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I've tagged this "Incomplete" for now, and left it open for a second chapter. If there's enough demand for a second chapter, I'll consider writing one. :ajsmug:


Well, the people have spoken, I suppose!


"If there's enough demand" he says... Sir, you're N. Schmaltz.

Fun. Playful. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Yes, I quite enjoyed this. I must have more good sir, and also...

Prince Bolero: You know... it's funny, but it just occurred to me that today has been extraordinarily FREAKY

Gleaming Shield: Yeah... but this makes up for it. ~

I totally don't have that picture in my collection. :trixieshiftleft:

And then Dusk became a MAN

Ahem, next chapter please? Pretty please? Your clopfics have just that little bit more than most on this site and it's always great to read a new one from you :twilightsmile:

Prince Bolero, huh? That's definitely a new for me. Then again, I'm not exactly seeking R63 stories out enough to know what's common.

Nice story though. Pretty enjoyable and good quality.

I'd really like that second chapter.

2421350 It's not a question of 'if there's enough demand'... The demand will come... It's more a question of if they'll be patient enough to wait for their 'need' to be sated...

If Dusk is joining in later, than yes, a second chapter would be awesome. :twilightsheepish:

Excellent story, sir. Bravo!

Trying to picture anthro gender-swapped versions of Shining Armor and Princess Cadance was surprisingly difficult. Your narrations helped, but "Gleaming Shield" and "Prince Bolero" aren't as ingrained in the minds of bronies as Rule 63 versions of the mane six.

I think it works great, though.

I'm curious as to your inspirations for Gleaming Shield and Prince Bolero. They both seemed like typical teenagers. Since Shining Armor had a voice like a surfer dude in the show, it makes sense for his gender-swapped counterpart to be a valley girl. I'm not sure if that's what you were going for with her characterization. I may be reading a little too much into it.

I can't wait to read chapter two!

Well, consider this one for the "Demand" column, then. Because that was awesome.

Demand * 10^9000
(This enough Demand?)


IdĀ“like to see a 2nd chapter. :twilightsmile:

Why must every story involving Shining Armor and Twilight have them in this weird Lanister like incest thing?

In other news, damn that constant use of "babe" got annoying. I guess if Bolero is Cadence, then that means he talks like a surfer dude...which is weird, because Shining Armor never talks like a surfer dude. I don't think he's said 'babe' once in the entire show.

As for the clop....it's okay. The incest sub-plot thing kinda was a turn off....

>lots of demands

Well then! That's more than enough demand for another chapter, I suppose! :rainbowkiss:


Mikey likey. Can't wait for the next chapter.:pinkiehappy:

I throw my full support behind this

my face when i saw the end 25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lwmqjzymac1r5gvg1o1_250.gif if you know what i mean :duck: :twilightblush::trixieshiftright: :pinkiecrazy:

Dusk ShinenxGleaming Shield clop?

Not sure if want :unsuresweetie:

I recognize Atryl's style for the cover, but I don't remember the specific image.

Contains: Anthro, Breast Expansion


I see half of the featured stories are matured/sex. I guess people stopped being silly about clop and this and that and decided to read what they like, I am just guessing tho :P

My friend, You are gifted in the art of the clopfic, I wouldn't say i'm jealous of your skill, but, wow

Give us more, or you may wake one morning to find the head of something you love at the foot of your bed.

Not that I'm threatening you, or anything. I'm just saying...

More please and since the next chapter will be gleamxdusk
Perhaps a third chapter with say a threesome theme hint hint nudge nudge


I'm pretty sure I don't want. Incest is just...I don't know. It's just...something. That I don't like. That sounded a LOT better in my head.

I'm game for another chapter, but there are three little quirks I feel you need to address. It's nitpicking and nothing more, otherwise this chapter was cute, sweet, and very sensual.

1 - In most stories, thoughts are displayed through italics, but not with quotation marks.

2 - Dialogue, when merging into a description, is done with a comma.
"Blah blah," she said. "Blah blah blah." That's how it's done properly.
If you are splitting a line of dialogue, it would read like this:
"Blah blah," she said, "blah blah blah."

3 - Might want to kick up your dialogue variety. I'm seeing too many instances of Gleaming and Bolero calling each other cute names at the end of their sentences. Not that cute names are bad, not in the slightest, but it's a little overkill here.

'Tis only nitpicking. Pay it no mind if it please you.

"Contains: Anthro, Breast Expansion"

You had me at expansion:unsuresweetie:.

Love it, this will be my first clopfic I've Favorited I hope to see more from you :raritywink:

2429185 You had me at hello

2428768Okay Keroro we get it.
You can go back to your Gunpla now.:trollestia:

2428973 You Had Me At Anthro.....And Insta-Fave At Expansion

Do you have a link to the full picture? Or is that it?

I... Don't know if I feel safe reading this... :unsuresweetie:

...I shouldn't judge a book by its cover, should I? Let's give it a try then...

not sure if want :unsuresweetie: however I will fave because i sense some comedic value

meh....I've read worse

Blue jeans? Really? Of all the things to put male anthro characters in it's blue jeans? Is there some sort of anthro pornographic story high council that decided that all males have blue jeans on prior to sexing?

Honestly I'm half in the mood to write a scathing critique of your style now. And I'm stating that to make myself obligated to do so.

I like it! Next Chapter please with more spells and expansion, no matter what will expand!:twilightsmile:

Consider me interested, please continue.

2421350 I think a second chapter is practically a must. Maybe have Gleaming cast the bust enhancing spell on Dusk and teach him what it's like to be a 'mare'.:pinkiehappy:

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