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Hot as fuck.

Just a question, are these futas Anthro?

holy shit

ok listen good and listen well I want you to turn this into a larger story with many chapters build this world
please I will sell you my first born just continue this story please

7443515 Yes, they're anthro! I forgot to mark that tag, but I've added that now.

7443608 Thanks! I'm definitely considering it...

7443608 Saw this story on my feed

My initial reaction since it has the human tag was: "Oh boy. What's most likely is a man is going to take a giant horse dick up the ass."

Read comments instead of reading story.

You just want to fap to more futanari don't you?

This...was actually not that bad.


she'd offered to let you ride on her cock - an offer that was earnest, and certainly achievable

This needs to happen.

Strangely heartwarming. Good work!

Well, you did say you were concerned about overdoing it on world building. It would be a shame to let that go to waste!

Besides, I want to know how our hero will deal with the whiplash of going from totally unwilling to explore, to totally cockhungry, to being in a committed relationship.

That too.

to be honest couldn't get into the story at all because of the ( don't know if it has a name for it ) stupidly over size body proportions thing. the world building seemed good but the body proportions thing just thrown it all out the window for me.

7444262 I guess the word would be "hyper." And yeah, it's not for everyone. I'm glad you liked parts of it, though!

7444575 Oh.,, didn't know that's what "hyper-sized sex" meant This was the first story I came across doing the hyper-sized and never knew it was a thing.

I feel like I just read something Bendy wrote.

7443903 Thanks! "Heartwarming," even preceded by "strangely," is a pleasantly surprising compliment to get on a story like this.

7445366 No, if bendy wrote it, there would be at least 90 lines about how the main character is "2 strait 4 dis"

I would have been arrested for murder.

"Would that that were true"


her dick lies flaccidly over her left thigh.

Would it not be retracted into her sheath if she's not aroused?

you and her it it off

I think you meant to say, hit it off.

#1: This is kind of an archaic way of saying "if only that were true."

#2: Yeah, you have a point. I'm not the biggest fan of sheaths, though.

#3: Now this one I can't argue with. That right there is a typo.

your independent steak

I have questions about how independent steak is.

7448812 A little independence in the center is what you want; if you cook all the independence out of it, it's just going to be dry and flavorless.

XD you should totally make an anthology in this universe. Starting after the main character joins in Lyra and bonbons herd and he opens up a slight bit more to the mares of futaquestria. This was an awesome story and can't wait to read more of your work.

P.s. I loved the universe you built and would love to know more about the specifics of its culture


Hear hear. This fic was pretty much perfect so far as I am concerned.

I legit have no criticisms here. And yeah, a world full of gorgeous futamares who are insatiably horny for humans.... I'm pretty sure that's actually the English translation for the definition of the Greek word 'Utopia.'

7449426 Thanks! It's great to see such a positive response to this story... I had fun writing it, and people seem to like the setting, so it would be a shame not to revisit it!

No. You did not go heavy on the world building. You went perfectly on the world building. I'd love to see more of this universe from you.

Wouldn't mind a ongoing story featuring a human with Vinyl and Octavia

Human pops in, has problems adjusting, Vinyl and Octavia provide a place for him, lots of slice of life happens, spitroasting male human time.

I'm not sure how to feel about this... :applejackunsure:

I loved it, I wish I could find more stories about it

7529852 Thanks! I'm working on a follow-up chapter now, I should have it finished pretty soon.

Utter perfection. It's a little creepy just how perfectly every last detail of this story plays to my interests. Ultra well-endowed, horsecock-equipped futa mares, futa on male, cumflation, futas dominating males, said males coming to enjoy and even embrace their submissive status to the futa, ponies dominating humans... And the descriptions of Futaquestrian society are actually really fun and fascinating, giving the story a lot more depth. It makes every encounter feel kinda, I dunno.... right, I guess. Like such is the way things should be, the way things are meant to be.

Thanks again for writing more!

7549257 That's great to hear! I know the feeling of finding something (erotic or otherwise) that perfectly appeals to my tastes, and I'm really happy that I can provide that for other people.

And thanks for letting me know! It really makes my day to hear from people who like my writing... even though I'm really bad at letting other people know I'm a fan of their work.

Ooh, another chapter of this! Time to read! :3

It's not bad so far, but does he ever get a turn on giving or gets to give while receiving?

7549626 That's a great compliment too! But there's nothing to be ashamed of. Unless the shame makes it hotter, in which case - don't change a thing.

7549644 Thanks for keeping up with my work! I love your coloring work, and it's great to know you like my stuff too.

7549680 That's a good point... I think he's going to keep receiving, but maybe I'll give him a chance to do some penetrating of his own.

:twilightsmile:Very awesome addition to your story, I enjoyed reading this chapter. It's good to see this story is being continued.

How do they have kids in this version of equestria if it always seems futa on males?

7550398 That's a fair question. Let me make up an answer...

The protagonist's perspective is skewed towards futa-on-male stuff, because that's what the women of Futaquestria keep propositioning him with. Even though there hasn't been any focus on it yet, there's plenty of futa/male and futa/futa vaginal sex happening in the world. If the protagonist is going to be doing some penetrating in future chapters, maybe I can include it. And maybe retcon in some hyper-style pussy arousal for the futa, which has been notably absent in the first two chapters.

This is just me but some of the human's choice of words seemed a bit to crude. but like i said that is just me and i still very much enjoyed the chapter.

7550657 I just thought they were dickgirls instead of actually futa tbh. I feel like you may have mentioned it at some point though...being honest, if you did, I likely just ignored that detail. :x I have my biases >~>

Oh, also, some corrections: It's cushion. You wrote cusion.
and in this sentence " You catch a good faceful of her musk, and you feel you cock stiffening." instead of your cock.

I liked it a lot though :D

7551386 Thanks! As for the futa vs. dickgirl thing, I hadn't mentioned it before, and I honestly hadn't given it that much thought before someone asked about the logistics of reproduction. There's not going to be any kids in this story, but new ponies have to come from somewhere...

There's an appeal in making an internally consistent world, but I guess that doesn't have to be my first priority. So nothing's canon yet.

"You invented a form of meditation, huh?" says Maud. You can hear the grin in her voice. "Do you call it 'Maud-itation?'"

I think thats suppose to be Lyra...

Other then that I love the story thus far... keep it up!:pinkiehappy:

7550657 Yay that would be awesome! Thank you for answering!

7551438 I mean, you can go with the G1 "They magically come out of nowhere" answer for where babies come from. If you don't feel like actually tackling the situation, you can just ignore it and let reader come up with whatever they want. xD

It's also not exactly the first concern the majority of readers will likely have.

Hey, awesome! Glad to see you're keeping this going!

I don't comment often, but this is so perfectly in line with my preferences it would be wrong not to say something.
Its pretty rare to find a story that gets the tone, content and writing so right.
Definitely can't wait for more, keep it up.

All that's needed is for our human to take the genderbender plunge to surprise bonbon... then all my fetishes would be covered...... I think I need professional help...

7576861 More!!! :rainbowderp: Dont make me start doing fluttershy smilies..... :fluttercry::fluttershyouch::fluttershbad::fluttershysad:

sheesh Maud, control your excitement, this isn't a porn movie :rainbowlaugh:

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