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Very good I like this. The part that got me was daybreaker with the siblings.

Rare premise. Too often it's Nightmare Moon > Celestia, or Luna > Celestia.

You've made my life, Leech

How do you submit a story? I know this is a dumb Question, butt I am New and have no idea.

To the point, excellent for a porn story.

Can you do another similar fic with another shipping?

Go to Stories > Make a New Story
Then Make a New Chapter, Save, Publish
Then Publish the Story

Yes, I've got more plans for Daybreaker and her conquest of Equestria so stay tuned!

Not gonna spoil anything but there will be more adventures of Daybreaker and her reign of "terror" so just wait and see. WHO KNOWS WHAT COULD HAPPEN NEXT!!!

Oh I like this, not enough of Celestia dominating Luna! We need more of that with Luna being fully female!

Mm My my how hot. *chuckles* I do like me some Nightmare Moon. And Daybreaker was just the mare to show her her place. Nailed it. Hope to see more.

This is really good, even better than the previous (and is that the stallion from that story?)

One thing though, though Daybreaker does cum inside, there is no actual mention of impregnation, no ambiguous "sperm rushing towards her eggs, eager to attempt to fertilize her with her sister's foals" or anything like that, so the impregnation seems confusing to me:rainbowhuh: If this going to be impregnation involved, then these stories need to bring it in to the conversation like in the last story.

It's implied I'll admit but it's going to tie in with some stuff I've got cooking. >u>

Other than that they aren't using protection or anything, is there anything else? Did I miss something?

Sorry to bug on about it, but with so little about it in the story, yet you saying it's in there it feels like an unfinished equation, 2 + =7, it bothers me, I know it should be there (your the author and it's your story and you intend for it to be seen that way) but nothing in the story says it to a solid extent, even for implication:fluttershysad:

Regardless, good story, and I look forward to more, just next time be a little more clear:pinkiesmile:

...Actually, with you saying it works into a later story, that helps, as I assume you intend to get more into it in coming works, so you aren't going deep into it here or with the previous story:twilightsmile:

Loved the story and I can't wait to see more stories set in this universe. Daybreaker dominating Nightmare is pretty rare, and there really should be more of it.

Also, could you maybe give me the name of the artist that made the cover pic? It looks rather sexy~

Artist is Dimwitdog, you can find her stuff on Derpi. Can't link it directly because it's deliciously NSFW

Thanks, and good luck on your future stories. I'll happily await them

Hey does the story take place after 'a cold day in hell' story

That's the same stallion yeah.

By the way there is a Daybreaker tag.

There wasn't at the time this was published. Thanks for the tip mate!

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From how Daybreaker was talking I had kind of expected that NMM wouldn't get fucked until she begged for it.

Also I think a slightly deeper look into NMM's thoughts would help here. That speech was very official for how horny and emotional NMM was. I would assume it was prepared for her?

Can you make a romantic sequel of these two?

Maybe, I'm not sure. Hadn't really considered romance much with this series

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