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  • EThe Third Nice Thing
    For the longest time, she hadn't been happy, or even known how good life could get. Her scone selling buisness is booming, and life is up for grabs; all Gilda has to do is figure out what exactly she wants from it...after she gets out of this mine.
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A brief slice of life piece; just after the events taking place at GriffonStone. Gilda mulls over the turn around of her business, the restarting of life in Griffonstone, and actually feeling content.

Feedback, criticism, and any and all tips are welcome!

Sequel: The Third Nice Thing

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Get fav'd, son.

I sha'll read you.

Sassy Gilda is best Gilda, and there's not enough of that in this story.

Props for the Emperor's New Groove reference, though.

Nice introspective piece.

Also, it just now struck me that Pinkie Pie has essentially bestowed her own position onto Gilda. Just like how Pinkie's responsible for keeping Ponyville's spirits up, now so's Gilda responsible for her town.

Congratulations, Gilda. You're the new Element of Laughter.

This is spectacular. Love it.

I love the awkwardness she's still feeling when she's getting good honest praise from fellow griffons. Everybirdy's struggling to act nice even.

Good after-episode fic, have a yay.


Thank you all for the comments! =)

(and I agree, the sass was lacking; but she was trying to figure out a balance....and failing)

Who needs a king when we have Gilda.

Here's hoping that this is the start of a new wave of GOOD Gilda centric fics on this site. Props for leading the herd man.

Nice bit of introspection about Gilda and speculation about Griffonstone. I'd be interested in seeing more of this story.

6013484 No, sir. Thank you for writing this. It explores that odd feeling of modesty when receiving a compliment or gift, and awkwardness makes for a great fic, heh.

Story was great. You just need to fix some grammer.

I have been disappointed in the lack of actually....positive fics that concern Gilda; so I do hope I can contribute in that regard!

Please let me know if there are any specifics! I'm going to be seeing about combing the odds and ends down and smoothing things out soon

That was nice. Really liked the whole "trying to be nicer but not too soft" thing Gilda is trying to pull off.

He had a much softer face that the others

I believe you meant "than" or "than that of". Only mistake I found.

This was an interesting look into it. I could actually see her thinking that, if such an event were happening in Griffonstone. Nice story, overall. Good job.

Thank you for the error-check! =) and glad you liked it!

Indeed. While I never considered myself a Gilda fan (and had plans of using her as brief antagonist/jerk), I certainly love the new development "The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone" gave us for Gilda (especially how Fluttershy-like she was when younger).

Okay, now I shall read this.

Hmmm, not really fav-material for me, but I'll give it a thumbs up for effort and execution. Good short story.:twilightsmile:

=) thank you! I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea- heck, I usually don't write one shots like this!

You're welcome. And yeah, I can understand that too.

this was cute. and I SHALL put it into a box. A box labeled "favorites."

There's a sequel as well :pinkiehappy:

Shouldn't this story be titled The First Nice Thing?

It's titled that way, because in the episode, after she gives Greta a scone, (and says she liked it) Gilda states to the effect 'that's the first nice thing anygriff has said to me'
If that makes sense. Might be a bit vague, I know. :twilightsheepish:

Why so nasty to Pinkie? She had a right to be, Gilda went to Ponyville to see RD and Pinkie deliberately kept getting in the way. Gilda had good reason to think Pinkie threw the party to humiliate her, and Pinkie chose to not tell RD she had been irritating Gilda all day.

Gilda may have issues, but the incident in ponyville was Pinkie's fault.

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