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This story is a sequel to No Nose Knows

It is recommended you read No Nose Knows first but it's not absolutely required.

Baked Bean was just a regular citizen of Equestria until one fateful day when he accidentally booped Princess Celestia's nose with his own and then found he was forced to marry her to fulfil the terms of an ancient law. Miraculously, Love has blossomed between the princess and the pauper, and the new Prince of Equestria is now looking forward to taking his place at the side of the Princess of the Sun.

But Baked Bean is still very much a novice in the realms of government and nobility, and he's in for quite the crash course between old foes, snobby ministers, and his own shortcomings...

But at least Luna tolerates him now.

As seen on Equestria Daily!

Proofread and Preread once again by Georg, Moon Fire, Zen and Ponies, and Sipioc!

And with much thanks to You-Know-Who for the cover art!

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Sassy Chrysalis is best Chrysalis. I shall look forward to this sequel.

Completion of one story and the start of another, released on the same day as a Hiver story?

Goodness, it must be Christmas!

Still hope for an adoption with an already bigger Filly.

I also think or expect Bean to find out pretty quickly that she is Chrysalis or at least before something serious could happen or before she might rapes him. I guess you could call it rape.

Then again I like Chrysalis....oh god, everytime when this isn'T a herd story and I should be happy that the main char is amazing and kind of loyal, then I can image a relationship. with another favourite character. However everytime this happens right from the start, I actually dislike it if something like this would happen.

I hope at least that this doesn't end in her usual banishment or something and that either Beans food can actually help this chagelings or make Chrysalis his friend without turning into a multicolour rainbow???!. I prefer it her to be his new project instead of Chrysalis sitting in Twilight libary again getting forcefully changed into "harmony" Chrysalis again.

I always have to think of that one ice when I see the new Changelings, I only really dislike Thorax new look so far.

I think I forgot nothing beside "good work".

So what are Chrysalis's magazin subscriptions exactly? One Note Villain Monthly, Party Crashers Biweekly? Husband Snatching Daly?

I've got Chrissy's end in mind all ready, and I think you will be surprised...:trixieshiftright:
And I hope you continue to enjoy! :twilightsmile:

Among others. :rainbowlaugh:
I think she steals that Better Caves and Lairs from Mandible on a regular basis.

That's against postal regulations. Though I bet they tried once. :pinkiehappy:

I didn't even realize that No Nose Knows was tagged as completed until I came across the author's note :rainbowlaugh:

Can't wait for more :twilightsmile:


one particular drone who was known by the name of Bob

Thus is born the most interesting changeling in the world.


Blueprints, diagrams, building permits, uh… glue. Paper clips, big ones. Y’know. Office supplies

I see your movie reference, and i approve.:rainbowlaugh:

I bet I caught a few people off guard with that. :yay:
More on the way! :twilightsmile:

"Hey, how's it goin' Bob?" :pinkiehappy:
Now they just need some fuses, wicks, and notepads.

And don't forget your basic food groups. Beans, bacon, whiskey, and lard. :rainbowwild:

Poor Bean. His nose has no idea what's it in for once Queen Chrysalis shows up on his door step.

Though I do wonder how Bean being the prince of Equestria is going to affect Thorax, Pharynx, and the rest of the reformed changelings after Chrysalis gets the boot. I wonder if the reformation will happen earlier. And I wonder if Discord will be snacking on Popcorn the whole time.

Merry Bean-mas! A see a Christmas Special!

:trollestia:Baked Bean with your nose so spiffy, won’t you guide my sleigh, in a Jiffy?


Yay more bean time to read it

You'll just have to wait and see....:trixieshiftright:

"Is Bean flying?!"



:trollestia: "I gave him antlers and said he was cute."

Blueprints, diagrams, building permits, uh… glue. Paper clips, big ones. Y’know. Office supplies.

I'm sure someone else made a dynamite reference already so I won't. All I'll say is thanks for the laughs brought on by the mental image.

Also, Wuvy-Duvy Smoochy Land, quite a legitimately ridiculous name. If the goal was to make the pony proofreading the permit give it an approval just for the laughs it gave them, then they succeeded. Still, I can't help but imagine Celestia holding in her laughter as she quickly approved the permits just so she could go and laugh.

So Slimed Bean will be on the menu soon?
Or would that be Stuffed Bean?
Podded Bean? :trollestia:

:trollestia: "This permit gets approved just because of the name. I don't care if they're building a star destroyer out there, this is hilarious!" :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Irrespective deleted Dec 13th, 2017

Really Chrysalis? You want to crash a weeding a second time? By this point should just invite her over to ensure she doesn't crash a weeding.
Oh well it will be interest to see how she plans to impersonate…Celestia…oh god no! Chrysalis don't! If you boop Bean nose the curse will fall in you! Don't go its a trap!!

Ok. FIne with me. Just hope Chrysalis gets married to Bean.

This Chryssie I actually like already... Hope this like doesn't backfire.

But the Boop clause only worked with alicorns who were alive at the time. No changelings

“Perhaps, but first I need to see if there is a new Gabby Gums article, and then I simply must check in on Caspian & Hobble! Oh, the adorable antics that mischievous little colt gets into! Do you think Caspian’s parents will ever realize Hobble is no mere stuffed animal?”

Never would have guessed that Chrysalis was a Calvin and Hobbs fan.

its being some time it specifically says 'alicorns' or does it says 'princesses'? Because…oh wait, she is queen no princess. Never mind she is fine then

You'll just have to wait and see...:pinkiecrazy:

She is a connoisseur of fine comic strips. Only the best, of course. :twilightsmile:

Oh this is going to be good, I feel so much hilarious jokes coming of Chrysalis dress as Celestia, tasting his food and then begging to stay to eat more of it…or something like that if the show will continue

You are mah new favorite author!! More!!! :heart:


Need to order from ACME if you want explosives and rocket skates...

They do have exceptional delivery times, but there were concerns with quality control... and a certain coyote...

One of my hopes for this story, is that Bean gets married to Chrysalis as well. I hope it happens.

ANd then.........they fall in love, and Celestia finally gets along with Chrissy.

That's what I'm hoping at least

I wonder what would happen if Chrysalis read the Alicorn Marriage Clause that Celestia wrote a long time ago? Probably busting a gut...

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