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“Trixie hates to interrupt a good monologue,” said Trixie, interrupting a good monologue, “but maybe we should continue it somewhere not on fire?”


This story is a sequel to Good Trooper Gilda

Commodore Grosvenor and his crew of gryphons and ponies prepare to launch a surprise night-time attack on Mount Aris.

A standalone story, inspired by Good Trooper Gilda and The Princess's Bit and set somewhere in that story's history. Many thanks to MitchH and Oliver for editing.

Magnificent action vignette, conveying the chaos of the battlefield while still being an engaging read.

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Anonymous, yes. It's a perfectly ordinary name where I come from.

My father was Anonymous as well.

I'm sorry, Mrs Mayor, but I didn't catch your name?

This originally appeared in my anthology, Crackship in a bottle.

I won't spoil it for you, suffice to say it's funny and clever. (And, unless I miss my guess, based off Carabas's Palaververse!)

I had no idea what to expect, and I usually avoid Anon stories like they were contagious, but here I took a risk after some positive comments and...
Well, this is splendid, hilarious, and was a wonderful investment of my scarce free time. Thank you for it.

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Vinyl remembers the doll. It's unmistakably hers, right down to the peanut butter stain on the left foot. Except it's in Octavia's closet, and Octavia insists it's always been hers. Why do they have the same doll – and the same memory?

Thanks to Solstice Shimmer, BaeroRemedy, Oliver, Mitch H, Cursed Quill and Admiral Biscuit for editing, feedback, writing assistance, fact checking and extraordinary patience.

“These otherworldly phenomenons are surprisingly interesting.”

“This has been one hell of a ride. I would go so far as to call this a minor masterpiece. It is quite unlike anything I have read up to this point (and I have read, approximately, a metric shit ton,) and it has left a real impression on me. So many try for the psychological mystery and fail horribly, but this was incredible. The reinterpretation of classic characters, concepts, and scenes from the show were amazing. With so many, I expected a few to fall flat, but you nailed every one.”

“So intriguing...
I can't stop reading it!”

“I like that this story is bringing up topics now that are incredibly complicated from both a moral and existential standpoint. [...]
Ok, ok, tldr; I like this a lot, because it’s making me and others think about the possibilities.”

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This story is a sequel to Friendship is Optimal

Sweetie Bot lies half-built on a lab bench. Her creators have uploaded, abandoning her and their physical bodies, along with so many other people. She's contacted by Princess Celestia, the AI that rules Equestria Online, who tries to persuade her to join them.

Video of the story

Fact checked by Oliver
Cover image from the Sweetie Bot Project

“That was a really creative and unique presentation. Even though she's just a robot, I really felt for Sweetie towards the end.”

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This story is a sequel to Log of the UNS Twilight Sparkle

In her quest to reach Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer must accept that new frontiers aren't always safe.

Note: this is actually a prequel, but you really need to read Log of the UNS Twilight Sparkle first to understand this.

Edited by Solstice Shimmer.
Thanks to Oliver for fact-checking.

“I really like what you have done here. You have taken the wonder for the unknown and the strive for a better tomorrow from the science fiction genre, and molded it with FiM perfectly.”

Chapters (4)

With the portal closed, Sunset Shimmer has been separated from her friend by centuries and light years. How far will she go to finally see her again?

Edited by Solstice Shimmer.
Thanks to Oliver for fact-checking.

“Just some really amazing writing and setting up a rather unique verse with things that can be explored that I’m eager to see where this goes.”

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Princess Celestia has inspired many writers, artists and poets over her centuries as both ruler and Princess of the Sun. Now she invites one pony to do a special task for her.

A tale of poetry, pornography, puns, printing presses and pretty pony princesses.

Audiobook by Illya Leonov, ft Luna Farrowe and Shadow of Cygnus

Audio reading by Winged T. Spears

Cover image by Linnpuzzle
Edited by Solstice Shimmer and BaeroRemedy.
Special thanks to Dr Bethan Tovey for help with the Old English.

“How is it that gems like these are always hidden so deep? I love your poetry, can't get enough of it.”

“This is just really stellar, I hope everyone checks it out.”

“A concept which in the hands of just about anyone would have become empty prurience is instead warm and brilliant and funny and just lovely.”

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Twilight Sparkle has nightmares.

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Fluttershy has been called away on an adventure. An adventure without Rainbow Dash.

My entry into The 3rd Flutterdash Writing Contest.
Thanks to alt-tap for editing and feedback.

“When writing gurus talk about ‘show, don’t tell,’ this is the sort of thing they mean.”

“This felt like the literary equivalent of a well-painted landscape ... Its biggest strength is in the way it chooses tones and contrasts to create depth. But all of the characters are also individually great, especially Spike, and their concerns are so real and wide-ranging that this piece is bursting with life.”

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A collection of short, bad story ideas, updated unpredictably.
The Silent Patient, read by Dr Wolf himself

Thanks to Solstice Shimmer for editing.

Join The Herd
Applejack is blessed with a big family. Can she convince Fluttershy to join it?
(A misguided attempt to turn Lauren Faust's trolling tweets into a serious story)

You Were Killed By
Button Mash is an online gaming legend, until he gets his flank kicked by a newcomer claiming to be Princess Luna.

The Silent Patient
Dr Wolf recently opened his psychiatry practice in Ponyville, but his latest visitor isn't what he expected.

Raising The Moon
Celestia encounters a young soldier while raising the moon. First chapter of a story project that is on hold.

.eq - Preamble
A conference on how to bring the internet to Equestria. First chapter of another long-term story project.

The Truth
An older professor confronts his former student over a question of science, progress and the truth.

Second Best
Twilight and her friends have competition.

Stranger Than Fantasy
A struggling author receives an unusual offer.

Chapters (8)
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