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Revered by their populace, the four immortal Alicorns have ruled Equestria with benevolence and kindness for five centuries, curating a meticulous balance that must not be disturbed. The Two-One system has survived everything that was thrown at it, and anything that threatens to disrupt that balance should be crushed at all costs.


DISCLAIMER: Sex tag ONLY for innuendo and jokes! Only a minor AU, VERY LITTLE has been changed from canon!
WARNING: Contains A LOT of profanity because I can't help myself
Fantastic cover art provided by Hoodwinked MCShelster on DeviantArt!
Proofread and edited by DarthBall, newbie, T0ucan, and Pen Dragon
Additional help provided by various members of the Changing Expectations discord server

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Curious on what will happen next.

I wonder how many chapters you think this might have too?

I have a rough plan for the number of chapters, about 25, but actually hitting that mark will be one of my challenges.

man this must be one of the most well articulated fics I've read so far, I'm am most curious and excited to see what has become of mezzo.

eh, I'm pretty sure the stigma against alicorns is pretty much dead since there's barely anybody from years ago sticking around today.

anyway, I guess you could say that the pacing for this chapter was a tad bit too fast, at least for me.

I personally love Alicorn oc stories. especially when they are done right.
of course someone makes an over the top gary stu now an again but from what ive seen there are less of thoes now.

i agree with dannny43, some scene description seems to be in order,

i have no idea where he was in the first part of the chapter, im guessing a church, but it might as well have been some kind of mess hall that the church goers gather to after each service.

i want to read this story from Mezzo's perspective.
he wont always be able to completely clarify where he is, especially when he's confused, but all thoes small details we dont know we notice, that we can gleam from just a mere glance that takes us a fraction of a second to recognize can still be written.
like the color/shape of the room, any definable items in the room, like an altar, or a row of benches for a church.

thanks for the chapter, i cant wait to read more :)

(also try to use his name more often, just a personal preference, i have a hard time remembering names, had to go back to chapter 1 to find the name. it also help build a characters presence. like he's not there to just fill a role, he IS Mezzo... and he is fucking confused(ignore this advice if you dont want to do it or if it just isnt your style))

I don’t think I could ever ignore advice even if I wanted to, at least not entirely.

You’re right, I didn’t clarify the scene enough. I was imaging Mezzo being just sorta dropped in the middle of the town, like on a street and then a crowd just gathered.

I understand your concern at the lack of his name being mentioned, but I can assure you it will get better starting next chapter.

Thank you!

nice, way better descriptions, i can clearly see the scenes in my head when i read it 😁.

now the only thing im confused about is why he believes why he's in trouble, is it just cuz of the people yelling at him in the town?

That combined with the fact he was pursued and captured by his government

Excellent!!! I really do like the pacing so far. If you need help with editing, just let me know.

Thank you! I appreciate the offer but I already have someone helping me edit. If anything happens though, I'll keep your offer in mind

Hows Master Duel?

Loved that Spike is still around and such.

I knew you would. Master duel is a lot of fun. I don’t win all that often though but it’s a blast trying to outsmart my opponent

I've only played the Solo Duels in the game.
They were pretty fine.

Solo mode is alright considering all the rewards you get but I don’t find it very engaging in terms of actually dueling. Trying to get around other people is a lot more fun in ranked

Not fond of PvP stuff honestly.
Especially with how most likely one runs into meta decks, oof..

Then you just gotta play enough hand traps to disrupt them

Which is a problem honestly.
Needing handtraps to play like that.

Maybe, depends on how you look at it: an old school player would see that and might think “Wow what the f has become of this game?” And someone new or at least more modern would look at it and say “Oh okay, this is how you play, hopefully I can disrupt my opponent!”


I am more of playing fun decks and such.

And to some people using half their deck space as hand traps and trying to Maxx “C” their opponent and then cackling madly when they scoop is also fun, all depends on how you define it

I have fun trying to outsmart and outplay my opponents with my toolbox of a Galaxy-Eyes deck

But yeah if you don’t find that sort of thing fun then I can imagine ranked wouldn’t be very fun

Sorry I got to into playing Devil’s advocate there

Which is why I prefer not using handtraps much unless its in-theme to the deck or some idea.
Felt tiring seeing those eyesores(like Ash Spring) in every decklist.

Which is why I prefer ai stuff like Solo Duels. At least I know I am not running into a meta-style deck and if I lose, I can easily rematch against that specific deck.

Honestly, I felt Candance suddenly liking Messo was a bit weird. I was expecting a bit of tension between them before they become a couple. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this chapter.

Cadence did try apologizing to him at the end of last time, and Mezzo doesn’t seem like the type to hold a grudge, even if it would be well deserved to do so

The story is getting better and better, it hooks you once you start reading, it is well structured and the personality of each character is authentic and solid, they know how to form the personalities of the princesses after so many centuries at the end of the canon of the series and I also liked that Spike and Amber are a couple in this story and that they both rule the lands of the dragon, I really like this couple, come on, you're doing great ;)

One question: Is this an oc X harem? Honestly, it would be great if it were XD

It was originally supposed to be, but it was too out of scope for this story. Maybe next time…

How long until the next chapter

Ooh, Library of Canterlot Classification.

Loving this so far my friend, can't wait for the next chapter:)

I love the personality you've given Mezzo, which is not bland! Thank you! I hope you update again soon! This is so far my favorite book!

I'm rooting for Mezzo and Cadence ship. Fingers crossed that their end game.

Btw, does this book's timeline start after the MLP show ended and Twilight succeeded Celestia and Luna?

This is taking place 5 centuries after the end of G4 and they’re all ruling together, hence the AU tag

Oooh! Is he going to be the alicorn of technology? Holy shit, that would be so cool!:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

Didn't expect Twilight is shipped with Discord.
If she is with Discord and Cadance is with the OC(maybe), who would be with Luna and Celestia?

It's unexpected that Twilight would be with Discord. However, not complaining, I'm more focused on Mezzo and Cadance anyways.

Another excellent chapter my friend:)

I know this says alternate universe, but what happened to Shining Armor and Flurry Heart?

Did they not exist in this universe? Unless I skipped over and missed something I don't think I've seen mention of them.

I believe this is a good deal in the future. Flurry Heart is probably around but Shining Armor likely died of old age or something.

This should answer the Flurry Heart question. Quote from top of chapter 5:

”I’m supposed to give you a tour of the castle. But for right now, I need to address whatever details we didn’t get around to yesterday.”

And I still have some questions about the other day.

“Alright,” I say, nodding.

“As alicorns, not only are we immortal, but we also can’t reproduce.”

“Wait, what?” I ask incredulously, my mouth slightly agape.

It’s just infatuation. A school-yard crush, it’ll pass.

Sure it will. Keep telling yourself that

Oh God, now all I can picture is Candy rocking out on a guitar! Bloody Adorable!

Another excellent chapter my friend. Things look like they are going well for Mezzo, but I'm certain things are going to go downhill for him soon? I mean that's something I expected to see happen already with all those that worship the princesses and how Mezzo is a disgrace for everything those religious douche bags have worked for.

They will soon, but Mezzo's existence as an Alicorn isn't exactly widespread public knowledge right now

I loved this chapter xD Every last bit of it, and I laughed so hard at that ass joke. This is probably your best chapter yet my friend :)

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