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This story is a sequel to The Twilight Enigma

A Slice o' Life which takes place somewhere in the middle of Chapter 22 of The Twilight Enigma, and demonstrates that quiet enjoyment may be found in the middle of desperate adventures. Even pirates need to kick back and relax sometimes.

Chapters (3)
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I love getting more time with these characters, and I love getting it as some slice of life.

So, I'll admit, I've only read The Celestia Code and unfortunately time to read its sequels continues to evade me for various reasons, so I don't know anything about the context of this. But I still really enjoyed it! It paints a very great picture of mystery and adventure while still being relaxing. It makes me eager to go back and read through The Celestia Code and then blast through the sequels!


Thank you! And it's good to know it can stand on its own.

Ha! To having two different airship adventure stories w/ Twilight in an extraneous eyepatch on the front page! I've already had to field the old saw about pirates, darksight, and eyepatches in the comments.

Amazing co-incidence! :pinkiehappy:

More Dread Anti-Pirate Twilight is always a good thing. Looking forward to seeing what you do with her.

*looks it up on Wikipedia* ... it's an ancient version of Sorry!

I thought that story sounded familiar... and damn, the research you put into the nautical flavor text... :raritystarry:

It is a good game!
(BTW, I have a half-dozen of Dr. Finkle's books. He's one hell of a scholar!)

That looks very interesting.

in a call center job i had a college of his talk down about him and insisted the game was played with d6
i had her look it up on the royal historical society page and prove her wrong

Aeronauts and sailors do not refer to their craft prefixed by the definite article, any more than an average pony would ordinarily call me the Twilight.

An unaverage pony might call her the local Twilight, but most of that will happen during the Seven Hundred Year War Endeavor.

☘♡ is going 2 t dance w/★♫!

So... are those rebuses for their names, doodles of their cutie marks, or both?

All in all it had been a pretty perfect day.

:facehoof: "In hindsight, that should've been my first warning to worry about tomorrow."

In any case, a fun and educational chapter. Delightful! Though I'm serious about worrying about tomorrow; this Twilight does have a reputation after all.

Well I sure did not see this coming!

What's this! A wonderful bit of continuation or at the very least world building for one of my favriote stories on fimfic. My lucky day!


So... are those rebuses for their names, doodles of their cutie marks, or both?

I'm pretty sure ponies would use a doodle of another pony's cutie mark,* unless those ponies were blank flanks, in which case rebuses for "Clover Heart" and "Star Song" would work.

* I considered making that line an image, but Unicode symbols seem to work fine on FiMFic. (Unicode... *snerk*)

Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

One more chapter to come... a bit more serious, and revealing of Twilight's motivations.

Neat! Thanks. :)

It kills me how easily I fall back into reading these characters, like slipping into an old bath robe that fits just perfectly.

The only complaint I have is that this story has whetted my appetite and I want moooooooooore!

You know I'll steal Grish some moonless night, right?

You are more than welcome to that belligerent catbird! :pinkiehappy:

Reading this has made me want to reread the whole thing from the beginning. This is all very well written and I love how you handle Twilight.

Not how I expected this to end, but truly a night to remember.

Or not. That was a fair amount of palm wine.

Still, lovely stuff. Like reconnecting with an old friend who does unspeakable things to the kitchen table. Thank you for this.

You're very welcome!

Rarity was waiting for us when we landed. I ignored her stink-eye and held out my coat. "You can get palm wine stains out, right?" She took the coat from me without a word and went below.

In the morning, Twilight found her book collection had champagne dumped all over it. She never stained her clothes again.

What are you talking about? That never happened. You saw nothing!!! :facehoof:

Yes, of course! I must be going blind in my old age. Perfectly reasonable explanation! :moustache:

AH! Excellent! More adventure in the high skies with our favorite gang of badass explorers. I'd forgotten how much I missed these stories after binge-reading all of them at once; now I can't wait for more!

I like it already.

> "Pinkie's smile froze and her brow began to wrinkle. 'Is it a word game? Or something involving math? 'Cause I dunno…'"

In S02E18 A Friend in Deed, we see that Miss Pinkamena Diane Pie is great at mental mathematics:

The way Twilight handled Grish reminded me about how I handled employees with a record of bad conduct when I got stuck in management years ago:

I had managers who did not like me who unjustly wrote me up until my record was bad enough to fire me. For that reason, whenever I got employees new to me with a bad discipline-records, I ignored it. As far as I am concerned, they have a tabla raza. I would speak with each of them:

I explained about the tabla raza, so that if the employee is innocent, that employee has nothing to fear. If however, an employee is not innocent, the future of the employees is in the hands of the employee. Some of these employees, despite the new clean record, got themselves fired in a week, but some admitted that they let their inner dæmons get the worst of them and were deservably on they way to unemployment, but my little speech snapped them out of it. They turned themselves around. It was a minority of them, but I felt it was worth doing.

Doesn't mean she thinks games involving math are fun. Particularly Twilight Math:

This is pretty much what Twilight was doing.

Your looks would be an asset in that profession. The 'quality' hereabouts are big on being seen with flashy muscle.

Napoleon was of a fairly average height for his day, but he was generally seen surrounded by positively gigantic bodyguards. Just, y'know, pointing out that this has been fashionable ever since assassination was invented.

Finally got around to reading this. It is fantastic! Yay!

(And also yes, Jordanis is the kind of editor you couldn't pay to get. <3 I need to harass him about Ember's again...)

Ohh I remover watching a special on the game and the tablet.

Ohh love love these slice of life from your universe. Would love to see some of these with Twilight home spending time with Luna.

I stare at my collection of hardcovers of your work....sigh. Guess I have to read them again. Third time's a charm...right?

I really do love the world you created

Author Interviewer

Already enjoying this, though I had to admit, I forgot The Twilight Enigma wasn't the last story, and was a little confused about where this fell in The Hurry Fart Hinkum or whatever the last one was. :V

Author Interviewer

I love "Cur". :D

And everything else is fine. :D

Author Interviewer

Thanks, I love it. :D

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