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“Trixie hates to interrupt a good monologue,” said Trixie, interrupting a good monologue, “but maybe we should continue it somewhere not on fire?”


This story is a sequel to Good Trooper Gilda

Commodore Grosvenor and his crew of gryphons and ponies prepare to launch a surprise night-time attack on Mount Aris.

A standalone story, inspired by Good Trooper Gilda and The Princess's Bit and set somewhere in that story's history. Many thanks to MitchH and Oliver for editing.

Magnificent action vignette, conveying the chaos of the battlefield while still being an engaging read.

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Ah, okay, I see where the discussion of airships led to the other day.

I think prequel rather than sequel since this takes place BEFORE the story.

Still damn, those hippogryphs are ruthless

Yes, but the site doesn't have any way of marking prequels.

There's a Metro station sort of near my house named Grosvenor. Rather unique name.

Not really. I mean, you can mark the latter story as a sequel, but that's not really appropriate in this case, both because it's somebody else's story, and because that's the primary story and this is the addition.

There is a problem with this being a sequel. musquets and other fire arms began to appear in modern conflict in Good Trooper Gilda. They just didn't possess that type of weapons before. Canon and explosive certainly but musquets? No.

Also, since Cadence is now crowned Duchess, it would be a long time before somebody else took the job unless they retook the Crystal Empire from Sombra once it re-appears.

And I just don't see Celestia approving an attack of conquest on the nation of the Hyppogriffs. So, politically, if this story was a prequel, it would be before Celestia became Duchess.

But for it to really become a prequel you would need to get rid of the musquets and replace them maybe with crossbow.

Because as of right now, this story can only be a sequel because of the reasons said above but in my opinion, it would be way better as a prequel.

Wait, a little confused: if this is a prequel now do they have gonnes? Especially ones with powder that's sealed underwater.

An awesome battle scene, by the way. Makes you wonder what turned the hippogryphs into cowards later on.

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This is absolutely a prequel, set at least a century before the events of Good Trooper Gilda.

As for the guns, there really isn't the discrepancy you suggest. Firearms aren't new or unheard-of during the latter story – the moment Gilda sees one, she knows what it is – but they are rare and not very developed. They still don't have an automatic firing mechanism, for example, nor the integrated rounds you'd see in any modern gun, but they do have standardised bullet gauge, putting them a step above the muskets in this story. What's new in the crab bucket is how many of them there are in the talons of rebels, a black market flooded with cheap weaponry.

This parallels real world development, where guns existed for centuries before becoming practical. In a world with magic, they may never develop that far. If the benefits are questionable, it's also easier for technology to be lost – and it should be clear, this story precedes a sharp decline in Trottish power.

The hippogryphs in my story don't use guns, but they do use explosives – and without a reliable waterproof timing mechanism, they have to be set off manually, hence the wire-based detonator.

Never underestimate the possibilities of combat transmutation. Especially when it comes to setting up a nation for a follow-up from Equestria. A shame the griffons didn't just go for a bombing run... though it's not like hippogriffs are short on anti-air options.

Magnificent action vignette, conveying the chaos of the battlefield while still heing engaging read. The way you balance the chilling twist and the dramatic irony is especially nice, as is the triple meaning of the title. Thank you for it.

Hehe, yeah it's always so smart to underestimate your enemies.

Though, this does raise the question of how, if them being able to shift into seaponies was already a thing, the hippogriffs outside of home don't assume they all went under the water on hearing they all disappeared.

But no matter, still an amazing little short about the chaos of battle.

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