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Nice, I enjoyed it

Spike must really break her if she is fully committed.

but first I gotta go deliver a book first.”

I Feel like saying first twice is redundant.

Otherwise great story

Wish there were more stories of this ship.
More completed ones anyway.

You're tempting the crackship devil right here.

Great chapter I have to say, I think you could really do more and keep this story going. Like we get to see how the girls react to this new change of events. I think personally we find out Shy has a VERY big thing for being dominated and feel some jealousy to Spike's changeling pet. Which she picks up on and tells her master. I think Rarity as well turning out to, contrary to what she might say and act like, loves or will love a rough primal fucking and the idea of getting one from a big strong dragon gets to her. But she also has a thing for dominating others as well and the idea of making the changeling former queen to submit to her as a alpha predator claims her and make her his bitch, which also means her new toy is his as well, would get to the mare lol.

Please tell me, there's a sequel on the way!?

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