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Princess Luna, having been recently reformed and freed from Nightmare Moon, brings a stallion she just met with her to Canterlot.

Princess Celestia says nothing and goes along with it.

Princess Mi Amore Cadenza is thrilled to have a live test subject.

And Baked Bean has no idea that Alicorns like to compete over everything.

Edited by Georg, Double R Forrest, and Tek

Cover art commissioned by an anonymous fan and drawn by Apricalico

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Sorry author In this story gonna be impregnation and pregnancy? Like can we hope to read about some cute little foals with each princess?

Possibly, but not for a while. I'm aiming to have this be a slow-baked kind of story (hee hee). :pinkiehappy:

I hope this one doesn't get a rewrite a couple chapters in.

What? Now why would I do that?
nudges old Harem story under the bed with my foot

Nope, no rewrite this time. Good, bad, ugly, or otherwise, this is the version I'm sticking with.

Can't wait to see maid chapter from that fabulous art. :twilightsheepish:

So this isn’t going to be a remake just a new take on what you wanted for the story? The original story I did felt like having the whole bat ponies were bit much and takes away Bean’s focus on the Princesses. Poor Shining Armor… I hope things go well for him.

A new take yes. I won't say much more so I don't spoil things, but this version of the story will be quite a bit different.
Or that's the idea, at least.

Cuteness and wholesome mix well with naughty ~♡

Hold up. You're rebooting this story?

Fun read, keep it up

nice to see that the story is finally actually remade, hoping for more frequent updates than the old version.

I noticed you did not mention anything about the law that you used in the old version so i assume this is gonna turn out more like them just trying to each woo bean in their own ways?

Georg edited this?!?!

omfg, tell him I said hello! I haven't seen that jackass in ages!

“Did I err?”

Heh. Groo.

I do hope that in this version, the polygamy is extended to husbands as well, thus allowing the addition of Shining Armor, rather than his exclusion. Heck, if Celestia finds a pegasus, they can complete the whole set!

Yup, reboot and no forced marriage law this time. This way will work better, I think. :twilightsmile:

Well, okay, but he'll probably be along shortly to make sure I fixed everything he pointed out... :)

[Only short flashes and images. I seem to remember somepony... but it is not important. If we met, I must apologize for my actions, whatever they were. Is there anything we can do to make it up to you—"

Well you locked me up here to use me as your concubine and father your foals for a new dynasty - bean if he was blunt

Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally.

He is ALIVE, He is alive! He is alive, he is alive. Did I mention how happy am I that you are alive? He is alive!!!

MEN I was so sad when this story got cancel, and there is no words to describe how it seems to be back. Maybe this time Cadence could be out of the picture and let her have her Shining Armor. Always picture her more like the one marring the 3 of them anyway.

Then again maybe not. The important thing is, the author is wanting to give this another shot! Keep this up and Bulky Bean might had another chapter in my own story jejeje.

Without anything else to say I can only say this: Guess who's is back?

There is nothing more satisfying than a canceled story coming back for round two.

Well, this will be interesting...

And it's funny to see Baked bean refuse Lunas attempt at making it up to him so vehemently, I mean what dude you think she's gonna offer herself up to ya too?

Not yet anyway, if what the description said is true

Suddenly, Bean-inspired Déjà vu!

So it begins again. Can’t wait to see where we end up this time

:rainbowderp: 4am in the morning! Are you a crazy pony you silly bean :pinkiegasp:

Most delightful alternative to the original start.

“The pleasure has been mine, Mister Bean,” Celestia offered with a smile that filled Bean with light and joy. “And, from what I have seen, my sister has greatly enjoyed your company, too. It is a shame that you will be leaving tomorrow.”

Little did he knooooow, something is about to happen.

Wow, first time waking up early for the Army to see a story being posted at the same time.

Didn't see the original story, but so far I'm loving this

quick question.
What going on with the princesses nose twitching?

"Posting a chapter in the middle of the night what a dumb idea! Who wants to read something at 3 of the morning?"

She is a witch!

“It is at my request,” Luna answered, turning her dark eyes on him with a slow blink of her long lashes. I have offended thee greatly with my actions, and seek to offer you some sort of recompense for the singular and troubling events of today. You have been injured and deserve compensation.”

No opening quotation mark at “I have offended…”

Both regal eyebrows slid up by a few degrees, and her smile took on a hint of secret delight, like she was hearing the beginnings of a good story. “I will see you then! Enjoy your afternoon, Mister Bean.”

You were chuckling to yourself when you wrote that, weren’t you?

The last seemed to be the weightest of all. It was certainly one Bean was more than familiar with, and not in a good way.

“…seemed to be the weightiest of all.”

Also: no SHOT you updated it this quickly. Although I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, you’ve been able to recycle a lot so yay!

Hmm interesting all the mares nose are twitching I mean it makes sense, that after sweating from their encounter and technically he has been up for 2 whole days, so maybe Been stink.

Either that or a nose twitching is a alicorn thing that happen when they are in complete bliss and joy. Like a dog waggling their tails.

“Cross my heart, bake a pie, make a cupcake out of rye,” Bean said.

Fooorreeevvvveeerrrr! :pinkiecrazy:

I know this is a reboot of sorts from the OG story, and I gotta say I'm loving it so far

It's a good story, but I'm British, so I can't read the protagonist's name with a straight face.

What can I say? I keep odd hours. :twilightsmile:

All in due time... meh heh heh...

Durn typo gremlins. I'll go get those fixed. :facehoof:

Yay! I'm glad you are!

That's been a problem for quite some time now. I'm a Yankee and I still think of Johnny English, too. :pinkiehappy:

love this story i have also read the old version. are you gonna upload the first seven chapters from that story with updates and edits and if so how long will it take for them to be out. also just curious whats your update schedule like

While good, in my opinion, the original Harem story is better than this version.

Updates are still going to be sporatic, at best. I have a bit more time to type now but not a lot, but I'll do what I can.
As for chapters, I only have three done for this version. While I have recycled some stuff, that's gonna drop off quick since this is a different premise.

Fair enough. *shrug*


I imagine the inhabitants of Fen would take a liking to Bean. Instead of a cutiemark for steam engines, Ripple might get a steam cutiemark when he teaches her how to do a sauce reduction for a fish jambalaya or booya.

I could see all sorts of recipies being swapped back and forth, and a lot of questions. I don't think Bean could resist writing about the inhabitants. :twilightsmile:

If I didn't know any better, I'd hazard a guess that the next chapter is a dream sequence that Luna, ah, walks in on. Shocked and embarrassed recollections ensue. Assuming, of course, that Luna is already back on dream duty?

Funny enough, I still have a epub copy of the "old" one on my phone...

Baked Bean: Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.

Feels like forever ago I read about this stallion and his penchant for sunflower beds. Imagine my surprise to see a new tale!

And an update just after I finished the last chapter, ooh you’re spoiling me now!

sent a message

I s do wonder what specifically Celestia is going for. I’m sure she appreciates the company and all but I’m relatively sure there’s some other motive.

Regardless this chapter was very good.

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