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“It's fine with me,” said Shining. “It's not the evening I had planned, but it should be a hell of a lot of fun. Wanna help me fuck my wife, Big Mac?”

Big Mac's body relaxed. “Yeah,” he said. “I really do.”

Cue 70's porn music

I like the concept of the story idea. But reading through it, I was expecting a better pacing for all the action. Of course, I get that this was a commission based story and thus you had only so much to work with, but all the same, it could have been executed better if the action was more descriptive, gave us more of a chance to enjoy it than kinda rushing from one act to the next. That's my two cents anyway. You did good :twilightsmile:

derpibooru 954154, drawn by audarius

Searching either than number or that artist name gets me nothing. Could you please post the link?


The number works fine for me. But I did misspell the artist's name. It's "audrarius". I'd post the link, but I think there's rules against nsfw image links.

Was hoping for a bit more bisexuality, but oh well. Maybe next time!

From your description of Shining and his thoughts on the matter, he seemed to be skirting the line anyway.

Good job.

7889325 Thanks! I try not to go too far outside what the commissioner asked for, so I didn't want to include any explicitly bisexual stuff. But I did intend Shining Armor to come off pretty open-minded, at least... It definitely didn't take a lot to convince him to bring Big Mac into the bedroom!


He honestly seemed to be bordering the line of being into cuckolding, though his equivalent participation in the fun times subverted that a bit.

10/10 will cum again.

Meanwhile, Twilight and Applejack were doing it with Sombra. :rainbowlaugh:

7902783 This needs to be written.

This was great.

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