New Futaquestria Chapter! · 8:43pm Jul 30th, 2017

A new chapter of A Normal Date in Futaquestria is up! I'm going to try and get back to my own stories a little bit - I've gotten a little better at picking up the writing pace, so hopefully I'll have some more chapters up before too long.

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Awesome fanart for A Normal Date in Futaquestria! · 4:33am Jan 12th, 2017

WeasselK created some super-hot fanart based on A Normal Date in Futaquestria!

They're over at his tumblr - same name as his username - or at Derpibooru 1335773 and 1335774. The full picture is too sexy from FIMFiction, but here's a sample:


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If you liked Gilda the Girlfriend... · 6:45pm Dec 2nd, 2016

...Muscular futa Gilda and her human boyfriend have a cameo in the third chapter of Beneath Her Wings! It's another story about a human man getting boned by his rough but affectionate futa girlfriend. Check it out!

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Commissions, anyone? [CLOSED] · 6:31pm Sep 30th, 2016

Commissions are CLOSED for the time being. I want to try and catch up on my commission queue before putting anything new on my plate. If you've recently contacted me about a commission, but we haven't hashed out the details, then don't worry - I can still add you to the queue! But as of November 21, I'm closing commissions for a while.

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