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"Every story ever told actually happened. Stories are where memories go when they're forgotten." - Dr. Who.


Captain Galen and his for-hire crew were well known for taking odd and dangerous jobs. Be it mapping dangerous areas to taking emergency distress calls, the crew had seen it all. After a solid two weeks of back to back work, the crew looked forward to dropping off a captured criminal and getting some rest. An urgent request interrupts their plans however, and they are tasked with kidnapping a Princess to keep her out of murderous claws.

But all is not what it seems, and before the dust settles relationships will be forged and tested as the foundations of kingdoms are shaken to their roots. What started as a odd yet straightforward two-week job now has no end in sight, and there are no safe harbors from the storms of war that loom on the horizon.

Highly recommended reading for continuity hints and therefore spoilers for (Gallus and Silverstream Adventure): Stream of Silver, Heart of Gold & Prison of Ice with Silver Keys
(In the description of the first chapter, the key points will be summarized for those who don't wish to read the other stories)

Other Spoilers: Seasons 1-8, MLP Movie, the comic 'The Stormy Road To Canterlot' (And others), and chapter book 'Beyond Equestria: Fluttershy Balances the Scales
Tag Info: Violence/Death/Gore tags for plenty of fight scenes both large and small.

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Seems like an interesting premise. Seting to “read later” for now, along with the two other stories in the series

I hope you find them entertaining! :twilightsmile:

I know this isn't even close to a direct sequel to PISK, but seeing any sort of story take place after the events of those two stories is pretty cool! I'm exited to be here for this (presumably long) story arc!

Nice! Hope Galen meets Gallus and then they fight together against hundreds of baddies!

As a heads up, no crossovers are planned- this is meant to be a completely standalone story, just along the same timeline. The past two stories saw Gallus and Silverstream's adventures come to a conclusion, and they're pretty far removed literally and figuratively from the events in this tale.

That's fine be me. Wonder if they're gonna bump into Captain Celaeno! :D

I had not thought of that!
....we'll just have to seeeeeeee :trixieshiftright:

Any chance Gallus and Silverstream's wedding is referenced in some way?

It hasn't taken place yet. The engagement time/events will be mentioned though- as to when/time.

Since Skystar is involved, is it possible a plotpoint of this story will be about transporting Skystar to the wedding?

I can safely say that is not the case. Events with Gallus and Silverstream are only talked about briefly if applicable, because their adventures are over. (Next chapter might clarify a few things for you =)

You're really starting this off strong!

“Let’s see, first we need to make the dough. Seaweed wraps and some fish pastries right?”

No Queen Novo.

It's seaweed wraps and PISH.

Overall, this VERY MUCH has my interest and I am excited to see where we go from here.
I also agree that there aren't enough good Skystar fics on the website.
Looking forward to seeing more!

And as always, keep up the great work! :D

Muahahahahahaha ALL THE WORDS!
You'll have to excuse Novo- she isn't educated on the glories of Pish yet :rainbowlaugh:

I looked to see how many, and there seriously are under 40, even less with romance. POOR SKYSTAR!
Hope you enjoy the ride! This is gonna be a very different beast than the Gallus/Silverstream adventures!

Oh god are we going to see the Fire King next? X'D


1/10 IGN

(Joking obviously.
or maybe not because jokes are funny)

I love the crew already. And I'm a sucker for magitech.

Will this be updated once a week like PISK?
How many members are in Galen's crew?
How big is Screw? * imagining a pukwudgie at the moment*
Alabaster is a ...
How much was that bounty?
How many bounties does the crew catch every year?
Is it normal for people to not like bounty hunters?
when was the first time Skystar and Galen met? I doubt he & his crew would enjoy going to "stuffy royal meetings" & vice versa for snobby nobles
Love your chappies as always! Thanks a lot! :D

Oh there's LOTS of Magitech! :pinkiehappy:
9453508 Oh boy questions! YAY! :pinkiehappy: Thank you for these, and I'll add some answers to this chapter, and be sure to cover others in the next!
- The End chapter notes were already MASSIVE- so didn't add that,(I will in the next chapter) but yes, every week or (if real life takes priority) every 2 weeks. But every week or so is the plan.
- Including him, five/seven. Gears, Tilly, Pergin, Staunch Gauze, Alabaster and his mentioned 'better half'
- Gears is....actually that's not a bad comparison. He's come up to the shoulder on a normal pony, a little past the elbow to a lanky gryphon. He's a bit smaller than Grubber from the MLP movie.
- Alabaster is apparently a magical entity that helps run the ship.
-That's a good question I could see somecreature asking! It depends on the criminal, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands (Or more), depending on who is paying/how the currency is exchanged.
- By nature, bounty hunting involves danger and capturing/fighting criminals, so it could be seen as a sort of 'blood money' by those who are sympathetic to the targets.(For good or ill.) There are also quite a few rumors surrounding Galen...(Not going too in depth on this one, but will be explained.)
- I'll make sure to explain that in chapter two. The actually met in PISK- he's a gryphon trader who chatted with Skystar on numerous occasions. (It was mentioned how Skystar talked to him for hours every time they visited, much to SIlverstream's amusement.
Hope that covers it, and glad you liked the chapter! Thank you for the questions- some details I will put in simply because I didn't think to do so, so thank you!
Other stuff...I've intentionally left out due to story progression.
...For now :trollestia:

“And then there was the comment of how my hips weren’t really child-bearing ones, but he’d be willing to overlook that and try anyways.”

