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I cannot write to save a life · 5:25am Oct 19th, 2018

No matter WHAT ideas are swimming around in my brain, i absolutely cannot write them out without stumbling over my own thoughts or re writing them, Shame too, I have stories by the Basket-fulls but no way to efficiently write them, Especially on this partially broken keyboard.

I had an idea about the young 6 listening to human music like in The mane 6 Discover human music

Read it, It’s fun, if a bit short: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/132548/the-mane-six-discover-human-music

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You mean Eidolons of harmony? Well, I decided to check the first chapter out and.
(Same feeling as the original so.... FAVORITE TOO!)
My favorite parts?
Really, Kain just being... kain, Changing from his cold reclusiveness and old self to a much more enjoyable self.
That, and reading and enjoying the scenarios you put him in. (Astral bear being Bulk as golden! )

That's awesome! I'd love to know your favorite parts of the story. I also hope you'll enjoy the sequel.

Well, Seeing as FFIV was my first Final fantasy, and you picked one of my favorite characters, AND you wrote a great story on top of that, What, was I supposed to click dislike? HECK NO, this deserves a like and favorite

Thanks for the favorite! Good to see FFIV fans have read my story!

No problem!
I really liked the use of flashbacks and twilights suppressed thoughts, Midnight acting like a secondary push during Unleash the magic, and the Really sweet ending.

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