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Oh, did I say that out loud?


Princess Celestia has inspired many writers, artists and poets over her centuries as both ruler and Princess of the Sun. Now she invites one pony to do a special task for her.

A tale of poetry, pornography, puns, printing presses and pretty pony princesses.

With a reading by Winged T. Spears

Cover image by Linnpuzzle
Edited by Solstice Shimmer and BaeroRemedy.
Special thanks to Dr Bethan Tovey for help with the Old English.

How is it that gems like these are always hidden so deep? I love your poetry, can't get enough of it

This is just really stellar, I hope everyone checks it out.

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That was rather beautiful, and quite brilliant.

Oh wow this is amazing!


Hear hear!

And not least for the excellent verse,- the quatrains are especially well-balanced, and the feminine rhymes very refreshing. :twilightsmile:

This is amazing.
Enough said.

Thank you. I'm currently of playing an Inquisitor of Asmodaeus, so your patronage is appreciated. :twilightsheepish:

You know... This is really quite beautiful. It really is, and not only that but I'm impressed that you managed to write a story all about smut, "very uncommon smut" as you put it- but it's not dirty in the least.
I hope you feel proud of yourself, you deserve to.

Thank you, I am. I'm also pleased with the combination of serious poetry with bad horse puns. I'll be amazed if anyone gets all of them.

This was adorable. Like, unexpected, but...very beautiful, too. Then again I love portraits of Sunhorse as a normal pony and well-crafted ones like this are too few and far between. Thanks for the lovely tale!

I can't words good tonight, so this will have to do even though it is horribly overused:

that was beautiful. I appreciate your hard work.

Of course, this story demands a sequel: Principal Celestia's Private Library.

I've published a minor edit, because I got some useful help with the Old English poetry.

How is it that gems like these are always hidden so deep? I love your poetry, can't get enough of it

Awww, this is lovely. Great work.

Just one minor quibble: I never quite got why Celestia wanted to do this for Luna specifically. In a sense, isn't it her showing off how much she was loved during Luna's absence?

Since the story isn't from Celestia's PoV, and she isn't answering many questions, it never really got explained.

The printing isn't exactly for Luna specifically, but it's something she wants to get done before Luna arrives - or whatever else may happen when Nightmare Moon returns. It was quite possible that Celestia might be defeated, after all, in which case other ponies would eventually unseal the library and judge what they found - not unlike the way Verdant's poems were found after her death. Or the castle could be demolished in the ensuing battle, in which case she'd lose all of them at once. She wants them reprinted so they can be safely moved and stashed away somewhere.

Oh, and in case it wasn't clear, when she told Tercet he had two years she was giving herself an extra few moons leeway, which is why the end of the story is after Hearthswarming but before Winter Wrap Up, and long before the Summer Sun Celebration.

But do I understand it right that Tercet made ASCII-art off the Princess? Cause when you think about it, that's really cool! I'm only wondering about the statues and other physical art-pieces pony's made about the Princess? Had Tercet also find a way to bookize those? (If digitize is a word, bookize is also a word.)

Almost. I was aiming for something more like an impressionist scattering of glyphs, rather than a regular grid.

Also, my headcanon says that ponies have several different writing scripts in use, derived from the traditional scripts of the three tribes, which themselves are influenced by biology - ie whether they're writing with horn, wings of hooves. When you add in numbers, punctuation and control characters is probably more than 255 code points in total. While it's possible that they'd use multiple code pages, It's likely that they'd invent some sort of multi-byte encoding earlier than we did.

Note that the changes to FimFiction’s layout make it harder for me to format the initial poem correctly. It works in “double spaced” mode thanks to the magic of Unicode, but in “indented” mode it just looks weird.

Really lovely story. But I can’t help but wish we saw Tercet at least once more.

Holy crud, your writing is absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to read more of it!

This... Well, I simply have no words. That takes a lot.

I wondered about the ending myself. After all, the rule when writing third person limited narration is not to switch character perspective as it weakens the connection.

I eventually realised that it works in this case because Tercet isn't the main character. Neither is Celestia. The collection is the main character, so the moment it passes from his hooves to hers, the perspective goes with it.

A delightful story. Princess Celestia would be the kind of a pony to collect erotica about herself, and you could have written a pretty funny story about that, but you made this one something more. :trollestia:

Cool! The concept feels like one of the more true-to-life ways for an immortal person to respond to romantic overtures by mortals, and your execution really sells it. Celestia is emotionally plausible. Tercet is a neat character in and of himself.

Lord Bridle's daughter, Lady Straightlace

I see what you did there. Did she write any programs?

I'm glad somebody got that. :yay:

It's actually an interesting thought. Equestrian science proceeds along different paths than our own, with magic making some things easier and others less likely, which is why we haven't seen any computers in the show other than a games console. The real Ada Lovelace didn't allow that to stop her, writing programs a century in advance of the necessary hardware being developed (seriously, she was that awesome), but the importance her work wasn't really appreciated until later. That paints a picture of somepony who probably remains unappreciated centuries later.

However, it could be argued that magic is programming. We've seen that it can be taught and codified, though the show obviously remains vague on the details. It could be that Lady Straightlace had some part in the development of programming for enchanted devices?

Very nice!

Author Interviewer

Brilliant, well done!

Part of me can't help but wonder if Celestia wanted the sundry solar smut assembled into one collection so it would be easier to hide from snooping sisters...

In any case, a fantastic study of Celestia, her ponies, and the effect each had on the other over the centuries. Thank you for it.

"She left me too soon. They all leave me too soon."
Luna rolled her eyes. "Like it or not, Sister, they have to graduate eventually."

Novel idea really well written.

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