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Comment posted by Winston deleted Feb 22nd, 2021

2586396 I've collected a few rejection letters from online magazines, and I intend to get some more, but life has a lot of distractions. Silly things like getting a job, and ponies.

If I ever get something non-pony published somewhere, I'll most likely post a blog about it.

It is well deserved. The criteria for my favorites is usually "this story has challenged my views or taught me something", and "You Too Will Deteriorate" did exactly that. The exploration of the concept of atonement is superb.

Your user page mentions you have "retired from fanfic (mostly), but not writing", but does not mention where to find non-pony stories. Is that intentional? I'd gladly throw money at anyone writing original fiction that good thought-provoking.

You naughty creature! :derpytongue2:

Thanks for the favorite/watch :raritystarry:

I deflowered your comment feed :ajsmug:

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