Skystar should've SMACKED that noble when he siad that! XD

She took the high road- and was more in shock than anything.
(That being said, she certainly thought about the five different ways she could throw him off the nearest balcony)

and now I dive into this story ^^

WELCOME ONE AND ALL! :rainbowlaugh:
This is certainly a different story, but I hope awesome nonetheless!

Gonna read this when I have time :)

Hope you enjoy! Whenever that may be! :pinkiehappy:

And more there shall be!

I'm not sure if this is too much to ask, but can you like make a list of the characters and their characteristics in the description, mainly Galen's crew? I'm kinda having a hard time keeping up with a lot of characters, most especially OCs. 😅

Hmm. Alright! Would it be best to put in the chapter description? The random individuals mentioned aren't permanent characters- but I'd be more than happy to add a blurb in each chapter of the main ones!
*Added blurb in description, let me know if that's what you had in mind!

I have a feeling that this will be as good as the previous one

:pinkiehappy: I hope everyone enjoys it just as much! It certainly is a different tact.

What do you mean by burning himself out again?
I never knew hospitals could have crystals that
How much blood does Galen contain in his body other than that blue colored magical energy stuff?
What happened to Galen? (I'm pretty sure you won't answer that yet.)
Was he ever a normal gryphon?
Why blue demon? and not grey demon? Is it because of his Eyes?
Does Galen have Head feathers and if so, what color are they and if possible give a reference to what they look like? (cus it's kinda weird picturing a bald,grey, blue eyed gryphon).
Galen wears either a black or green cloak and some high magitech gauntlets, anything else?
Galen Is a grypon captain, bounty hunter,mage and knight right?
If Gallus' motivation of being a knight was to protect Silverstream, then what was Galen's motivation?
Now I'm wondering why Galen wasn't there when Evil Monkey was on the loose? Surely it would have been a pretty large bounty. And from the looks of it, He seems much much much more powerful than Gallus.
Once again, LOOOOOOVE Your chapters, I'm dying to know more about Galen and all of his secrets (including his not so secret crush :pinkiehappy:)

9464270 Huzzah more questions!
-It implies he's worked at the detriment of his own well-being before, and his crew has seen the after-effects.
-Most hospitals don't. The one run by him does :trixieshiftright:
-Well, he's still living and breathing, so a normal amount? Depending what the blue energy is...
-Can't answer that of course. :trollestia:
-Who says he isn't a normal gryphon? :trollestia:
-His magic is blue in coloration, matching his eyes.
-Hmm I'll update his description. He's a grey patterned gryphon all over- including a darker grey crest (no feather-patterned baldness! :rainbowlaugh:
-Not him specifically. It's implied the cloaks that 'he' wears is more to distinguish himself when his crew is trying to impersonate him. I'll clarify that.
-That....about covers it. He's an interesting character. (I do want to make note, that I have no intention of falling into the 'overpowered/perfect OC' trap. Everything has a cost.
-Oh you'll find that out. Most of these questions are perfect for Skystar to ask....
-The Ice King was more of a regional conflict rather than individual bounty. He is MUCH more powerful than Gallus, but it just wasn't his fight/he wasn't asked.

Hmmm...Has black cloak, uses different types of magic, impressive weapon proficiency, calm but charming personality and yet has a cold attitude of a fighter\killer?

Is Galen...A WITCHER?!

9465817 :rainbowlaugh: Well, he's interesting for sure!
Well, he usually doesn't wear cloaks- but they're mainly for when having his crew is in disguise (I'll clarify that.)
He would look amazing in it though....

Finally found the time to catch up on the novels.

Off to a great start! I can't imagine where this story is gonna go, but I have high hopes!
Hope to see some solid Skystar characterisation and development (and you have already delivered, as we now know that her hips are normal-sized :rainbowlaugh:): she's similar to Silverstream, but quite a bit more subtle and reined in, so I imagine it may get tricky at times. The same goes for the Crystal Hail crew. I'm especially curious about Staunch Gauze; crystal ponies are so underrepresented that I had actually forgotten that they existed – no joke, this actually happened to me a few months ago.

And since you asked so nicely... 😛

Gyld has privatly overseen


prompting Skystars’ beak


“See you later, Pergin.”
“I will trust in your judgement, Celestia.”
“I wish I could help more, Novo, I truly do.”
“It’s ok, Sheldon. [...]”

If someone is being addressed in dialogue, a comma should appear before their name.
It rarely changes the meaning of the sentence, but better safe than sorry. I didn't list every place that needed a comma, by the way, just a few to use as example.

