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Hi i'm going to make some stories here.


Among the sixth universe, a notorious hitman roamed around. The assassin held no background. No free charges. And no missions he couldn't succeed. He was flawless. He was Hit The Legendary Assassin. AKA: Hit The Infallible. He was by far the most dreaded and successful hitman all around his universe.

And now it is time for his next mission: To capture the former universal emperor, who's now the wanted fugitive Frost.

Hit has succeeded in locating Frost on a space station. But during the battle, the space station would malfunction and crash into a black hole. All seemed lost for both the assassin, and the fugitive. As they were hurled to their upcoming demises, the space station exploded out of it's fatal damages, which occurs at the exact same time with their collision with the black hole. Hit would soon find himself in a land... filled with equines, magic, and especially friendship. Will Hit be able to succeed his mission to capture the fugitive Frost? Or will he fail and bring shame to his title "Legendary Hitman"?

Dragon Ball Super crossover.
Cover made by RainbowDashVegetaFan123.
This story chronologically takes after the Tournament Of Destroyers(AKA: Universe 6 VS 7 Tournament) in DBS. And near end of Season 4 in My Little Pony.

Chapters (4)
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I like it, can't wait for the next chapter

Wasn’t Frost killed or destroyed by Zeno?

This fic takes place after the Universe 7 vs Universe 6 Tournament but before The Tournament of Power

I'm glad you clarified when this takes place, otherwise I would be confused about Frost still existing

I can't wait until Luna and Celestia meet someone who's as old as them.

Really enjoyed this. Never really see any Hit fanfiction on here. Please keep up the good work!

Not bad my friend. I love how you had Fluttershy notice Hit. Not to mention I love seeing Spike's ego filled from the Crystal Empire.

Yes, a new story!

Yay!!! You're back! I was starting to get worry dude.

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8763951 Glad to hear that. :twilightsmile:

Also thanks for the favorite

I was wondering when you are going to make the next chapter

So when's the next chapter?

Another great story my friend. I love the foreshadowing.

Great chaptrr as usual.
Keep up the great work.

When's the new chapter?

This fic still alive?

Excellent part 1 I give it 10 out of 20 .
And if yor interested I have some fanfic ideas if yor interested

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