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Pretty hot. I imagine Anon may need to take a dip in the water afterwards to cool off. Maybe he’ll meet an aquatic princess who can show him one small thing or two about seapony reproduction?


Maybe he’ll meet an aquatic princess who can show him one small thing or two about seapony reproduction?

I'd like to see that.

I'm waiting for the nationwide sexual ignorance thing to be a spell that was cast to keep the country from destabilizing.

I'm waiting for it to be revealed that Anon was the target of the biggest trolling in history. Everyone does, in fact, know what sex is but they were just yanking his chain and it all went sideways to hilariously perverted results.

100% my assumption, which would also explain why Celestia is so mad despite the glowing review from Cadence.

Quick note: the brief description for this story says that "Anon goes on the lamb..."

Given that there are no sheep-based puns to be found here, I suspect that should be "on the lam" instead.

I suspect that the concept goes by a different name in the world of which Equestria exists in, however Anon was unaware of this hence his confusion, Twilight was about to explain it, only to be turned away due to his embarrassment, Celeano is probably going to be the one to explain it due to her being the Confidant of a Priestess of Harmony among the Bird folk if we go by the season 10 comics, thus combined with her experience in world events due to the various less legal endeavors is going to pick up immediately on the miscommunication and why no one explained it to him.

Finally! More Captain Burb at last.

“Anon the human,” Celestia flatly stated, affixing him with her baleful gaze, “ what did you do with Princess Cadance?”

I first thought she was going to ask Anon 'why didn't you do it to me first?'. :rainbowlaugh:

poor Shining. he just wanted a turn.

Now that he's fertilized Cadance's and Celiano's wombs, I can only wonder if there's half-human babies in the future?

What the hell happened? Did Celestia have sex once, get an STD, and decide nopony should ever have sex again?

I just wanted to say, I love all the conjecture

Stay tuned, y'all, you ain't seen nothin' yet

I got it. Discord made “better than sex” pancakes eons ago and nobody agreed, so he wiped the idea of sex from everyone’s mind. If the pancakes are better than sex and nobody knows what sex is the pancakes are by default better than sex.

Damn that was good. We need more of the parrot Captain. Not alot of people does stories of Celaeno. Or any of the characters from the movie a whole lot.

I too am curious as to exactly why Celestia and Luna looked upset. He may have defenestrated himself for absolutely no good reason. Probably away from an even better situation than Cadence.

You got my curiosity, what exactly are the bird boobs? Just fluffy feathers or is there some flesh there to play with?

Glad you hinted at future episode(s). The mystery of why no one knows what sex is, is too good. This story could prove to be even better than the janitor at the school of harmony.

Thank you for posting.

Breast meat with a lot of down fluff on 'em

Not gonna lie, that sounds like the best pillow in the world to rest your weary head. Especially while "recovering."

If I had to wager a guess, I’d bet that Celestia and Luna might know the truth to why no one knows about sex (and how babies keep being born in spite of that).

Oh yeah, i like the direction this is going so far. Alot of stories tend to revolve around the main characters all too often, its good to see background characters getting attention. Bonus points when each one doesn't know what to expect.

question, is Cadence and Cealano preggers now?

Without a care in the world, unsheathing her saber, Celaeno wriggled out of her trousers, kicked the garment away, and strutted over to what he assumed was her desk. “Here’s how I see it -” she began, seating herself on the edge of the tabletop, “I can either turn this ship around and ask Cadance what really happened, or you can prove that you’re not pulling my one good leg.”


he discovered she lacked any sort of discernible clit.

Wait. Does birb wife have cloacer?

Hmm. I have an idea. What if in Equestria sex with stallions is so mind-blowing, that it literally blows mind and destroys memories of itself? And Anon is lacking in penile department and can't induce such immense pleasure, so mares still have memories of sex with him afterwards.

Breasts are not meat, they are fat and glandular tissue.

Weird lizzer birb hole

But yeah, that's what's implied

I wonder if you ever had time skip on this story that he would become her first mate quite literally and maybe sail the open Skies maybe introducing a threesome.

Nice. Also gross. But nice.

Listen here, Mister, I have a profound weakness for lizzers
No bulli

Same. I should think you of all people would understand that gross-hot is the pinnacle of smuttery.

Rivaled only by the illusive wholesome-hot

Bah. That's just a myth.

effie was here

The furrowed brow, the menacing stare, and the imminent threat of unfathomable arcane might proved too much for his id to handle,

Think that's supposed to be , for his Mind, right?

Obviously you haven't witnessed the utter perversion when Leech writes the pinnacle of debauchery, hand- and/or hoof-holding. It's so wholesomely lewd that I'm legally obligated to hide it under a spoiler for the protection of innocent eyes.

Eww. They allow that shit on Fimfiction?

Well I just learned something new, thanks!

Not just that, but full frontal chest tuft exposure too.


Y'all think that's bad, I have a Rated E™ story coming out this Friday

Sounds to me like Anon did this awesome amazing sex thing to Cadance that she won’t shut up about, making Celestia and Luna mad that he didn’t do this sex thing to them. I can’t imagine anyone being able to outrun teleports if he were actually in trouble with them.

Me gusta.

Hope Hollow? I guess Rainbow Fuck trip is up next! 😂

The though police are going to have their work cut out for them!

It does sound like the kind of shady shit a thousand years old head of government would pull

Tell that to a pheasant or chicken

Where have you seen birb with tiddies?

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