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"Every story ever told actually happened. Stories are where memories go when they're forgotten." - Dr. Who.


Everyone wears a mask. For the rulers of Equestria, that mask must be impeccable for their subjects. Only around their guards can the two Princesses relax ever so slightly, occasionally showing that they are just as fallible as any other creature. For one Princess, the burdens of her own mind begin to make the mask crack. However, when Private Steel Heart notices that it is, in fact, the pony underneath the mask that is beginning to splinter, he offers to help.

He had no idea such help would first involve getting attacked with a large brush.

Warning: Involves slow-burn romances, lots of feelings, comforting moments, adorable affectionate gestures, lethal amounts of fluff, feel-good auras, and a deadly combing implement.
Takes place around Season 8-9 (ish)

Cover art used with permission by the talented Yakovlev-Vad, seriously, check out his art. He's fantastic!
*Edit. Featured on the first day? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

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Hahaha! I like this! The characterization was awesome! The start was awesome and even the Main Oc is awesome!

Hope you continue this cause this shit sounds great!

No plans on stopping! I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was just a fluffy story that popped into my head, so on we go! I don't think I've had an OC like this guy before =P

A Luna fic based on a Yakovlev-vad drawing?

=D I do hope the fic is fated to a better end than those two! :rainbowlaugh:

Ok, the spy bit at the end got a good chuckle out of me, lol. My only question now, is he a Red or Blue Spy?

*Prepares deadringer just in case of Sniper*

Already very good! Can't wait to see more!

=D Glad you enjoyed it! This is different than other stories I've written, so will be rather fun to see where it goes!

Oh! A new story!

Procedes to open and read it.



:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

I love these characters already. Luna is semi-canon with my own flare, and Steel is a brand new type of character I haven't written before. It's fantastic, just an upbeat fluffy story.
*Has accepted that writing romance is my thing now.*

Even if we technically aren’t retiring. Poor Twilight would have a conniption if we vanished without help. A few years behind the scenes of course, but that’s for later.

The better solution would be to remain as princesses and slowly shift more and more of your work over to Twilight over the course of a decade or two.

At least that's my opinion on the matter:moustache:


I don't think he has the right accent to be a Spy... then again, Spy :trixieshiftleft:

It’s been months since you began looking more tired than usual. Something is eating at you, and rather abruptly. Is it the recent realization about Twilight? Cadence?
Was it the fact she isn’t like us? Did that realization shock you more than I thought? I know I still bear the brunt of that burden, but is it that?

I'm not sure what you mean by Twilight and Cadance not being like Celestia and Luna. Are they not ageless/ immortal in this story?

Hopefully he's using his helmet, if not then ouch.
This is where the fun begins.


OK, this looks promising, will track...

Any rough estimate on the total length? 100K? 250K 500K :unsuresweetie:?

Congrats on making it to the feature box!

So this is hapen between season 2 I presume? Overall amusing and promising.

He says it:

Takes place around Season 8-9 (ish)

True. But that implies Twilight ages like them- of which it implies that isn't the case.
Around season 8/9. Not too specific.
That is the implication. Both aren't naturally-born Alicorns, so, things technically could be different.

Thank you! I checked my notifications and saw the featured (still) and was like....oh boy :pinkiegasp:
I have zero clue. I still have to get a general outline, but I doubt it'll be as long as my other fics. No evil villains or complicated plots; a more simple progression this time.

How can there be a changeling problem after season 8, They all reformed and Im just guessing it if its in those timeline I can't see the Problem Luna having about Cadence and Twilight being different from them, Luna completely open up because of Twilight. Its just my opinion.

Below comment. The timeline is bit problematic

"I’d like to help her, but as her sister, I can’t pry. It’s just not my business."

Bull. Oni.

That sounds more like situation connivance - like a plan within a plan. I'm disappointed that Steel Heart didn't catch on.

So, again Celestia, I call bologna.

I should clarify. These are rogue changelings, I edited it to make that more clear.
As for Luna, it's been apparent that she's had troubles opening up in the past, to which she FINALLY did, admittedly. However, there's no reason to believe there isn't residual things. We don't even know the issue that Luna is dealing with. Sure, she dealt with the Tantabus in season 5- but there's a lot more to life than self-loathing. Celestia is just brainstorming because she doesn't know what it is.

There's a fine line. How much do you interfere with one's life? Celestia has asked- but clearly Luna has refused to say for one reason or another. I clarified that, and I agree that the phrasing was rather off. Thank you for that! Celestia wants to help, and she IS a planner. In this case, said plan came to her. :rainbowlaugh:

Just read this and I Completely LOVE it, I Really look forward to more of this

I LOVE YOUR PROFILE PICTURE! :raritystarry: (That was what I thought would fit)
Also awesome comment. Good job, friend!

I believe the fact referring to how relatively new/ artificial, as in possibly referring to Celestia and Luna being 'Natural' alicorns, while we didn't get Cadance's wing-gaining story, we know of Twilight's.

Also I love this! And I can't WAIT for more!

please continue this! i love it!

No plans to stop! As Sunspots winds down, this one will keep going! =)

One can never be to prepared when there is a Sniper. And the two things no spy can prepare for, an ailcorn with a hair brush, or a pyro

This would have been an amusing crossover fic, that's for sure! Not the intention, but oh the jokes that could have been made...

Well, the joke could still happen, you just need to find them at the right point to have them!

Also, after reading threw a few, I gotta say your among my top 4 fav writer's!

:pinkiehappy: Perhaps Pinkie could make an appearance with some jokes....heh.
And thank you! I'm honored! :pinkiegasp:

Oooh, a Pinkie Pyro! Lol.

And your welcome! Your up there with Kkat, Somber and BlackWing for me!

Why thank you! I'm still amazed that this story exploded :pinkiecrazy:

Your surprised? First, it has Luna, who is best princess, second, from what I've seen after your Gallus x Silverstream stories, most of your other stories blew up.

So in other words, I will always be here to read your stuff! As this electric dragon is a faithful reader!

A bit, simply because I've had it go both ways XD Fizzle or explode. This was just a fluffy idea that popped into my head; had to get the artists permission first though before posting!
And I look forward to your comments, and hope you enjoy the tale!

Little rule of thumb: if it has Luna in it, there's a pretty good chance that it's going to get a good amount attention. People tend to flock to what they like.

Ok, fair point. That would be why Timeless did so well =P Luna.

Warning: Involves slow-burn romances, lots of feelings, comforting moments, adorable affectionate gestures, lethal amounts of fluff, feel-good auras, and a deadly combing implement.




I love it already.


This is where the fun begins.

I'm sorry, I had to.

I hate you!! Joke joke, I'm glad someone did



A pantser, huh? OK then, I just hope this won't end up as one of those 'never-ending' stories :unsuresweetie:



Is it bad that I read this in the TF2 Demoman's voice?

Oh no, I don't do those. There will be a definite end, not drag on and on and/or be forgotten. It's just not my style to continually make up stuff in this context to keep the ball rolling. So fear not! :trollestia:


There shall indeed be more in due time! :moustache:

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