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“Trixie hates to interrupt a good monologue,” said Trixie, interrupting a good monologue, “but maybe we should continue it somewhere not on fire?”



With the portal closed, Sunset Shimmer has been separated from her friend by centuries and light years. How far will she go to finally see her again?

Edited by Solstice Shimmer.
Thanks to Oliver for fact-checking.

“Just some really amazing writing and setting up a rather unique verse with things that can be explored that I’m eager to see where this goes.”

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This minific has been promoted to its own story because there's more coming soon.

Gee wonder who sent out that ship. Sadly ship that don't enter and exit the have no need for aerodynamics so being boxy makes sense.. Wonder if the Sunset Simmer has planetary landing capacity

Nobody on the human side, including Sunset Shimmer, really knows what the Sunset Shimmer is capable of. It's unlikely, though. The sort of engines you need for landing and take-off are very different from the sort of engines you need for interstellar travel.

There's more science detail in the writing bible, if you're interested.

“It’s a reminder of an old friend,” she said. “Somepony I haven’t seen in a very long time.”

Falling back into her old lingo after all that time, eh, Sunny?

8092029 absolutely and while it doesn't fly well the wings on the Space shuttle does provide some lift.
A lot of scifi stories the interestellar ships don;t land they use space stations or shuttles to embark and disembark passengers. This is your story so its upto you how that all works

So was the ship named for Princess Twilight (as the E.Q.S Sunset Shimmer seems to be for Sunset) or in memory of the human Twilight Sparkle (who probably played an important role in advancing science)?

Don't think I've seen a fic with EQ Earth and Equestria in the same universe, just very far apart. I'm curious to see what else might happen.

When the funding committee asks, it's the latter. :twilightblush:

This is interesting... i'd like to see a lot more :D.

8093473 There will be more. Very soon.

Very nice. I look forward to future fics in this setting.

Goosebumps. I need moar!

Wonderful! Even more Scifi stories! The premise is pretty interesting already, though I still have no clue where it might be heading. Sunset Shimmer, Immortal Alicorn of Mankind, leading humanity ito the stars in an effort to find a friend. I dare say anything could happen.

I liked this. It's to the point while simultaneously establishing a history, fluffy without becoming irreverent, and the entire overarching friendship angle felt bang on for canon. I'll look forwards to more in the universe.

So thanks for that.

I'm glad I read this.

Would love to see where the other stories go.

...where no mare has gone before. I could not help myself.

Definitely, a worthwhile read that's going into my favorites shelf. It sounds like a good first chapter of a long and epic space opera. I checked the bible, and I thought about possibly writing for this - but I have a bit too much on my plate right now.

I look forward to seeing any developments for this - and reading the other story when I have the time. This has promise.

-GM, master of bunny shoes.

This was just.. amazing, in such a short pan managing to get so much information out there, and still have it be a solid story. The idea of Equestria and Earth being different planets rather then in different dimensions is odd and do prefer it the other way, but it works well enough for the story. Sets up a lot of mystery, what happened to the portal, how did Sunset get so high in power, what is Equestria like now, just, a lot of stuff, all set up quick, and a focus on one big event, told simply.

Just some really amazing writing and setting up a rather unique verse with things that can be explored that I’m eager to see where this goes.

I believe I remember this fron a Writeoff. In any case, love the concept and the fact that there's more to this setting. I may need to join in at some point.

Edit: :facehoof: Wait, never mind, now I remember when I saw it. Pay no attention to the derp behind the curtain.


Pay no attention to the derp behind the curtain.

Um... be careful where you... ouch. Are you okay? Hey, wait, come back, you've still got it wrapped around...

Damn. I needed that curtain.

I don't think they're just friends.

As Kris Overstreet and Jordan179 can attest, I'm a bit of a sucker for good pony sci-fi. I can now add you to that list. Well done.

Canon Moves On: Forgotten Friendship has Jossed Sunset wings. :flutterrage:
Else, a good enough bit.

D'aww, this story's really heartwarming, and despite how much I want to see the scene continued, it ends at a perfect moment.

Wow. Yes, I love some pony sci-fi, and this has a lot of amazing ideas in a very short number of words.

I started wondering if this gas giant Salamis and its moons might form a certain pattern when seen from the right distance. Something like this: img.ecosia.org/390x,sc/https://res.cloudinary.com/teepublic/image/private/s--RN3PcIPW--/t_Preview/b_rgb:191919,c_limit,f_jpg,h_630,q_90,w_630/v1446249173/production/designs/316425_1.jpg

I don't think that ended up being quite where you were going, but it was still a fun idea.

Also, I love the implicit love spanning centuries on both sides here.

Ha! No, it's in Libra when seem from Earth.

Hey! If you're still checking this story, is the group for the Admiral Shimmer-Verse still up? And if so, could you link to it? I haven't been able to find it.

“Don’t worry, they’re friendly,” said Sunset. “Or at least, they used to be.”

Oho. So she already knows who they're meeting. I guess she was looking for a way to get home.

“It says... the ship’s called the EQS Sunset Shimmer, sir.”

Oh, that's clever. I like it :yay:

So now I'm wondering when exactly the mirror shattered. Is the ship named after the Equestrian Twilight Sparkle, or after SciTwi?

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