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Twilight has been wanting to tell her mother something that she's been wanting to tell her for months now. Let's see how her mother, Velvet Sparkle reacts to it.

Cover Art by: MoonaKnight13 (Me)

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Thats some great art! Adding this to my read later!

Do you happen to have a deviantart where I can see more of your stuff?

“Mother, I’m a transgender.”

No. Just...just no. Transgender is not a noun. "I'm a male." "I'm a transmale." "I'm transgender." "I'm a transgender male." Any one of those would work just fine. "I'm a transgender" is simply just not the correct way to write or say this.

Also, just a bit of a biology nitpick here, but having a spell to alter his genitals (unless it specifically didn't change gonadal tissue) would obviate the need for supplemental testosterone as the testicles formed by using the spell would begin producing testosterone naturally. Believe me, if I had a spell that could reconfigure the crap between my legs now into what I should have there, I'd make damn well sure it came along with fully functional hormone factory conversion. Supplemental testosterone would actually be more harmful in the long run for Twilight since it would inhibit the natural production and shut those new magic testes down.

Velvet wouldn't be fazed by Sparkle's orientation, whatever it is.

As a person trying to figure out gender, and a person who likes to critique writing, I'm glad I read this.

Also, "First" . . . I guess.

You're very welcome. If you ever want to hear my criticism, I'm glad to help.

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