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“There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they'll take you.” ― Beatrix Potter


This story is a sequel to Timeless

(This story is a direct sequel and picks up right after Timeless ends. If you haven't read the previous story, ye be warned for confusion and spoilers!)

The sun is eternal, distant, powerful, timeless, and out of reach of any mortal creature. Like the entity she controls, Celestia has curated such a view of herself over a thousand years. Having run the nation for over a millennium, the Solar Princess is, to many, a revered and nigh-unapproachable figure.

However, when you wear a mask for too long, it is said, you can forget who you are underneath.

While attempting to maintain a semblance of government during a devastating plague-like outbreak, Celestia herself falls ill, and she is all too thankful when an expert on the disease arrives to help. What the Alicorn didn't expect to find, however, was how much she needed a friend more than any curative potion. Yet something about this doctor seems oddly unnatural, and familiar.

As the continued efforts from a dangerous foe strive to destroy everything the Solar Princess holds dear, friendships may prove to be more valuable than any blade.

Takes place during/after Season 9.
Spoilers for Timeless, Prison of Ice with Silver Keys

Art used with permission, created by the talented Yakovlev-Vad *Click here for Link*

Chapters (3)
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“Honestly, Lulu? My lungs and entire chest ache something fierce, and I’m exhausted. I haven’t felt this out of it in a long time. It’s like the flu, but ten times worse.” Celestia admitted, receiving a frown from Luna. Her little sister’s eyes however, looked almost relieved at the admission.

I'm surprised that whatever this is can survive in Celestia, especially since her natural body temperature is probably quite high :trixieshiftleft:

Indeed. Quite strange... :trixieshiftleft: That said, she'd have a normal body temp unless opening her connection to the sun more, I imagine. Otherwise....'EVERYTHING I TOUCH BURNS!'

Maybe it is a magical based illness, it uses the magic of its host to survive. Also I'm loving the (for lack of a better term) 'broken' more vulnerable side of Celestia. After all, immortal or not, nopony can go through what she has and live as long as she has by herself without some deep emotional scars.

I'm so glad! It was a bit of a risk, because it's a rare character development option I haven't seen explored often! It's glossed over the whole 'lived 1k years' but I haven't seen many, if any, fics that delve into how damaging ruling on your own could be, let alone a lack of emotional or any other support. I hope it doesn't disappoint, but I'm quite happy to hear you like it!

As good a writer you are I look forward to how you flush out this aspect of her.

:yay: Why thank you! I'm honestly tickled to write her character, because I could see her honestly having more emotional baggage than Luna- if not being the more sensitive of the pair, buried underneath all of the walls she has had to put up.

Twilight had to pick up some neurotic mannerisms somewhere. Hell in the show where she failed the entrance exam for the school she just says "I'm sorry for wasting your time." And that was it! Fast forward probably ten to twelve years and lesson zero happens where she freaks the f*** out over being tardy and you know somepony (most likely Celestia) had to have had "freakout" moments that young filly Twilight saw enough for it to become a part of her personality.

Eh, I'd say Twilight was just neurotic from the start; Celestia probably maintained her cool most of the time. (Except when in the presence of guards...when she was agonizing over the decision to send Twilight away.) I agree it could have, but I think for the most part Twilight is just....Twilight. :rainbowlaugh:

As her personal student I can see the guards that usually keep ponies out of her room allowing Twilight through since she A. Was the personal student of Celestia. and B. She probably had special permissions due to her being a child at the time. Keeping that in mind Celestia probably had some nights where she had "breakdowns" when little filly Twilight came in after having a bad dream, or came to try to give her breakfast in bed, or various other reasons and Celestia didn't have the possibility of anypony entering her room unannounced until Twilight lived there so it wouldn't be to out there for it to happen.

Very true; it certainly is/was a possibility.

First comment. Yay :D

Could this benefactor be the cause?

Cause of...? The dreams, or?

Well that's quite a start, this promises to be an excellent story. Poor Celestia, she needs more hugs.

Oooooh. An interesting theory...
I'm glad it's starting off strong! And yes, she needs all the hugs.

ooooh, a sequel to a favorite story of mine? time to watch, fav, and enjoy the ride.

regarding the art links: yakovlev's art is gorgeous isn't it?

:pinkiehappy: Huzzah!

And my goodness, it is fantastic. I love his portrayal of her. It seems much more lively.

I'm so happy this story is continuing! I loved the first one, and this sequel seems really good so far!

Luna walks among her sister's dreams and sees a door and atop in bold flashy letters: XXX
Luna: Okkie nuthin to see. Moving on.

:rainbowlaugh: Essentially, that's how she sees certain dreams; Lusty glow/color of the 'dream bubble' NOPE! NOT TOUCHING THAT!
I mentioned it in Timeless- she made that mistake once.

I'm baffled. Why form swords with their magic when their horns serve a similair purpose.

Using the horn as a weapon? That wouldn't make much sense in combat. Puts you closer to the enemy, and if damaged, removes your magical advantage.

That does explain alot.

Ah, here we go. Let us all see where things go from here.

Bangs on Rad's door.

Ugh. Nexttt Chapter.

It'll be a new chapter every 1-1.5 weeks.

Nooooo. Oh the Humanity

A hippogriff? Interesting, also I'm looking forward to seeing how the smoke creatures play into this.

:pinkiehappy: There are far too few hippogriff stories out there, I think!
And indeed...who in the world are those interesting individuals....

Did that hippogriff come from the moon?

Nope. No moon-based hippogriff here!

I can't help but feel that this disease isn't supposed to kill off the population at large, but rather supposed to infect (and therefore weaken) everyone while (possibly) killing 'certain important figures' that the disease can easily target through magical signature and strength.
A 'cut off the head' strategy, if you will.
We'll find out soon enough, I guess.

That will allllll get explained! :scootangel:

Docs doing better than the ship ever did.

Now the Doc just needs to become more famous...

Welllllll that's assuming he wants fame, or that he even cares about that sort of thing.

Doesnt have much of a choice now does he? He made the medicine

Eh, true. But it's a cure to a so-far severe flu season. It's news worthy for sure, but certainly not like a vaccination against Smallpox or the like. I could see the nobles spinning it out of proportion though 'mysterious hippogriff cures Princess!' or something along those lines.

“That’s why anti-fungals and antibiotics are somewhat effective…”

It was kinda obvious :moustache:

Borealis let out a huff, shaking his head as the spell wore off. “It is from the Dragon Lands, and is a naturally occurring organism; heavily resistant to heat and magic, as it usually is a dragon ailment. I’d be more than happy to explain that to you when you aren’t in grave danger.”

That answers my previous question :twilightsmile:

“What? Do you two want some heart rate monitoring pads too? I’ve got a few extras.”

Ha :trollestia:

You have to give the poor doc some credit though; fresh out of school and hit with a pandemic? I'd be flustered too!
:pinkiehappy: Yup! Dragon bug; which explains why it's so hard to get rid of.
:rainbowlaugh: Nacreous is blast to write.

I don't expect him to realize it's someting that involves dragons in anyway, but when antifungal medicine have an effect you kinda have to realize that it involves fungus in some way... or at least not be suprised when someone points it out to you :moustache:

It was the fact that BOTH had an effect that was startling. They hadn't considered it being a symbiotic/hybrid. Add in the fact it was tricky to examine under a microscope, they could only speculate.

“There you go. I’m certified as a doctor, medic, nurse, all the above and then some in every major province, and even I’m sure you haven’t heard of. My official Equestrian Passport is on the top page. Now can we please hurry?”

I like this one.

I love him. Probably up there in top favorite characters to write and develop at this point.

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