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Israel Yabuki

Canon x OC, that's my specialty, both in art and in MLP stories


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...Huh. So, Skystar is going to get a stepdad? Now, ain't that a lick in the teeth.

Story interessing i Like. good write. dont see error for me.
See next capther.:twilightsmile:

Looking forward to more. But:

“Umm... listen, Novo-”

“That’sQueenNovo to you!” one of the guards yelled. However the hippogriff monarch sent her soldier a harsh glare, causing him to back off.

She just had him put in time out for being disrespectful. Why would she suddenly become irate when her personnel tries to reinforce said respect toward her.

OMG you just surprise me every time.
In a Good way.
The both of you are JUST THAT DAMN GOOD!!!!!!

Are We going to get a Skystar Story after this?

so this is with changing main chars everytime there is a sequel?

Bro. I think i cried reading this.

YOur stories are so full of emotion!!!!!!!!!!!


I cant help it man!! YOu are the best at writing emotional stories!!

I salute you.

Nah, I just think it would make seance. (sorry about the typo)

Great sequel you know how stories touching

Again man. You are a god with emotional stories!!


Amazing, you did a great job!

Great story!!!!!

Loved it!!

Once again another great story will you ever lose your touch

Awesome story I called the lion king seen when they both took a bath together.

I can imagine when if you do button’s mom story you had the reader get killed like han solo

But not the same age when Han Solo died

I suggested it as we edited together :raritywink:

Comment posted by Dark95191 deleted May 3rd, 2018

Hey I got a suggestion for this series the next human character should be a Jedi from Star Wars (I like Star Wars)

Oh... Imma delete my old comment

But what timeline the clone wars, rots, empire vs rebellion, first order vs the Resistance

There is story where the reader is like a jedi but he was more like Eleven from Stranger Things

I mentioned Revenge of the Sith because of the Great Jedi Purge.

For Princess Skystar x human Jedi reader it will be tough so it’ll be best if Israel does his stories the he wants them.

Unless someone does Star Wars Version of jedi and reformed sith lord readers x anthro mlp characters.

Unfortunately, having an OC who's a jedi for Skystar's husband would be impossibe. The OCs I've added in my previous anthro waifu stories were all brought from the real world, not from TV shows or movies. There are limitations to my anthro waifu stories that I have to abide by myself

I think it should take place when Order 66 happens and pony character should be somnambula

If he’s going to do somnambula

It won’t work with seriers especially because Israel is the real world not Star Wars universe. In order to make that work is to make a knew seriers with Star Wars. Israel when I said when one the readers gets killed by his like han solo but instead of getting stabbed he gets shot because it’s the real world.

Not for princess skystar some other pony story

Comment posted by DragonKiller345 deleted May 3rd, 2018

Well it just and idea if he doesn’t want to do it then ah well at least I ask

I probably might do Assassin’s Creed Male reader x anthro mlp characters probably not a 100% sure if I will

to be honest i didn't know his humans were base from the real world the reason [when i read trixie's story]

are you going to do somnambula

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