Glad you have enjoyed it! This story is going to quite a few places, that is for sure! :rainbowlaugh:
And yep! I get a bit more leeway to develop Skystar simply because...well, we're kind of left in the dark. According to her bio, she's just always curious/easily bored and kind of lonely, as well as very creative. Soooooooo she'll be a fun one!

We also know a few things here and there, taken from the movie/comics/etc. (I've done my digging to try and make her as in-character as possible.) Things will get interesting though, since as you said, she is similar to Silverstream (hence them getting alone) but more reserved in a way. In others, not so much.
- I'm actually writing a bit about Staunch now! Everyone on the crew has their own backstory =) (and yeah, crystal ponies are easy to forget I suppose.)
-I'll put in those changes, thank you! :pinkiehappy:

"Please don't punch me. Please don't punch..."

You know I was certain Skystar was gonna pepper spray him instead of just punching him! XD

Alternate ending:
"Hey, Skystar, I'm-AAAAAAAAAAAH!"
*Story ends with Galen writhing on the floor as a perplexed set of guards and exasperated Queen Novo look on as Skystar shrugs.

Can't wait to see all the awkward situations Galen will have whenever he's close to Skystar! X3

Oh, there are going to be SO many.
So soooooooooooo many. Poor has a lot of stuff to personally work through that will muddle things too. Thankfully he has learned to be blunt.....
...Well...for better or worse :rainbowlaugh:

I sense another Griffon Kight and Hippogriff Princess ship incomeing

*Slowly unloads coal from a ship's boiler*
....No idea what you're talking about. :trixieshiftright:

Wow, so Galen lost Both his parents and 3 siblings? I do hope that he will elaborate on that a bit further in the future.
So we know why Staunch is on board, what about the rest?
How often will Skystar use that Gryphoness disguise?
Compared to Gallus, how soft IS Galen's feathers and fur?
So Galen was trained by Gyld after Gallus was? If so, how long did it take?
I wonder what it would have been like if Skystar told him to hug Gears?
Who is the better half? Switch or Alabaster and by better half, what do you mean?
From the looks of it. It seems a bit like a one-sided crush on Galen's part?
What does Galen's gauntlets do and what do they look like?
Typical gryphon who doesn't like hugs? Or is there some deeper reason?
I'm thinking that this going to be longer than your Gallustream fics cus it has already been 3 chapters and they have just gotten her on board.
How serious is Galen's crush on resident Princess?
How did Galen become a mage? I thought gryphons didn't have magic. (other than those runes that anyone can use)
As usual you never cease to to entertain and amaze me with your stories. They are always more in depth compared to regular one shots I often see.
Can't wait for the next update next week!

#$%^&*( I accidentally deleted my first response. OK HERE WE GO AGAIN! :facehoof: (And thank you for these questions btw- they help me make sure everything is portrayed to the reader....in due time :trollestia:
- Yup. Poor Galen. And yes, it will be elaborated on in the future- much like the past with the other members of the crew. It's not a good method of writing to slam a reader with all the info, but have them learn with the characters. And in Galen's case, there's so much mystery surrounding him, that's part of the story.
- As often as they might come in contact with others- just to make sure she's never seen as a hippogriff by any creature outside the crew.
- Well, that would require a study involving two giggly hippogriffs taking turns hugging two very perplexed gryphons. :rainbowlaugh: (*that...could actually happen later tbh. Note to self....
- That will be explained- but he was only trained in the book work. He took the combat test and needed no further training apparently :trixieshiftright:
- It would have resulted in a hedgehog making the experience as awkward as possible :trollestia:
- Alabaster refers to Switch as his better half- implying a sort of affectionate relationship (you'll get to meet her soon enough!)
- Eh, if 'crush' is even the right word. As for one-sided...Skystar has had a few bigger fish to fry and not focus on, until now.
- A leather/metal wristband on his left forelimb studded with crystals, primarily used for communication and using ship systems.
- I assume most Gryphons would classify hugs as 'soft or mushy' and not enjoy them. But Galen seems to have a deeper aversion to it....
- Most likely or almost certainly longer. I have six more chapters in advance specifically outlined. As I reach that limit I'll outline more- but I already have an idea where the story is going to go. But considering each chapter is breaking 7k words...so...YUP. LONG STORY AHOY!
- Eh, seriousness? I hesitate to use the term crush because it implies a more hormonal/immature affection. He enjoys her company and certainly likes her as a friend, and certainly seems open to something more than that....until something shuts off that train of thought. :trixieshiftleft:
- Oh his mage powers will certainly be explained.
- I'm glad you enjoy them! I have trouble doing one shots, honestly, because I love world building. And OH BOY DOES THIS STORY GO PLACES!

Woah! This is longer than any of your chapters! Gonna find time for this read!

Yeaaaaaaaaaaah that happened. I could have cut it 2/3 the way through, but it just wouldn't fit. Hopefully the long chapters aren't a deterrent to some :twilightoops:

Love the introduction of kirins here! You should definitely check the work of my friend Lionel23 in his deviantart. Pretty nice kirin designs he has! :)

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