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I want nothing more than to bring a smile to your face with a light-hearted clopfic! If you want to bring a smile to mine, leave a comment!


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Oh you silly fapfics
We love you the same :heart:

Now the question is how was the first potion brewed

I hope the author tells us...

great job. I enjoyed reading it


Absolutely! Twilight has had the exact same thought: that's why she is off to see the princesses! She knows that the recipe was required a powerful unicorn stallion, that had to be kindred to the extractor, and the extractor had to be an alicorn. Clearly either Celestia or Luna have so e explaining to do!!!

Hope you'll enjoy the next chapters!

I can't wait to see more of this.

Imagine how the Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino is made.

Coming soon!

Now now, everyone knows it's mare-istas that prep the coffees

url address to the original pic you used for this story?

This comment has been edited to remove spoilers.

I edited my comment to remove the spoilers.

This looks like it's about to get good!

Haha, next chapter will be first true clop chapter.

Wow... I love all the humor in this story. You've made me laugh out loud multiple times during this chapter. Well played, good sir.

Still... "Pinkie's special frosting..." This does not jibe with my image of Pinkie. That kind of prank seems more like Rainbow's style.

Thank you! It's my first time trying some simple humor, so I'm glad I was able to make you chuckle!

Well, that escalated quickly. But seriously, that went from zero to one hundred real fast.:twilightoops:

Wanted to move things along!

Don't worry, Twilight's a bit befuddled but she's none the worse for wear, and Shining, though he may want to crawl under a rock, is also ok.

They both have some 'splainin to do though!!!


then all of a sudden everyone is in Canterlot in the same week!


Come on, you have seen the show as well, haven't you? You already know that this isn't how we do it in Equestria... :fluttershysad:
It might be helpful to have a list of these words that shouldn't appear in your story because they are usually replaced by ponyisms, so you can search the entire text when you're done writing. That's definitely what I plan on doing.

Agreed, that did escalate quickly. How could Shining Armor miss his target, though. Did he forget who was sitting where? Does magic not come with proprioceptive feedback to let the user tell where in relation to themselves the effect is? I'd expect at least telekinesis to have something like that. Still, I can ignore this minor discrepancy in this case.

This chapter feels rather short, however. I hope there will be more soon. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Quizer, those words (especially anypony) are the bane of my existence... I always manage to miss a few! I'll re-read tomorrow and see if I can't tighten things up a bit.

Yes, I wanted to get things rolling a bit quicker. As to how Shining could 'miss' so badly... It may be revealed in the upcoming chapter that a certain naughty mare had something to do with it.:trixieshiftright:

No Starlight. Let un never forget what you have done

Holy crap, this story is really good! Please continue!

Thanks! I am continuing to chip away at it, 'nother chapter coming in a week or so!

Even worse, the archaic requirements suggest that the stallion must be Shining Armor... and the extractor must be Twilight herself!


I brought the opening chapter's theme music:

Theme music for the second chapter:

awesome :D please make more of this


Thanks guys! Some really fun twists coming up, not too long from now as my next update is on another story, coming soon though I promise!:pinkiehappy:


I am routinely starved for quality content. My eyes and mind shall continue to endure the barren world of sub-par fanfics until I either find another oasis or you update.

But really, "...herbark is worse than her bite..." ಠ_ಠ SON
I must strangle you and then beg ask for more bad puns.

was curious if this fic would get completed i love it and would love to read the full version of it. cant wait to see how it goes.

It will eventually!

'Any Landing' and 'Mission Failed' are ahead in the queue!

I like this. More please.

Just gonna poke this here story yall.

I haven't begun reading this yet, but I adore your choice of picture for the story.

"It's not incest if it's for science. It's not incest if it's for science. It's totally okay to touch my brother's ding-a-ling and make him c-cum if it's for science. IT'S SUPER OKAY IF IT'S FOR SCIENCE WHY AM I SO WET"

...ok, this is Twi/Shining clopfic but;

I find it difficult to accept that Twilight's libido can only be "jumpstarted" by her BBBFF!
Having said that, great characterisation.

Dammit! Why do people like this old fic so much! Y'all gonna make me actually update it! :twilightangry2:

"Heehee! I Thought I was pretty convincing, Luna." Celestia smirked. "Especially when I insisted that these potions could be essential. Hah!"


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