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now time to read.

I was in the middle of writing my one-shot, but f:yay:k it. I'mma read this first.

Sparkle Family Incest? With Futa? Take my like and Fave good sir/madam

Didn't even get to read it yet, but something struck me. Isn't Spike technically part of the Sparkle family? Not saying anything about the story, which is already shaping up to be pretty good solely based on the premise; I'm just wondering, as it does change things up a bit.

Well, once you read it, you'll see that Spike is mentioned and very much considered part of this family. My decision to physically leave him out of this story was purely out of practical considerations as I had my hands full with five characters as it were.

Heh, this was so much fun to read. The character interactions, the way they are so casual about the whole situation, really sold it. Now, I really want a sequel. I want to see "Aegis Shield" and "Midnight" get their turn, maybe even with Spike. Come on, you can't tell me that little brother pounding his big "sister" wouldn't be both hot and hilarious. Imagine Spike deep stroking her while recounting all the pranks and teases from growing up!

Uh, sorry. I just really like the "little brother" angle of the Spike/Sparkle family dynamic. Either way, very nice story, friend. :ajsmug:

Once more, I demand an encore and this time the males to be winners, considering that the mares are the winners in the end here. Skip Spike, he's got a Harem somewhere in Ponyville.

4449703 Roger that; carry on!

Chapter 2, hurry!!! We have to see the new mare in the sparkle family :raritywink:

Damn...that was hot! :rainbowwild: I thoroughly enjoyed this fic! Thank you! :yay:

Why'd I read this in the cafe of a Barnes & Nobles?

Baaaaaaad idea... Great fic, though.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Dude, that's pretty hardcore. Props to you.

Feels like there should be a part 2 to this.


More like stupid.

I couldn't, ah, enjoy this as if I were at home...

~Skeeter The Lurker

:pinkiegasp: ........................Ok. This. is. it. The best damn sparkle-incest clopfic on the motherfucking planet. Fav'd, liked, added, praised, and hopefully I get permission to draw some scenes from this. Because THIS........................... This wins everything.

por fin alguien con una excelente historia familiar:pinkiehappy:, gracias por la lectura


and hopefully I get permission to draw some scenes from this.

Certainly. I'd only ask to get some links for the finished pictures.:twilightsmile:

Sparklcest. I don't know why I like this so much, but damn. And yes, i do throw in my vote for Shiny and Night Light getting railed by futa mares. I just love the reactions and interactions they have so much. My one complaint was that it could have used more buildup to get the juices flowing. Yeah, dropping me off in a fic balls deep was nice, but I think it would have been better to warm up to Game Night first.

, happily trading in the dress for a pair of jeans and a simple, gray t-shirt

Oh goddamnit, it's anthro.

This needs a sequel for the genital swap. :pinkiecrazy::rainbowwild::moustache:

4449642 Same. Velvet's velvety insides... Mmm.

I request a sequel.

Game Night has been a Sparkle family tradition

Only Twilight has Sparkle in her name, I doubt her entire family is caled that

Don't usually like futa, hate it actually but this story pulled it off... :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, I know. Normally my stories have more build-up. But in this case Twilight's question about who is better at cocksucking actually enabled me to tell a story entirely within the clop scene. I think it worked rather well, even if I do say so myself.

Yes, it is. Sorry. But if it makes you feel any better, it was originally conceived as a pony story and I changed it due to certain events.

Yes, you are technically correct. But it's a fanon term used by not just me. You have to call the family something and since there's no name part they all share in common, Sparkle is as good as any.

Always happy to hear comments like that. It means the appeal of the story is due to my writing and not just the mere presence of a fetish.

“Why, yes,” Twilight declared cheerfully. “As a matter of fact I do know a spell that can turn a stallion into a mare.”

This. I need this. Sequel please?:rainbowkiss:

Why is it that I always get so many sequel requests for my one-shots? I tagged it complete for a reason, you know? It's characteristic for many short stories to be open-ended.


Please don't look at me like that ... Alright, fine. I'll consider doing a sequel. I suppose I should be flattered that so many of you want to see this setting continued. No promises, though.

It's because the ends you leave open are begging to be filled in by thick former mares. :pinkiecrazy:

It's because we love your writing, you silly sex writer you.

4450227 Maybe bring in Spike for another night

Damn! That was hot!
I'm not normally a fan of futa, I admit, but this was done excellently. I might just look at a few more futa stories now.

4450134 It would be the best if only Spike had joined his family and pounded Ms. Velvet.

TWILY! We're the Sparkles, not the Lannisters!

4450283 certain events in the story?

I am able to enjoy an anthro story if you write it well enough, which you did. I just think its a cop out.

No, it was due to the fact that I wanted to dedicate it to Darkhanos with whom I've done an amazing anthro RP That's why I decided to turn this story into an anthro story as well.

4450714 fair enough. Good story nonetheless

4450641 Maybe in chapter 2?? :3

4450194 Sure! Hopefully soon! Still have some commissions and fappleblooms to work on.


I want a sequel for two reasons:
1: Holy crap, awesome clop and great writing
2: DAT LAST LINE! I mean, I don't know about anyone else, but I've always been curious what being female would be like, so that hint REALLY grabbed me.

4450641 4450526 4450844 4450909
Don't mind me. Just looking through the comments without giving away any hints for the next chapter.:moustache:

my god, that was delicious
good show!

4450250 you're such a bitch about names
give it a rest


Gary oak has a blue avatar.

Oh the sweet irony.

Agreed. Too many Spike-centric stories. Everyone uses him as their canon Gary Stu and gets mad when he isn't in a story. He's boned every mare in Equestria at least six thousand times by now - especially with this new trend where Spike hooks up with Cadence while cuckolding poor Shiny, that's just messed. Let's see some Shiny and Night Light on Twi, and Cadence-Futa on Velvet. And for Celestia's sake let Velvet be receptive that day and Cadence's jizz be fertile.

It's Gary Oak as a pony.


I realise that, but still, it's kinda hilarious.

That'd be like if I was called Dusk shine and had Twilight as my avatar

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