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"Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

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so is the porn tag replacing the sex tag?

It's a bit more on the comedy side concerning that Spike is often having sex with the princesses in my stories. If there's porn involved, I don't see any point in adding the sex tag.

I'm thinking yes, but if it's still a tag then it might be;
Every little detail = porn
Something, something, something, and then they fucked / spent the night together *wink wink nudge nudge* = sex

A very sexual retreat.

And they're off!!!

What do you think of Spike in a harem relationship?

Oh... my lord no. Welp, this explains a few things.

“Even so, he seems afraid of you whenever you invite him solely for royal business .”

I saw what you did there. :raritywink:

Just then, he burped out one more time. This time, there was a photo of Celestia and Luna naked with each other. He turned the picture around and it had a note on it. It read,

Save that photo, Spike!

“This is gonna be a long vacation, isn’t it…?” Spike said as he started to catch his breath before watching the Royal Sisters play in the ocean.

Yes it is, Spike and you're gonna enjoy very last second of it!

What do you think of pairing Spike with Smolder?

I'm thinking about doing a story of this pairing later down the road, but right now I'm trying to think it over. I also have ideas for a crossover between Spider-Man and the Power Ponies, but that's another story.

Sex on the beach is always a pleasure!

I would love to read a fanfic of 6 year old spike making love to celestia, obliviously bot on this site maybe on inkbunny or AO3

I had a story about that, but it was taken down due to age difference.

that's what I said you post those types of stories on either inkbunny or AO3

Could you tell me what AO3 is?

of course, AO3 is a fanfic site its full name is archiveofourown.org. they have no age restriction

Where do you sign up on the site exactly?

go to the place where it says log in and click "get invitation"

The ocean? Isn't it where the Hippogriffs' reside?

I haven't gotten far ahead yet.

But, what's No Nut November?

It's this event when you're not allowed to ejaculate for November.

Luna loves being pounded in the backdoor hard, huh :rainbowlaugh:

Wonder if they did it non-stop?

Drunk sex, steak dinner, & breast milk with a bit of alcohol on the side, that is the life!

I like meat and potatoes! It is delicious!

Whoa mama, Celestia went all out with Twilight! She & Spike are gonna have so much fun in the next chapter!

Spike is either extremely lucky or sadly cursed. Being a dragon pretty much guarantees that he can't die from Snu-Snu.

Blessing or curse, you decide.

being fucked by mama tia auntie luna and sis twi? worlds luckiest bastard ever!

Poor Spike, death by a Yandere foursome :rainbowlaugh:

That sick a** eating ruined it right then and there.

What a hell of a four-way! Can't wait for the bonus chapter!

Pinkie Sense doozy?

I was half expecting Tia to say "mouth to dick".

You'll have no idea what you'll be in for.

It's coming. I just need to refocus on it.

A nice ending. Though sometimes I wish Spike were treated better.

Finally, the epilogue is here & it was worth it! The only thing I hate is, that Celestia & Luna didn't show up at the end to make Spike get ready for round 2, but I can't complain too much about it. This was still phenomenal & I'm glad it's finally complete. :twilightsmile:

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