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Assigned a book report for school, Dinky takes out a library book only to discover that she is the first pony ever to have checked it out- -but not realizing that she will be the last.

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:rainbowlaugh: that Trump analogue, tho. The Art of the Wheel, by Donald Rump!

Scootaloo, who for once was actually awake, piped up. “That isn’t exactly going to work for Applebloom or me, Ms. Cheerilee.”
“Applebloom and I,” muttered Dinky through her pencil.

Funny thing is, Scootaloo is actually grammatically correct here. See, if you take out the "Applebloom or", you get "work for me", which is what you would say; not "work for I". Take out one of the nouns, and if it sounds like what you might say, it's grammatically correct.

Damn, this was creepy. I hope to see more stories soon!

Well, a happy(?) ending after all, I thought Dinky was done for by the description

I've really enjoyed this fic. I don't normally venture into the horror side of this site as I don't necessarily enjoy seeing bad things happen to my favourite pastel coloured ponies but this was a brilliant piece. I loved it's buildup, the slow burn of the effects of the book and even the description of the characters. I can't think of a moment that a character seemed OOC and even the addition of Time Turner wasn't blown out of proportion, he was just a pony with a shed that always seemed bigger on the inside, atleast to Dinky. Great fic, I'll be watching for more!

She was not having trouble formulating the report at all; rather, she found herself completely unable to remember anything whatsoever concerning the book that she had just read.

That... is a really good premise. Clever spin on the "enchanted book" genre. I was curious why the audience wasn't allowed to know any more details beyond how perfect the book was. Or did we and I just forgot? Hm...

"I think,” she continued, now in a different voice than before, “that it means that you should really invest more time into that book report."


Oh my GOD. This was so.... amazing. I think you've ruined books for me for a while because it's too great for me to found something like it again.... Just... WOW. This is a fairly small fanfic but holy shit....

Interesting. Given the pony who disappeared is a ghost or something, I wonder if she was there with the castle originally, having originated from the Tree of Harmony, or if she came from an add-on.

Of course, not every book has a starting section with copyright and publishing information, at least if they're old enough. Given how many of them are indicated to be fairly aged, this could easily be the case for them so Dinky shouldn't be that surprised (unless Equestrian publishing guidelines got in front of Earth guidelines by several hundred years?)

Ha. I had noticed right away that there was no actual detail being given to the book's plot and characters and expected that to be the main point, and so it was. I wonder if there's any further effects to the book than what's been mentioned in this chapter. Obsession to the point of rereading it 4 times can already be pretty dangerous.

Dinky...honestly reminds me of Twilight Sparkle and how she was in Season 1 and supposedly prior to the series. The difference here that instead of being allowed to grow in a good strong environment, she feels like she has a very short ceiling and she's acting out in a lot of ways as a result (some ways deserved, such as her mom losing her application, others not so much). Of course, how much of it is to actually get into Canterlot and study magic further and how much she merely wants to get away from her mother remains to be seen.

It's for that same reason that I won't be surprised if she doesn't alert anypony about this dangerous book, because she'll think she has to solve it all by herself and she'll be worthless if she can't. I was going to say that I'd be disappointed with Luna's appearance because either it would make Luna useless or solve the plot too quickly, but it being not-Luna works.

Dang. If Silver Spoon actually says what happened, the adults are going to suspect Dinky cursed the book, but it's going to be a case of 'adults are useless' if they don't get anyone to investigate further just what kind of curse. Maybe Dinky will claim she cast magic in secret, but it's still going to be a case of being in big trouble if she decides to take the blame on herself so she can keep the book.


Which rather fits Dinky as being a fairly immature know-it-all, really!

Well, that at least gives a little bit more credence to the idea that the book (or some curse that took the form of a book) predates Equestria and was sealed away into the Tree of Harmony and has only come free now that the Tree of Harmony expressed itself into the world again with the Friendship Castle. Since that would have been a long, long time ago, of course Dinky wouldn't recognise the script at all.

And yeah, useless adults, not even thinking it's strange that Dinky would be reading a blank book and looking a bit further into that :pinkiecrazy:. I suppose that being Earth ponies, they simply don't think about things like possible curses though.

And Derpy's appearance in this chapter makes me dislike Dinky more. She wants to get away from her mom basically, leaving her half-witted mother all by herself with not one but both daughters moved away, and one couldn't even wait until graduating to get out.

And there we go, useless adults. Twilight doesn't even recognise that she doesn't remember a thing about the 'technical manual' she just read. Well, in Starlight's case she knows what's going on but can't seem to do much about it, can she, huh?

I suppose whatever happens to Dinky will be a learning lesson for Twilight about her worldly knowledge, unless Starlight actually starts to be active from now and does...something...to keep this from getting too out of hoof.

Yep, Dinky's full-on in her own mania here, going in and basically attempting to force answers out of DT. By now she probably knows she should burn the book, but, well...that's certainly not going to happen until a possible climatic moment obviously.

Yep, seems like Dinky's digging herself deeper into the curse. I suppose the last few chapters we will see the mysterious mare show up again.

If anything, given you mention Sparkler in here, it would have been the perfect chance for Derpy to get her other daughter back to Equestria to try breaking Dinky out of her funk. Well, what Derpy just revealed about withholding Dinky's applications is also one hell of a reveal, and it's not as if it doesn't make some sense. Derpy, being clumsy and not quite right, probably doesn't have that much of an emotional support base in Ponyville, so she doesn't dare lose her other daughter.

I had wondered if maybe there was a deeper meaning to the actual letters themselves instead of just being merely runes, something like in the movie Arrival from last year.

Ah, but Dinky, it's going to be a lot shorter time that you need to teach your mother to read than before you head off to Canterlot.

After all, it's a book you borrowed from the library, and sooner or later Twilight Sparkle is going to come after you for an overdue book :twilightangry2:

(of course Starlight will burn it if the book comes back to the library, since I guess she could take it then)

Well, that felt like rather disappointing ending. It was certainly building up to something, then the plot seemed to just kind of abort at the last ending so we could get a happy-ish ending; maybe not one with Dinky going to Canterlot, but one where she's still learning magic from a talented unicorn, and helping her mother around. Never really any closure on what the book is, who the mysterious mare was, or even the origin of the rune language.

Thank you for commenting on every chapter. I am greatly appreciative.

The ending was intended to be this way. A mistake I made in "Four Yellow" was undermining the horror with excessive explanation. In this, I tried to be more subtle. I may have gotten the balance a bit off.

As for the other, She is a recurring element in most of my stories.

Silver Spoon smiled broadly and brought the book out. “Of course! See? “Strange Alchemy”, the historically annotated version!

Is that a shameless self promotion I see? :raritywink:

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