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I might make a story but for now I'm just gonna read Spike X Celestia or Luna fanfics.

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Through notes would be fine.

As for ships I won't write, mostly involves Spike.
-Spike x CMC
-Spike x any of the filly characters
-Spike x Starlight
-Spike x Trixie
-Spike x Ember or Smolder.

Do you want me to send it through notes or here?

Also, for future reference, are there any other characters or ships you won't write about?

What about hypnosis induced sex?

I'm cool with writing gay ships and even have one with two of my ocs in the making, but gay, fem or female Spike is something that rubs me off the wrong way. I won't write any Sparity since I consider that ship an annoyance. I won't write anything that's foalcon (god forbid that). Any weird fetishes like scat or diaper wearing. Spike x mane 5 ships is something I don't like but I could try and write it, I just consider the mane 6 to be lesbians at this point.

That's about it. Sorry for the slight rambling, this is basically the first time someone asked me what I won't do.

  • Viewing 12 - 16 of 16
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