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I have this vision of Maud bursting in during that last scene and epically whisking Pinkie away, leaving everyone else sitting there going “what the fuck just happened?”

This was certainly a fun one, never get tired of Oviposition either!

Please do a sequel of Skystar impregnating all the mane 6.

Do a sequel of discord destroying seaquestria

Reminds me of Team Rocket and Bewear.

I'll admit when I read mind control I was kinda scared but I gave this one a chance and U N F
Well done :raritywink:

I think it would be interesting if this got a sequel where she tried to get the others, but one of them (Dash preferably), turned it around on her.

Someone send the guard! Oh wait royalty, well... I'm just gunna go.

so big and heavy that it would have been

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