armies of suitors, and apparently thinks rather poorly of most of them. Let's keep that in mind when discussing how Rarity hurt Spike's feelings and simply condemn her for it, as the princess likely left a number of broken-hearted guys several magnitudes above Rarity's in her wake.

No regrets.

Is Rarity stringing Spike's feelings?

Momlestia with her son.

8136656 You're asking the wrong guy buddy.

Her age is never really specified in the show. But from watching one of the episodes on Season 2, all I can really say is that she is as old as Equestria, at least that's as far as I can tell. Also, it doesn't really matter personally because Celestia is pretty much, like you said, a god that it doesn't really matter who she dates.

Furthermore, it's not about the numbers, it's about the personality that goes with the numbers.

I thought he was hatched by Twilight at that entrance exam.

Momlestia Mode!

cute Just adorable, i will not say more

8137685 Moments like those have no words.

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