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Great work keep it great work

You have my attention.

Oh man, this is going to be phenomenal!

reminds me of... I think it was fic here about NMM and Corona/Daybreaker having a breeding contest.

can somepony help me find the thing?

Oh deary me that’s gonna be a fun conversation.

Ah shit... Twilight, congrats on the tons of kids! I feel so bad for you

it is.. or looking like Was as I cant find the thing. Found an image or maybe two on Derpi that looks like it goes with the fic..
and it had a non link to a Greentext on /mlp but that was before the content lock.

Comment posted by Leo M deleted Jun 27th, 2020

Ahh! I am waiting for the next chapter!

Those two are in for a number of very rude shocks, and it will be entirely their own faults. I kind of feel bad for looking forward to seeing it.

Oh boy they are in for a rude awakening

i totally agree with you. Nightmare and Daybreaker have no clue what they're getting into. Though I myself don't know what they'll go through as I'm male thus can't get pregnant.

Daybreaker is in for a most UNPLEASENT awakening.:rainbowlaugh::trollestia::raritywink:

I feel bad for them , they don't have any idea what they getting themselves into. Never raised a child but I already know that the job of raising one child is already stressful, can't wait to see these two suffer!

Honestly, this fic is more amusing and adorable than it is arousing. But I find myself not minding all that much.

velvet and nightlight are going to flip the fuck out


Ahhhh, glorious comeuppance, how sweet you are. I wonder how often Twilight tried to console herself with thoughts of how much Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon deserve what they got, considering she was irrevocably tied up in it too.

“Sight isn’t the Pinkie Sense, but it is a Pinkie sense!”

This entire story is exponentially better for this line.

Silly Twilight, that is what safeties are for, Also, making it easier to cast would, as a matter of course, make it easier to tamper with.

An unexpectedly fluffy tale, all things considered. Thank you for sharing it.

Okay, dominant Twilight was pretty damn hot here.

Damn, this story needs another sequel. I need to know how many they got stuffed in em this time.

Mothers want grandkids. This is a fact of life. Will Velvet squee or gawk when she sees she has 18 more granddaughters like Flurry?

nice work on all chapters:twilightsmile:

So they have had daughters, but what about sons? Tell me that wouldn't be interesting, especially since there has never been a male alicorn.

All I can think of in this situation is the 20 primarchs from 40k and we all know how well they turned out.

Jesus, they're gonna bolster the population by sheer fucking if they keep this up

Lol good god Daybreaker you're as subtle as a trainwreck, "I know you're not doing anything evil or sinister just trying to impregnate my daughter" Lol. No wonder the colt paled i don't think he was planning that yet. I wonder how Celestia is reacting to that comment Daybreaker? Either she is mentally facepalming or laughing really hard at you comment. I guess i'll never know

Well, I'm late to the party, and you have pretty much already said what needs to be said. So I will just lean back, read onwards, and watch the inevitable fireworks. :rainbowlaugh:

Came for the porn, stayed for the born.

18 girls? Daumn. I thought statistically 1/20 would be male at least. . . The middleschool years had to have been absolute hell with that man socially unstable teenage girls.

Assuming something analogous to human genetics, they'd only have female chromosomes.

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